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Indoor plumbing. We’re going to discuss that and what is it, so realtors need to know about the latest things that are going on in homes, right?

And this is a different, a different and unique plumbing system, and it’s a way of doing it. And we’ll discuss it from a relative perspective. What is it? How is it better? And we want to also see it in action. So discuss some of those things and we’re going to share a video and a link and all of that stuff here in just one second.

I’m curious, you guys, how they came up with this name.

Yeah. Well, I don’t actually know that. I don’t know if that’s a family name or location. Maybe what that happens to be, but let’s go ahead and share the screen here on Chad in this link for us, and we’ll go to their website and kind of take a look through this.

So this is a a newer plumbing system, but the pipe has memory. So I’m going to ask Omkara, maybe to go ahead and play the video while I talk and blow it up, maybe move the sound so we don’t have that going on and then show it.

But what we have with this plumbing system is it’s a flexible thing, kind of like packs, but it has a memory and it’s rigid. So it’s really, really pretty cool stuff. And as it goes together, it locks and it seals and it’s tight and it uses way less connections than a traditional plumbing system, so it runs through your house.

They look really thin, which is interesting to me, right?

Like how so if we stop it for just one second? Omkar, what this actually does is it goes ahead and takes and uses one third of the connections of a typical plumbing system. And so as we see it going through, it has like a hub and spoke system that as it goes through, it’s using a lot less connectors and then it’s feeding off of that.

So we get the hot water and a cold water serving all of those different locations and less home runs. So it means less opportunity for failure. And then what it also does is they the connections on how they click in and how they’re sealed. They can’t be undone.

If anyone else has used that shark bites, how it kind of like can’t be undone. This is the same thing. So once it’s in there, it’s connected and it won’t fail. And then if it’s bent came froze.

It has a memory and it expands, but it comes right back. Yeah, and you can like, burn it and you’ll see it move and mold, and then it just comes right back afterwards. It has.

It’s really impressive stuff. Yeah. And we had a super premium builder in Montana that was showing it, showing this to us, and I was very impressed with it. I regret that I didn’t take some samples and bring them back to be able to show off and maybe something we’ll start to see in our new construction

Here. I think we will, because it’s kind of like Peck’s pretty efficient.

I don’t know, cost wise, maybe you’ll see them.  

It’s a little bit more expensive, but it’s it’s much, much better. It’s far superior. And they help you and lay the whole thing out for you. But just opportunities for failure is a really, really big deal.

I wonder if you get a better insurance rate?

I don’t know. We’re going to have to kind of look at that. Yeah, they’re going to show you how exactly this works here. And you know this video you will be able to take a look at on your own. Yeah, and and kind of walk through it, but

It’s good to be aware of, you know, different components like

That. Yeah, because I saw it and I was like, Oh, that’s Peck’s plumbing. And they’re like, No, it’s not. It’s like way better. And he was very specific with me on it, not being picked.

If any of you are going on any new construction appointments, I would bring this up and ask them, Are you? What kind of plumbing are you guys using? What kind of plumbing fixtures? Mm hmm. Think it would be interesting to know if anybody is using that here?

Yeah, that’s really cool. Yeah. So it would be something that I would be extremely interested in a property for ourselves. If we were doing that at this exact moment, I would probably seriously consider that. Mm hmm. So there you go, a quick overview of it and any other questions on that show.

I don’t have any.  

Ok, thank you for sharing. Yeah, it’s always important to stay on top of the new trends and understand what’s going on, and it seems like it’s not a big deal. But all of a sudden, if you let some of these technologies pass you by or you don’t know why they’re going on or what’s happening in new construction, then it’s an issue.

Do you think the PVCs, how big and this is so small, so when you’re replacing even could be a lot less invasive? I don’t know, just thinking.

And because of that, it makes it much easier because it has where it starts at the front of it. You could put on the whole home water softener or water treatment or ionization or pick any one of those words that you want. U.v. and treat your water before it goes all the way through the home. Yeah, that’s awesome.

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