Fam Fest 2020 – Day 3

Hello, ladies and gentlemen, we are glad to see you guys were working on day three of training and we have Omkar with us, producer. Oh, and trying to tell us a little bit, kind of like why he’s here and whatever, you know.

Well, a lot has been going on behind the scenes with our technology. And Mike, there’s been lots and lots of morning meetings and working together with people who we consider our real estate family that maybe some of you have not had the opportunity to  meet and see in person. And we want to take that opportunity today. So you get to know them and  become familiar with them because they’re all amazing, just like you guys are. And we want to welcome them in and make sure that they feel, you know, a part of our family and also explain exactly who they are, who they are.

So they’re great people and they have extreme talents. And as a friendship, as the support family continues to grow and grow and grow, you want to kind of know where  that money’s going, right? Like you want to see that you’re getting value out of it and what  it is. So we’re kind of doing like research and development and like these things are all continuing to  get better and everything kind of gets passed down and continues to progress.

Let’s say as our industry evolves, it is so important to be on top of our technology. And I hear quite often actually is from other brokers and people that, wow, your brokerage has some pretty innovative technology. Who do you use? How do you do it? And all of this? And it’s you know, I think it’s created us an opportunity to stand out, amongst others.

And I had a meeting yesterday and I was with Paulett Green from Ebbe, and she was talking about it as well. So she’s like, wow, it’s just crazy what you guys do. And, you know, I don’t I don’t have those options.

So, you know, I really am thankful. I know I sit right in the other room, but I know what’s going on in here.

And every time I hear what’s going on, I am so thankful that I am not having to also keep up with technology and in marketing, like, you know, like you do. And I can focus on real estate. And that’s why we do it. We want to stay ahead of the curve and offer that to everyone so you can focus on what what you signed up to do is help people.

So without further ado, we’ll switch the screen and we’ll bring Omkar in, would sir. And so here we go. We are all good and ready to go. So, hey, welcome, welcome, welcome. It you guys might know and love producer. Oh, you probably have a sticker of his as well. You probably follow him on YouTube as I am Omkar D. I know I’m a subscriber and I want to be the first to see any of his videos that come out. Truly amazing individual, a great young man and very, very happy to get to work with him on a very regular basis. And so go ahead and tell us a little bit about what you kind of see with TNT behind the scenes. So let’s start with that on a daily basis and how we’ll have guests and some of those things and what that has kind of been like.

Yes. So thank you. Kyle has had some introduction of the fun and about let’s talk about the big one at the end of the hour. We have had a couple of discussions on that. We also had this opportunity for basically what we do is have something far less obvious in that software that we could, you know, share the screen and share the video and put that all into one place and broadcast it onto YouTube. So similar to what was done before and obviously could, you know, broadcasted it multiple sources. So you told us where you are capitalizing at the moment. But we were also capitalizing on Facebook, on LinkedIn, and we would be one by one all these programs and doing a great job that. So that is all laid out at work, being part of this one and about behind the scenes.

So how exactly is that? There’s a lot that goes on how we do this and.

You say that it’s not that easy either. It takes a lot of experts to bring this up and do like what we are, what you are able to watch at the moment, I’m sure definitely we could include this much money and make it much better. But this and this is the level that we have right now has taken a lot of time and I think a lot of experts from both MIT and myself. So, yeah. So this is what you see at the moment and the work being done. And I’m very excited about how that would be good for them. Well, yeah.

All right. So some of the things that the agents will be able to see is what’s going on is it takes a combined effort of also trying to make the recording a higher quality for you. So there’s a lot of things that are going on to make it easier for you guys to look items up. Right. So what happens behind the scenes when all of it is produced for you guys and it’s put out there? It’s all done live and it’s recorded live instantaneously. So that goes out to YouTube. But then we have this recording when we’re completed with it. And there’s a ton of things that Omkar and this is his whole team is doing and they’re doing a great job to do work with Eskow. So kind of talk about what happens after you do it. And then we’ll also tell we’ll have to tell what she’s doing when she takes notes and how she does that to tagging whatever. So kind of talk about like you divide it up, you do all those things, right? Yeah. Post production.

So what happens is after the session is done, I probably need to be pretty clear that what happens is this entire station get killed on YouTube as well as in the world. Right. So I have this awesome feature. When you dig this find from this guy, from the software on my computer, what we have done and made it to embrace the that it automatically gets into the brain. And if it’s onto the, you know, the online platform, then I could download that. My team could download that.

