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Voice reply vs Texting

So let’s talk about voice reply in text, you know. Yeah. And is it appropriate in real estate? Is it better or is it worse? Like what is it because people used to do all these different things. Communication methods changed. Right. So before we looked at we have a lot of phone calls, but it would be like we’d pick up the phone. Hello. You’d call it the office line so we would transfer you. Right. And then you had to be in a physical office and went to a cell phone. And can I call person my cell phone? Is that right?

Should I put my cell phone number there? And then it translates to other things like we used to meet in person. We used to do those things. Can I meet presume now? Is that right? And this is a real estate transaction. Right. So we have to document certain things.

Yeah, email is professional. It’s really weird because then we as agents have all these different things like because then OK, fine, it’s easy to send a text message, but then it becomes too long and then they’re not understood. But adding voice to it, does that help? But is it professional because you want to still maintain value and professionalism? Do you text your attorney, write today’s world?

Probably could be. But, you know, just kind of going back to the personal, you can’t take that away from the transaction. It’s needed and necessary.

You know, I’ve been receiving a lot of these voice memos in place of everyday text. OK, now you’re an Apple user. I’m an Apple user. So there’s everybody has a voice memo.

So I think you I don’t believe it’s just an Apple thing, but my opinion is, you know who first I’m going to ask when you get a text.

And it used to be like one of five. That’s way too long. And it’s annoying. It’s annoying. I don’t I can’t read them.

My personal code is like, that’s not really the thing. That should be an email or a phone call or preferably if you’re calling me a text saying like, are you free? And then yes, I’m like, whatever.

Yes, yes, for sure.

But I’m in the same sense. Who has voicemails? Yeah, we have a couple of our clients. They don’t even have their voicemails set up. And I’m thinking, I mean, I get a lot of voicemails, but a lot of them are solicitations. I get the majority of my communication text because it’s quick, it’s easy. And, you know, you skip a step, you know, we want everything instant, instant gratification.

But sometimes you’re auto correct. Gets, you know, the text message auto correct. Can can mess up sometimes. And then words come in. You like what do they meaning there and then you don’t get the tone of voice so you can interpret it as rude or you don’t really know how to interpret the text message.

So I actually like the voice memo. I think it’s kind of going it’s kind of replacing voicemail in a way. It’s quick, but you hear their voice and you have less misunderstandings when having it. So, you know, at first I was like. What is this, but it’s growing on me.

I kind of like it, so I think it personalizes things a little bit, especially if somebody is inquiring or asking different things. It’s just it feels more of a bond because now I hear you.

It’s just a little bit more personal. So I might like that better. So I’m voting yes to it. Yes. If you are using text messaging in your insight, it turns out you don’t want to send a voicemail.

No, I mean, it’s sure. Yes, I do that.

Yes, but you you get it.

Ok, I think I would do that to be safe when you’re driving. But yes, I think it does personalize things for your clients and I might vote yes on it. So try it out, see if it works, maybe understand how it works first before you go ahead and implement it, run a test, maybe with your spouse, your significant other somebody that you don’t even know. Just send them a random one and see if you get a reply back. Maybe you will get more replies. I don’t know, just try not to write. I’m saying maybe I get less.

Maybe people will. Have more meaningful texts. Oh, I don’t know. Stay tuned, we’ll be checking in with you guys and see how  you feel about it.

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 3.19.21

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