Remember your Virtual Hold Harmless Doc – Hey there, I’m Michael Acquisto, joined by luxury real estate broker Shana Acquisto, and we’re going to speak on the hold harmless document for virtual showings.

Yes. So we have had our attorney draw this up so ago. And I just want to remind everyone that we need to be utilizing this forum and how important it is.

So in the world of  of crazy here in our real estate market, we have a lot of people that are coming in. Whether you represent a buyer or seller, people are coming in and buying these homes sight unseen, OK? And if you go through a home and you’re videoing the home and face time of your client, it’s still a sight unseen. They’re seeing it virtually.

So let’s have Omkar show this off and let’s remind it and let’s put this link in here.

Very good. So we have this document, it is in your zip forms, template documents, and you want to make sure that you’re having your buyers sign this.

Mm hmm. What this does is when they move in, just picture this. You have somebody and you FaceTime to them and you have been so diligent. You’ve gone back and you’ve looked and you’ve really done a great job for this client. But they move in here. Yes.

And they’re like, oh. This is not anything like my agent said it was. All right, there’s a lot of things that can happen. You’re buying a home sight unseen.

It’s kind of scary. So what this does is it protects us and says you have you’ve chosen to to look at this home virtually. You have not looked at it in person.

And you will hold us harmless if you discover anything that is maybe not satisfactory to you after moving. So it just protects us in the event something happens, somebody may decide they don’t want to move here.

The agent. Didn’t tell me about this, so you can see where this could go and it could be an external factors, such as maybe your buy power lines, there’s nuisance or something down the street. So I lost a trailer. You didn’t tell me.

I can I can possibly you know, I don’t buy Biswal. Those are allowed. Whatever it is, somebody comes up with anything. The idea here is to ensure that we are protected correctly and you’re protected.

So if you do any walkthrough with your client, please make sure that you have them sign this if they don’t attend in person.

Ok. Very, very important. Must be in the file. Perfect. And who’s responsible for that? For the for this document getting signed. The agent. The agent. Yes, the primary agent on the file primary and then the secondary person that’s required to have that in there as well as our lovely Stacey.

Whoever is showing this property virtually needs to have a signed perfect and then it needs to be in there before we close in front. Yes, for sure. All right, that’s great, and it can be signed digitally. Sure, yeah, without a problem, you can sign DocuSign for they’re not here in person, they’re not going to be here. So they’re not here to see it, we’re not going to be here to sign it.

That does make sense, Shana. Yeah, OK, very good. Thank you very much. Everyone knows where to get it. Yep. If you have any problems, let us know. But it’s right in your zip forms or in the work drive, you can search virtual home, hold harmless and find it there as well.

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 3.9.21

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