Hello, Mike Acquisto here, real estate broker, co- owner of Acquisto Real Estate. Let’s go ahead and talk about video review links.

What is this? Why is it important? How does it help me out? We’ll get to all of those things and more right now. Omkar, how about we split the screen and show them what a video review link is? All right. So this is a video review link, and this is provided to you directly from your support family here to Acquisto Real Estate. We’re going to take this link and chat it in so you guys can see how this happens to work. That’s going to be in the chat bar just down below. So you’ll see that scroll down past the like button.

If you like the video review link, click on the like button and give us a thumbs up or something along those lines. Right. So there we go. Now we are on the video review link. Can you have this? This is something that will send over to you. It’ll come directly out. We’re working on a little bit nicer, cleaner emailed to you that will come directly from from Zoho CRM.

That will come out with some more details for you with like maybe what to do and how to utilize this just a little bit better. Maybe it’ll even include this video that we have is a link as well. So now we’re on the review link. And what you’ll be able to see is that you can play the video from the bottom corner as Omkar is going to do. And I don’t know if we have it set up to play the sound.

Omkar on the computer, I can’t remember. Maybe you can remind me if they hear the audio that’s going on on my computer. I believe they do.

So let’s go ahead and hit play here and we’ll see how this works. What happens here is, you know, when you’re shooting your video, there’s a bunch of different items going on, right?

You have video, you have audio color. You have a lot of different people that work on this process, most of whom haven’t been to the property.
So what we’re going to do is I had, you know, real estate today on that.

My brand new listing at ninety seven thirty three Kingsville Drive in Plano. It is down to Frisco. I see. And it also is facing. Let’s go inside and take a look.

All right. So we want to stop right here on you.

Click on the video anywhere you want. And we could put a note in here. So, for example, if the walls were a little bit darker, the color grading was off just a touch. There might be a note that you would put in here. You can also move that note around to different places if there’s something that’s going on that’s a little bit different.

So maybe you can move it up here and you could be like, hey, it looks a little bit dark up here in the corner. Could we please color grade this or something along those lines? Put a little note in there and hit ad. Then what’s going to happen is the individual that edited this video for you is going to get some information now. They’re going to be able to watch this back and see exactly how it works. We’ll move on a little bit further with the video and you’ll see that those are going to start to post all down the right side.

As we walk into the home, you’ll notice that we have stacked formal training carpet and freshly painted walls. As we walk into the family room, you’ll notice the rosewood floors, the freshly painted walls, the gas fireplace, it opens up to this beautiful kitchen with this gorgeous granite glass. How bad was that for trying to sell dishwasher?

And I saw a couple of things there that I really liked. So maybe I would go back just a little bit on the video and rewind it a little bit. I really like some of those shots that I believe Logan got on the countertop. So that looks really nice to me. So I might take that clip and give some type of comment on it. So maybe a comment along those lines would be like, hey, this is really nice how this shows it off.

Could we also use this neat clip in a montage at the end of the video or at the beginning as well, if that  happens to be helpful for us so you can put all types of notes in here and then they you know, they’ll be able to be seen by everybody else. So you can go ahead and just click nice, whatever kind of note you want here. There you go. And these can be helpful to the editor.

And he could be adjusting things maybe like volume. If it happens to be off a little bit, maybe sometimes you’re louder in one room than another. Maybe there’s somebody there. Maybe there’s something the outside going on. Like every day we have every Friday we have the Moralez brother show up here to do the lawn.

So it’s a little bit loud here. So maybe I need to adjust my volume or my speaking tone so those things can come across in video and we can edit some of them out in the video. So those are items that we want to be able to show off and comment on.

So that is what a video review link is. Now, the next important step after we’re completed with this is we need to tell the person that we’re done with this work. Right. So it’s important that they understand and they have the right turnaround time that we’re looking for. So go ahead and take that video review link that’s in the search menu and go open up your browser and share that link and then send a message to video adequacy to real estate dot com.

So you’ll take that and we’ll type in the email address and oh, he’s going to put that in here for us. So it’s going to be video at adequacy to real estate. Dotcom will also put that in the chat bar for you. So you will have that. But the important thing to do when you send off that email to video is that’s going to go off to produce your own car.

So he gets that and to his staff and crew, he’s got a big crew. And we want to make sure that everybody happens to get these videos and they get them edited and turned around as you want. So when you send that video off, given the review link so they can access your comments that you just did and then tell them anything else helpful that would be important in the video such as this.

This listing just went live. I need this turned around quicker, if you could, please. Right. So those are all important things. The better notes you put in, the better quality product you’ll have at the end. Now, even if you’re listing doesn’t if it sells super quick. And it’s one of those things, it’s really nice to have a well edited video so that you have it for your content, for your agent specific page.

So that’s going to be something that we want to go ahead and complete just as soon as you can. If what you’re sending across is not super urgent, then please let them know, right. Like, hey, the property already sold and we can go ahead and not need this back quite so quickly. So anyways, now you know a little bit more about the video review link, and I think we’re done. So it’s my time when I’ll go ahead and hit the ball and move on to topic number two.

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 3.5.21

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