Volatile Stock Market: What happens when people are scared?

Volatile stock market going on right now. Right. So what we have is what happens when people are scared. So we have a stock market right now that’s coming down and it seems like, whoa, this is really getting crazy. It feels a little tight, right? What’s going on? Yeah.

And people are a little bit nervous. Right. So what do they do when they’re scared? They go to something that feels more comfortable. But I would argue right now that there’s more things that are super scary to people because within our lifetime there hasn’t been such an inflationary time frame. And that’s really scary when a person has wealth and all of a sudden it starts to evaporate.

I have this analogy I use a lot when you go if you go to the beach and you love the beach, right? And you’re like, I want to just hold on to this sand. I’m going to pick up a handful of sand and I’m going to hold on to it. And I love it so much. I’m going to squeeze it tight.

And then all of a sudden you you look up and you see what’s in your hand and there’s nothing left because you squeezed it so tight.

And that’s kind of what inflation does to your money, right? Yeah. So you have to do something with it. You have to, like, let it go and like, let it grow. So as we take a look here, yeah, we have a visualization for us to take a look at. So this web link here is the millionaire migration.

So this is going to show you net migration of millionaires to and from the short way fro is the short way to say from I don’t know what you just dropped the one letter shorthand. You just drop the M you’re good. All right. So net migration where people are leaving. Surprisingly, millionaires are leaving Russia. That’s weird.

Oh, that’s weird.  

Yeah. So they’re on to they’re really going well, pretty much anywhere they can, right? Yeah.

So it shows them leaving. But where are they. Are they going.

Well it doesn’t show like that would be a super confusing chart. There’d be like a lot of one. Oh, listen, ma’am. So what we’re just showing is that people are going in or people are going out. And what this shows is there are more people coming to the US that are millionaires.

So they’re gaining we’re gaining millionaires in the United States at a pretty good clip. And why that’s important is because now you have a net increase of people with a lot of.

Money Australia, New Zealand, that’s where people are going.

They’re great. There’s a lot of studying.

There’s several people that are going.

There you go. Well, take a photo if you guys want on this map here and just see what’s up.

Or we could just chat the link.

Yeah, we will. But like, this is a good one for them to study.

Wow. Approximately 80,000 millionaires have moved to Australia over the last two decades. 20 years. Wow.

There you go. So that will be shown. Right. And, you know, I just think it’s interesting to take a look at this. So that’s people being scared and where they’re migrating to.

And from Saudi Arabia, a neighbor almost moved to Saudi Arabia.

Yeah, well, that would have been a job. Relocation. I don’t think he was moving there because he’s a millionaire or.

Well, I don’t know. Yeah, probably is. He might be. Now real estate prices up.

I know. Especially maybe I’m going to ask him today. Are you a millionaire? You live next? Yo, and he could be the millionaire next door, right? Oh, it was a real book. Yeah, it’s a book. I think I read it, like, 30 years ago.

Larry Killer. What does that millionaire or something anyway?

Okay, so stock market. Yeah. When people are scared, right? I was showing that they move and they move from places where there’s volatility, specifically Russia.

People are leaving Russia that have money, right? They’re like, whoa, this is crazy. Yeah, we’re going to target Russia with all of our Facebook ads for multimillionaires to buy property in Lucas and McKinney. Yes, just large chunks of land like here’s this chunks said.

Trunks or I was going to say chunks. The tranches didn’t feel right. And then. Yeah.

I don’t know, guys, it’s Friday. We might be losing it anyways. People are moving, and they put money into real estate.

You know. They do. And you keep hearing a lot of adversity about real estate. Like it’s going to.

Roll, but it’s so much better than everything else. And it’s kind of like when you’re working out, you’re supposed to focus on a muscle and it really you focus on that muscle and it gets stronger. It just happens. To focus on your intent and what you’re trying to do. And if you think really think about people are coming here and they’re investing, as, you know, in real estate.

I mean, I think it’ll change your mindset and you’ll start to open your mind to who these people are. Yeah, right. And don’t get bogged down in the in the news, if you will. And as things are changing and things are getting more difficult and there’s uncertainty all over the place, and things look grim all over. Just remember that. Real estate.

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