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StarLink Internet. Elon Musk, he’s got a lot of stuff going on. If you want to get that Internet even faster and you want to possibly get it mobile. There are some options coming up for you right now. So what we’re going to discuss is there’s a huge back plane backlog of all of these for the Internet service because it does such a great job. And if you’re in a rural location and you need Internet, StarLink is most likely your best option currently.

But it’s not always available where you are, and the equipment is not always available to you. So I have a couple of links that we’re going to share and put in for you. And then what we’re also going to do is show you where you can get them and how you can get them just a little bit faster as well.

So, Omkar, let’s go ahead and shift the screen here. And what we’re going to show you is that you guys, they’re going mobile with this and they’re going to lift the geographical locations for the StarLink dish. So this dish is not big, but what’s going to happen is you can go ahead and take this disc with you. And you can move it with you. Whether you’re in an RV or you have a different location or you have a guest house, maybe you’re going tailgating.

These are all things that can help you get Internet where you happen to be mobile at super high speed connections. So we’ve talked at length about StarLink and how awesome it’s going to be. But later on this year, you’re going to be able to move this with you, Mobily.

So what does that mean? It means if you subscribe to this now, almost anywhere you go, as long as you bring this weather, you can have the Internet. Now, there’s huge lines for all these geographical locations on where you can get it. So, for example, here in Texas, there’s been a queue of it and the service is not available yet in our market. But what you can do is you can go ahead and go online. And I have a second link for that one.

So we’re going to show that off and see what you can do here. So this is eBay. So let’s go ahead and refresh this here. And what you see is that you can go ahead and bid and buy your own StarLink Internet on eBay, and you could buy it used from somebody else, had had it for just a short period of time. And then what you’ll be able to do is install it for yourself.

So maybe if you’re in line in queue waiting for StarLink Internet and you know the service is available in your area, all you have to do is simply go online, buy this and have the individual who you’re purchasing it from. First, go in and verify if your address is eligible for coverage right now. If it is, then you can get it. You can go ahead and buy this.

You might be paying a premium for this. But then what you’d be able to do is transfer it. You don’t have to wait on StarLink themselves to send it to you. You can go out and buy the equipment on the open market on eBay, and then you will have it. So that’s how you can get StarLink Internet just a little bit faster. Now, what does it mean for us here in Dallas? So what we have in Dallas is it’s not currently available.

There’s not enough satellites up just yet, but it’s supposed to come on towards the beginning of the year where it’s actually available to people. Right. And once he has enough satellites up, then we’ll be able to get it. But there’s going to be a huge line because now there’s so many people who want it and not enough of this hardware.

So that’s where the whole eBay thing comes into play. So you could have it for events like maybe go into a football game and you can bring it with you and have amazing Internet there, have it on your RV as you’re traveling around. If you’re just going to pull your kids out of school for the year and travel, then there is an option for you.

All you have to do is simply log in and change your service address to a different location so it knows where you’re at and it’ll catch you and you’ll all be good to go. So there you go. Mobile option. Go ahead and have that other person preregister for you and change the address and see if it works and go online to eBay and buy it for you. That’s all I have for you. Starling’s amazing. See all the other episodes that I’ve done on it in the past. But if you’re waiting in line, this is your ticket right to the front. Hey, they’re renters.

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Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 8.23.21

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