Video advice – Hey there, Shana Acquisto, Broker with Aquisto Real Estate here with Ken Molestina with Channel 11 News. This is so exciting, but it’s a little intimidating because you should be doing this right. Not the other way around. This is fun for me because I’m on the other side.

Ken, I hope this is fun for you. This is fun for me. We’re super excited. We want to talk about your most uncomfortable interview. So there has to be so many. But yeah, which one really stands out?

They tend to be there are two kinds. So I’ll tell you the first one. The first one was this was early on in my career. I had the opportunity at the time. He was just a he was just a candidate. But former President Barack Obama did a satellite interview with him. And then there have been several other sort of high level politicians through my time in Washington, D.C. Here’s why they’re uncomfortable, not because they’re politicians, not because of former presidents. As journalists, we like to think that we’re controlling the conversation a lot of times or that we are the ones in charge. We’re the ones asking the questions.

But a lot of times folks don’t realize is unless you’re, you know, Barbara Walters or somebody like that, you’re very limited to your time and the amount of questions that you can ask. And when people don’t see here is that there are producers kind of like Omkar in this game. We don’t see him and he’s calling the shots somewhere and controlling right here.

The same thing happens with some of these interviews. You’re given countdown’s. And so you’re very restricted. You don’t have kind of like that free flow. And that gets a little stressful because you obviously want to get your questions in. You want to get them properly answered. And if you’ve seen any politician interview, yeah, a lot of times they don’t give you the answer. You know, they skirt around

And it can be the simplest question. Right. But they don’t give you the answer. Meanwhile, the clock is ticking, so you don’t know if you’re going to have another shot at getting it in there or rewarding it differently or holding their feet to the fire. So those kinds are usually uncomfortable for me because I know that there are time constraints and I know that there are other people, you know, giving wrapped signals and things like that. It’s a lot going on.

The only other one. Yeah, the only other one that and I learned this early on, a mentor of mine earlier on in my career said, you know, this one will never get easy. And that is unfortunately, whenever we’re interviewing, like grieving families, you know, those interviews are just absolutely heartbreaking. You know, we are absolute strangers and we show up with cameras and microphones and people, you know, for good reason. You know, they don’t like that.

It seems super insensitive. It can be if you’re not welcome. But what we find sometimes is that maybe it’s part of the grief process of speaking about a loved one in the best terms possible and being able to sort of be in the driver’s seat of that narrative of their loved one and give them some sort of relief. So but those are tough. And those those never get easy. And, you know, if I didn’t have to do one of those ever again in my career, I think I’d be fine. But the reality is that we do them often.

Well, it’s got to be a little depressing. I mean, I think that it’s exciting. On one end, you have a full range of emotions

About your job. Yeah, absolutely. And it just depends on what you’re covering that day and what your story is. But, you know, again, there’s a little bit of everything. But, you know, the one thing that I hope people understand about journalism, the job that we do is that it is a wide ranging sort of a job as far as the topics and themes and the people that we talk to, the things that we have to know and we’re trying our best to to really do do it right, get it right.

So maybe this helps us because we think our job is so hard. And so hearing it from your perspective, I feel like now I can go in and talk about this home and go leave there and be totally fine. Your job is hard, though, especially in this market. Well, and we’ve talked about it, if that’s also their topic. Yeah. So be sure. All right. Well, thanks for that. Thank you.

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Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 5.21.21

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