Virtual Agent Meetings – Eh, so it’s Monday, tomorrow’s Tuesday, she’s and I’m Mike, and we do have meetings this week virtually, of course, so we’ll be using the same schedule that we have. So we’ll check that link into you for the meeting schedule.

Virtual Agent Meetings

So you’re just reminded. But we will be meeting tomorrow. This week’s topic is going to be contracts, questions and answers with Stacey.

We know the new contracts are coming up April 1st. We don’t have them. They haven’t rolled them out to us yet, but we need to be prepared.

So all types of contract questions you could possibly have. Stacey is going to be here to answer them. Mm hmm. And how we like to do it. So there’s a difference. So, you know, there’s kind of like always company policies and how you go about doing things.

And I think that we try to be very, very contract oriented and make sure that we read them right and make sure we understand them. And Stacey does a great job with it. And that’s something that you’re very, very particular with Shana.

Yeah, everybody I think our agents have done a great job of understanding the contract. And and they can you know, one thing I’ve noticed is they can identify when they receive an offer and something’s just not right. They ask.

Yes, Linda, I had one yesterday and she was like, look what this agent sent over and was incredible about the appraisal labors.

There’s a lot of issues around the appraisal wages right now with with our current market as it is.

And I’m sure he’ll talk about tax some time and think about any questions you have regarding you think about things that came up that you weren’t positive home. Think about things where it’s like, oh, maybe this could happen. I believe something that’s going on here. Yeah.

Any one of those take take some time between now and then and when you’re meeting, start and make some notes. Right. Highlight it and then put it up, put it so you can contact Stacey. She’ll be on there. And we want to have great questions for the idea is to utilize the time in the best way possible and get a lot of different questions documented properly with using video. Yeah. And get it all taken care of. So we hope that everybody gets all their questions answered.

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 3.8.21

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