Unlicensed and Newly Licensed – Ok, all right, are you a new or unlicensed agent, an agent considering getting licensed and you’re thinking to yourself like, hey, there’s a long journey here and I’m starting to go through taking the test, taking the courses and considering real estate?

Well, I want to say, if you’re new or unlicensed and you’re considering that and you’re on TNT, then that’s pretty impressive, right?

Unlicensed and Newly Licensed

That would be a great first step. And if you are not currently here, what I’m saying is that our agents or anyone that is currently watching can invite others to watch TNT. So that’s the thing. It creates a routine and a habit for you and gives you some knowledge as you kind of walk through this, your journey. And so we’re here to kind of give and to guide and we have all these historic topics documented. All right.

So if you’re on here, go ahead. And if you care about somebody who is trying to get licensed, then kind of share the link with them and tell them what we do and help grow the show, so to speak. But as well as we do have a new and unlicensed agent meeting on Thursdays of each week. And that’s it, I think, 10:00 Central.

So we have the link and we’ll chat that link. And in fact, I believe it’s already down in the description. So if you scroll past the like button, you’ll see that down in the description. And what we’ll have there is a link that you can join us. So we have a covid meeting schedule, and that’s the way that we’ve been doing things for 20, 21 all year. We have all these topics outlined. And if you would like to join us there.

Absolutely. Please do. Yeah. So this is your personal invite to go ahead and join there. And if you’re an agent, right. That’s watching this and you think somebody else would benefit from it and maybe they’re considering real estate guys, this can be a thing, right?

So everyone knows that when you go take your test, there’s certain things that you have to do to become licensed. Yeah, right. But it’s a little bit easier if you kind of also learn some things as you’re going through that, some real world applications. And that’s what we’re here to kind of instill upon you. Yes, I called you up. That’s cool. All right, so there’s your official invite at the Beltway.

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 2.1.21

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