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Video Standards Real Estate- All right, so some people are asking, what are kind of the standards around TNT, how should I be doing this and what are some things that I could kind of improve on? And what would you like in a perfect scenario? So let’s kind of hit them from the top and go over the first item.

So what we’d like you to do is log on as soon as 840. Our goal is to get the stream up at 840. So it is live and ready for you during that time. There’s music that’s played. So you have the opportunity to kind of go through and listen to the music. We pick music that I think people like.

Yeah. And it’s just, you know, our TNT morning sessions are kind of short. I mean, it’s hard to get through all of these topics. So if you wait until eight forty five to log in, you could have missed five minutes before you actually get  logged in.

I don’t want you to have any tech challenges, so get logged in as soon as eight forty. So you’re totally ready. Pull your screen up, have it right where you want it, put it you know, so we don’t miss the open. Right. We don’t want to be missing that. I see a lot of people log in a couple of minutes late and then they have to go back and watch it and it creates kind of this issue for them. So we’ve started to launch it at eight forty. So please log in then.

That will help you out then. When you’re in, just go ahead and chat. We see how many viewers are online. So what that does is help us know when to kind of get started. So we’re kind of looking at that. But we do want you to chat in there when you are present. The reason for that is we do roll call. So roll call. You’ll just simply chat in your name when you attend and will be able to see all of that. And from here forward, we will be having Ana take attendance.

So she’s going to make note of who’s been naughty and who’s been nice and who’s been on TNT, who has not met and when they join and what goes on. So it would be good to attend there. The reason for that would starting to keep attendance is because, you know, Meghan says there’s a lot of times and so to Stacey, that people reach out and ask questions and she’s like, actually, that topic was just covered on TNT and they’ll send that link out or whatever it is, or push somebody back to the Wikipedia page.

Video Standards Real Estate

So we do want to make that make sure that you are checking first to see where those items are and make use of the resources we have. We want to have people available to answer the right questions right and efficiently.
Yes, we are doing this so we can empower you. We feel like knowledge is power, right? So the more you know, the better agent you are out there in the field.

So you just had something come up. We’ll talk about that once I get done here. So I’ll keep going through. And but you did have something that you used from TNT yesterday that we actually went over during those really same

day. Yeah. So the standards for missed TNT. So we do understand that things happen from time to time, and that’s totally fine. The standard that we would like to have is that you watch the previous day’s TNT in full before the next TNT happens. OK, so what that basically means is like before the next day, totally watch it.

So you’re all caught up and if you can’t watch, then turn it on and listen at the very least.

Yeah, just I mean, it’s there. It’s available. Right. So go ahead and watch that before the next one starts. So that’s the expectation is that you’re fully caught up and up to speed. The one caveat to that is if you are like the equivalent of out sick or on vacation or one of those items, it’s you can vacation. Yeah, no vacations.

So you can be behind during those times. If that’s something that you’re totally comfortable with and missing it, then that’s fine. But what we want is for you to catch up as soon as you get back. So if you’re on vacation for three days and you come back and it happens to be Monday and you missed like Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and you missed the last three days of the next week, when you come back on Monday morning and you’re back in the office, then watch Monday and catch up within three days.

So start to watch one episode and then the next one in the next one and get caught fully up before those three days. We’re trying to only ask for a couple of minutes of your time. And in doing so, we keep everything kind of on track, so to speak. You know? Yeah. So just make sure that you are all caught up in those are the best possible standards. And now let’s go to what you had the other day.

Oh, so yesterday I had a meeting with that with the client. And this is someone I had never met before. And so we did a consultation last night on Zoom and we were just discussing, you know, where they’re coming from and his job and everything.

And he actually works for Salesforce. So I was like, oh, so Salesforce bought Slack and we started talking about it. So he’s like, Yeah, you know about that. I said, Yeah, we actually have TNT. Morning huddle where we discuss different topics, real estate related, and, you know, that was one of our topics, so he really liked that. He was like, oh, wow. So we started talking about that and how Salesforce works and how we use Zoho and all that. And here comes Mike Hurd. Zoho and his ears popped up and came running in.

Yeah, but you were able to talk. The main thing he was saying, it’s about relocations and you knew all the other companies that were relocating here and what was going on. So you talked about Tesla, you talked about Oracle.

And it was just it was a weird change, the dynamic of the conversation where, you know, it’s you start off and you don’t know each other and it’s kind of your Yochai. But it just it was you know, I we  talk about this that you try to find a commonality between you and  the other person so you can bond and, you know, it develops your relationship. So we were able to do that. It was great.

So that’s an example of TNT fully helping you in a topic that you’re like, how does this directly apply to me? Right. We’re talking about some of these things. And that was list that was a big topic, right, about people migrating from across the nation. It wasn’t about like a local super local topic. And it’s still kind of tied in showing the power of teen what that difference it can make for you as an agent.

Now, this individual was talking about buying this home and. Right. And there was there was a lot kind of going on within that conversation and potentially a lot of money that is made commission wise. And any one deal is super important. So always having these this additional knowledge is what we’re trying to bring to you. So that is the power of TNT and those are the standards which we kind of are trying to help me out yesterday, trying to uphold.
Video Standards Real Estate

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