And, you know, they get those topics beginning segregated, like all those topics that jumped up into, you know, singular topics and all these topics I posted on Vimeo. So what we are doing is we had a vending machine learning all these topics. You all this knowledge will go and stay there and finish. This knowledge could be used for you or for you not to educate new agents. Also, there are some brand-new topics for getting that traction, you know, attracting new people in to the CNN YouTube and for the what we have done is these are the keywords that we cover in each topic, get knocked down and ours is one of the best person. I see your opinion on the entire session. She makes notes that is really great and those notes on the start and down and those are the key points where in the key words, they the key words are the things that we use to aim like this on, like we capitalize on so on.

So that’s a Omkar, why don’t you do this?

So it’s you and I on the screen right now. Why don’t we take just a second and where you currently are. See if we can throw that show up that and we can show them some of the things that go on and that will help them understand it even more. So I’ll let you kind of guide look how excited the car is in me in.

And I will say why we’re doing this is we have Omkar, Naz and Ana. None of them knew each other prior to this. Yes, right. Correct.

You did a really good job of finding them and putting them together. And they all work great together, which is why we know that’s not always easy. So it’s really impressive.

So maybe some behind the scenes when we put this stuff up. Right, like the videos and the stats and the key word stuff and what you’re doing there to target and kind of how that will help us out.

So. This is one of the videos that we have on the table. For instance, we are considering this video.

What happens is this video like the life session gets posted on YouTube and we have it all.

So there is this I don’t agree with this caller ID IQ. And what she does is it gives us the time that we have oil.

So I just showed them what we have for these other times.

What these thugs do is, you know, have the video that we have to get identified, like what the video is exactly about. OK, so what about the exotica colored, what you call them? That video is put up into their bags. And like when people search for, like, keywords electorate on the is in the army or, you know, something in that sense. So the video that has the most relevant topic as well as the tag gets popped up. So we are about to open this into a new economy, but we do see how course we see the video for you.

And I’ll watch what we have been doing so far is that, yeah, we have been achieving that. And maybe the issue has become more like a state that you are able to see everything that we do that has been done prior to the videos that have been done later.

And so this  is be I don’t want to forget about it, but if you have the key words in line and once everything is made a description, the items and everything is in line with the feedback, we are getting recommended by you. Well, that’s that’s a big thing to have, I think.

Let me control for just one second, then I’ll let you jump back in there. So I’m going to do is this gentleman there and go back to just kind of a talking head here. So what you always wanted me to remind everybody. So CEO is search engine optimization. And where that comes in handy is after every single episode on cars talking about the key words that are done and how we can find them. So that goes to YouTube, but that’s also going inside our learning library and they’re getting cut up as individual topics so we can find them and we’re tagging them so you can search those words inside our learning library. So we’re doing a good job to set that all up. So all the topics will be easy to find with keywords and each thing as well. And then we are also going through and doing the complete transcript. So every word that is said is put to type. And that’s one of the things that Anna does if she runs it through the transcription service that we’re subscribed to and that gets every single word typed out and then that goes behind the scenes as part of the recording. So now Google has the opportunity to pick all of these items up. So every topic that we start to talk about, everything that’s recorded becomes part of the record and it allows Google to find it. So Google owns YouTube as well.

So the meaning of the two is super important. And what Omkar showing you there is that once we get to the right situation, that we become all the recommended videos. So YouTube really likes interaction. They like to have people watch it in like live content and we’re getting rewarded for that. And it’s amazing the amount of views that we’re starting to pick up. And there’s a huge graph that kind of takes off. And Omkar explains it really well, how it just takes a lot of time, a lot of effort and a lot of content. But that’s what that’s what they want. YouTube is kind of more and more and more of that. And then they reward you because you want people to watch it. Right. So I’m going to switch back and let’s go back in Omkara, if you would, and you can show them some more things that kind of go on behind the scenes with the tagging. And you can also kind of show off whatever else you think is relevant for them. You know, maybe some of the important things to see is like all of them are timestamped, so maybe you can show off the stamp and how that works and see how they’re starting to put in some really key things for us, because we’re getting we’re getting more recognition from YouTube. And that’s been that’s kind of been key, right?

Yeah. So that’s what we do, if this section in the description were in and they block the timestamps, one thing stands out exactly what the topics are covered in that specific. So what happens is let’s go on to the venue. So what does it do? Right. I do it on the radio and the radio sections. If you could see now we are in the intersection. So from the intro is from zero to five minutes and six seconds later and they have the awesome music that is behind it.

So I in your view, if that story is right, that everything is so you to the logic on it, but they get exactly what they want more like if they want to know, think they’re going to get done.

So so in today’s world where we’re then allowed to see things, me and so on, something like this would be as important to the situation. You’re on our side.

