Move to these 5 DFW Cities – If you’re looking for a safe home, you’re looking for one of these five cities, these are recently named the five safest cities in DFW Metroplex. So we have preschool, McKinney, Plano, and there’s a couple of others. Let’s go ahead and take a look at this and split the screen for us and see what they are.

All right, so as we scroll down, this article here was produced by Dallas Morning News and we’re just reviewing it of some of the top cities that are going to make the most the safest cities. So if that’s an important item to you, then you can absolutely do that. What we see here is we have Frisco, Plano and McKinney rank second, third and fifth, respectively, and Carrollton and Denton also made the list as well.

So those are additional places that are a little bit further over to the West, if you would like to be there. And this is one of those things here where, you know, a lot of it comes down to the residents that live there, come down to the ages, come down to the economics of where they happen to live, to the police departments and to, you know, I guess the general family lifestyles that happen to be there.

So there’s a very low crime rate and a bunch of these different places. And now we’ve kind of see some of those things. So it is amazing to me that, you know, each time that we see some of these lists, we see some of the same cities on here over and over again. And I guess if you want to be a city to live in, you want to have a ton of parks, you want to have a ton of safety, you want to have good schools, you want to have all those positive things.

You want to have new businesses moving to the area. Right. And it all kind of feeds together. That’s how you make any one of these lists is the best place to live as you have. Boom, boom, boom, boom. And you rent for every single one of them. So it’s an impressive item that we have. All of those rolling together here in our market will also have a good home price appreciation will be one of the places to relocate to after the pandemic ends. We’ll have businesses moving here. We’ll have all types of things.

So is now a good time to buy a home? I don’t know. Probably sell. All these things are coming together and it still continues to happen. So it looks to me like the economic trend is continuing. All these reports are coming in great. And I would I’m still bearish on. People moving to the area. Are bullish, bullish, bullish, meaning it’s going up there means it’s going down, bullish, going up.

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