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Walk through inspections prior to purchase. Hey, there, Shana Acquisto here with Lee Warren with Prospect Inspector. We are talking about inspections today on TNT, and I want to now talk about the walkthrough inspections prior to purchase.

So, you know, we’re all going through the frenzy of just getting an offer accepted and a lot of times no option, period, which is your right to terminate the contract.

So a lot of times we want to know what we’re faced with before we even put an offer in.

So we’ve been asked by several if we could have you just kind of do a pre walkthrough or a walkthrough inspection prior to purchase, and I’m interested to hear if we can do that or not.

The quick answer is no. It’s actually been a pretty big thing in the last year or so. A lot of it’s been going down in Houston and that area, but it’s certainly been trickling its way up here. Mm hmm.

And again, with this market, obviously the the options tend to be very limited and you’re trying to get as much of an advantage for your client as possible and you don’t want to go under contract for something that you then inspector is going to see within five minutes of. Something’s really wrong.

The problem with the walkthrough inspections walkthrough inspections are not allowed, and they are subject to disciplinary action by the Real Estate Commission from an inspector

Standpoint, from an inspector standpoint. However, there is a possible concern that if you suggest it or recommend it, or try to get one from an agent perspective that you could be held in for disciplinary action as well. Is there some liability from the agent as well?

Most of it’s going to be on the inspector. Okay, good to know. But the the issue is any property that is subject to a sale that you’re basically evaluating the condition of that property.

The standards of practice apply complete and total, which means the full gamut of what what is supposed to be inspected has to be inspected and a report has to be filed.

Now they can say, I only want you to look at the foundation in the roof, but not plumbing electrical in HBC. That’s fine.

But they still have to go through the entire set of standards of practice for foundations and roofs, and they still have to file a complete a full inspection report for that.

So if they don’t do that, they are in violation and they can be subject to disciplinary action, which could include suspension or revocation of license.

Wow. Ok, so we definitely don’t want to do that. So what would you suggest? Because I’m not an expert or water heater expert?

You know, it’s it’s it’s hard with a lot of those because you are on such short timeframes and that that makes it certainly makes it very difficult.

From an inspection side, it’s really hard for us to go in and we can’t do those walkthroughs because they’re just not allowed. I know there are some people that are doing it, but they’re they’re kind of crossing.

It’s just a matter of time. It’s going to it’s going to happen. And when they get caught, you know, who are they going to drag that with them is kind of what I’m concerned about, too.

So it does make your options limited. I always suggest to agents have establish a really good rapport and relationships with contractors, plumbers, electricians, waitresses, general contractors.

I do a lot on the investment side as well, and a lot of times investors will bring their contractor with them on the house, or they’re seriously considering to not only get a basic assessment of what’s going on, but a basic cost assessment as well.

That’s a good idea, and I also think that gathering as much information up front as you can to see if they’ve had, you know, if they’ve had service agreements on their HBC and maintained, you know.

Regular servicing of these items, that’s going to tell you, too, at least how much care has been given to those, you know, mechanical units. So OK, so what have we learned here?

You cannot do this, you guys. So let’s be careful. Let’s not suggest it. Let’s not put our inspectors under the gun and get upset with them. When they say they can’t do it, just know it. There’s a lot of liability there, and none of us wants to lose our license

Because the other liability from that is if you do this walkthrough inspection, you get it under contract and you don’t actually have a full inspection on the property from the.

The real question becomes from the buyer’s perspective, what what happens to them. So if they get a preconceived idea that they had this walk through inspection and in their mind, do they know what to walk through or do they just think it’s an inspection of the property?

And so they go, they buy the house, and all of a sudden there’s some big problem and who they’re going to go after that person is inspected and probably the agent because who suggested, Oh, this is all you need, you just need this walk through inspection. And that’s it.

So that’s where you are that. Well, you’re my agent. I had no idea. So, yeah, so let’s be careful with that. All right. Great information. All right. Let’s move on to the next topic. Good.

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