So let me go back and let’s just go back to talking head for a second. And Sean and I are going to have a quick discussion about some of these things. Thank you, sir. So what he’s showing off there is that YouTube is rewarding us for the time, the energy, the effort, the investment, the consistency. And with that reward, they’re putting in effort in matching us now, so to speak. So they’re investing and doing the time stamps. They’re starting to do some stuff behind the scenes to help us out, to give us credit. And in doing so, that’s going to come back. So the question now that we’re on and I will speak on is like, how does this help you as the agent? Right. Because ultimately we’re doing these things and sometimes there’s a longer payoff and there’s things that you do that are immediate and they kind of work and then there’s a longer term items. So we’ll kind of talk about that for just a minute. Now, if you don’t mind.

So, OK, so how that would help the agent directly is number one. The more YouTube rewards is the more people will get his followers, the more we build credibility within the industry as kind of like authority figures and industry leaders and thought leaders. So that helps position us and the company as a whole as being forward thinking and better with video.

And that helps attract more viewers to the page, more viewers to YouTube, more viewers to our site in general, which helps us easily convert those people to actual buyers that we can work on to be able to produce more business. So this is a long term play. To be able to establish more set up deals through the friendship division is one way. Right. And so that’s kind of the first thing. Then the more often that we do that, the more authority the company in general gains and the YouTube channel and our presence on online gets. It also helps you as the agent. Right. And what that does, can you can we meet New York computer Mike?

My computer, you hear stuff on my computer, maybe the still or was that earlier when somebody just goes on the air? OK, so now you guys should be fine. Sorry about that. I just want to make sure everything was fine. Thanks for 4chan. That in earlier Katie now. OK, so very good. Now what we’re looking at is how does that help the agent? Some more deals come in from the friendship division side and create that. But as soon as you as an agent start doing more videos that that also kind of goes through and will produce more business for you guys as well. So as soon as you start to produce more videos and you’re active on there, you’ll have more interaction on your YouTube store for any agent videos you do.

You’ll have more of a following that seeing what we want to do is have a larger presence everywhere. So when you as a client, are you as an agent are going out and you’re speaking with maybe a person for a listing and you say, well, we publish this to social media. So that’s one of the things that we do on a very regular basis is track all of those numbers. So when you sit down and you’re competing with somebody else for a listing and you say, well, we publish everything we do to to our social media, and the next person comes in and says, well, we publish this to the social media as well. And now it’s not all created equally. So what you would ask then, the deeper and more direct question is, well, tell me about the followership and where it gets posted. And the other agent most likely is posting it to their personal profile on social media.

This is key. This is what I really want  to get into, because I think this is where people don’t understand.

So if you’re competing against some random person , I’ll pick whatever company that happens to be. Right. So I’ll pick the big one and just talk about like maybe Keller Williams. So with Keller, each individual agent would have their own social media platform and they would post it to their page, whether it’s you, whether it’s Facebook or Instagram, but they might not even post to their personal page. They posted their realtor page for business and then you look up their followers and maybe done a lot of research on this. Yeah, maybe they would have like 20 followers for their business page. So think about your individual real estate business page as an agent, not as an individual, but as an agent, because that’s most of the time where it gets posted. Now, what happens when you’re an agent with us is you, of course, can post it yourself and do all those things the same. But in addition to that, we as a firm are posting that to our feeds. So that feed is going to go out to our Facebook account for the company, to our YouTube, to to each of those different channels. Right. To all the platforms. And there we benchmark herself against most of the local people. And when we push something out, it doesn’t get 20 views, but rather it gets thousands of them. So we actively track our benchmark ourselves against like all the biggest people around. And that other agent that works with Keller when they post it goes to twenty people like the big Keller Williams Facebook page. That doesn’t post that listing. Right. That goes out.

And this is kind of the same thing when we go to a listing appointment and you say, hey, we feed out to all these different sites, right? Well, everyone does. It’s the same. That’s what every agent who has access to MLS and

belongs to an association that has that same option to feed out to all these third party sites. OK, so, you know, I think people are on to that. And it’s the same here. Hey, we do a lot of social media marketing.

Ok, well, the other the other agents are always are also going to be saying the same things we do, social media marketing. So now it’s the time where you go in and say everyone does social media marketing or they should. But this is how we do it differently and this is what it gets for you. It’s exposure, right?

So the exposure would be far different. So you can imagine if the other agent posts it and it gets to twenty fifty one hundred people. One hundred, there’s like that many followers. So with us, if we post that one thing on Facebook and Instagram and we post across all the platforms, they’re getting thousands per channel. Right. So now you’re getting like so many views just for the initial post that doesn’t take into account the remarketing, the retargeting, the stuff that goes on within the site, the stuff where we’re trying to promote it. That’s all a. Addition to that, so it’s like what is one hundred views compared to six thousand every time that something goes out, and so we continue to grow our channels and gain more authority. And when we have a guest on, we get more of their followers. And the whole idea is to continue to grow that brand and the exposure and the numbers. And as we do that and allow the agents, each one of you, to post your stuff to it, then you have maximum exposure. And that’s really the key thing, because all social media channels are not created the same, specifically when they’re not posted to. So, yes, discolor Williams Facebook page, have more followers and the answer would be definitively yes. However, that listing is not posted there and you can post and post.

A lot of people have great posts. I’m not talking about our origins, but you see a lot of great posts out there. But if they don’t do something with those posts, it’s kind of irrelevant, right?

Yeah, if the people don’t see them and that’s what we’re trying to do is become better. And we want to have engaging content that we are allowed to do some of these things. And as these numbers start growing and as I’ve invested this time energy and efforts, they really start to grow. So it takes time, but the massive investment pays off long term.

Yes. And you guys who are doing a lot of videos, we’re grabbing them and we’re posting them, you know, on our social media and sharing them. And it’s also helping you get exposure, you know, your individual branding as an agent. So I love the lot of you are doing that. And it’s great.

You have great posts in the you know, all the video work that you guys are doing is  coming across much, much better. It takes time to be in front of the camera and it takes time to kind of get used to that. And that’s what we’re trying to do here, is become better with it. We’re trying to engage. So we have the equipment in the way it it’s not easy. No. And each of the agents now has the option going forward to start to do the same types of things. Right. So Omkar maybe will show I don’t know if you have anything where you could show it off if it goes in at like infinite screen where you can show some of the different things that we do, how you’ve started to create scenes maybe for like a person like Mike Shepard has a scene on here so he can sit down and see what he’s doing, what we could do, a recording of similar to TNT whenever he walks in. So it’s all designed to be simple in that regard. So he’s pulling this up here. And I don’t know if you can pull over . I know, but I know what it does is it might create this like infinite loop on there, but maybe actually put us right within it. Maybe we go up here if I drive for a second, might be able to find yeah. I’m just like doing things. So let me see. I have Shepp here.

All right, so now we’re back on this side, you should have got the audio back, Omkar, what we must have had was an issue there on the audio and Szeps about what I wanted to see on that last item was that actually created different scenes for each one of you guys as an agent. And as far as you produce your brand and put it together, you should be good.

Can can we get confirmation that you guys can hear us now? You’re back. All right. Perfect. Thank you, guys. So what it was, is I had an issue with the audio when I switched over. We had a different scene that we went to. We went to Mike Shepherd scene. And what we had there is in this scene, we didn’t have the audio check done. It’s kind of that would be me. I took control and that’s kind of my bad. But we wanted you guys to see what is created for the agent. So you get learning inside Torstein Knowledge. But what you also get now is the ability every time you come in to have a meeting with me. Oh, can I do a quick video on this? And it’s like, absolutely. And could we be in it with you? Yeah, that’s fine. Or you can be in it on your own. You could show off on your listings like whatever the thing. So it’s only limited by your imagination. So this is the equipment’s here and as we continue to get better at it, you can utilize it as much as you desire, right. When you come here and meet. It’s our time. We

have those meetings on a regular basis and we can utilize what we currently have. Just kind of tell me in advance it would help out. So Omkar is not in the spot, but that is what it is. So Omkar has been amazing for us today. And do you have anything else that you wanted to say real quick? I do need to move on to NAS and keep it kind of moving.

So just ending with one thing that I think that we are doing at the moment, you know, slow, but they would be, you know, having large scale implications and would not have.

And so I’m excited to see the delivery of that. And I am I would be working hard and everyone would be working hard to see that  would be what we are aiming at.

And we think you’re awesome. Omkar. Yeah. Watching your videos and getting to know you personally. And it’s you know, you’re so far away, but it does feel like you’re you’re right here with this. And I really enjoyed getting to know you.

And we’re looking forward. There’s a time in the near future. So on camera, Sam. Well, so that’s that’s kind of on our list is we  have planned in the relatively near future as soon as we can. That on our list is Everest base camp. And so we could get to just the base camp at Everest. I mean, it’s like still totally. So Omkar is going to you’re going to join us. Right. And and take us there.

So that’s one of the things Captain Dave is working on. So if anyone wants to go to Everest base camp, not all the way to the top, like still high enough that you’ll definitely remember what’s going on, then we can do that and we’ll pick him up along the way. I think Nas is even closer than you, right? Yeah. All right. So we’re going to grab him. Yeah, NAS is going to be training so he can so he can join us. Not as I don’t know if you know what you committed to, but I better get to work. I hope you’re ready, bud. Let’s let’s go ahead and we’ll consider this topic kind of closed. We have some more behind the scenes items that we’ve been working on. There’s something that’s going to be coming out called a questo view, and that’s our learning channel. And that’s a branded item that we’re kind of going to number two on the bucket list. Well, number one on your bucket list is probably Machu Picchu, and I’m not going that one off in October.

So that’s a little bit of sharing there. We have that kind of all set up as well.

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