How to unclog your bathroom tub sink drain

So have you ever used one of these?

I haven’t that had you have because I. Yeah. All right. So it’s kind of all over once this says this is. Yes. This is how to unclog your drain specifically in your tub so it can be a plumber. This is continuing on with our plumbing series.

And it’s like small, simple tips you never want to be a to do had a desire to to get into plumbing. Here’s your first start.

Yeah. So what I’m going to do is we’ll share the screen and we’ll go ahead and show where you can purchase this and how much it is. It’s not a difficult tool in the least to utilize. And if we scroll through some of these pictures here with it for the images on the left, then what we’ll see is how this kind of works. So this is a simple thing. It’s got like these hooks on it. And all you simply do is most of the time, if you have a if you have a tub that has like the drains set pan kit and I say those words, I don’t know.

I don’t know if I said, but anyways, there’s going to be something like this thing that you get underneath. So you look at it like, how do I even lift that? So you take a screwdriver and you jam it in there and you jam this one in the other side if you like, just pop it off and it comes right off. There’s it looks like there’s a can opener inside there and you’re like and it comes right up and then you just take this bad boy, OK?

It’s just a couple of dollars, right? Like you see over there, four bucks. You get two of them and you jam this in there and then you pull it back up and then you get like all this hair and then like, I don’t want to get in like all the other steps that’s like should do it on a video. No, you don’t want to do that. And then I clean around it because, like, the calcium like and then you, like, yank it up and then you kind of like gag a little bit is like what happens next. That’s like step three is a slight gag. I always have the trash can right near me.

I throw it in the trash can and I’m like, oh, that smell like that’s gross. It’s gross and it’s clean, but it’s like gross because it’s been in there and it just like it’s a little weird. And anyways, no more info there and it’s completed and then you’re done, you put the drain back on, you step on it and it’s all covered in total. It takes about three minutes, including the time to go to the garage and get the tools you need.

And when you’re done, if anybody else has that much hair, I mean, my hair is is like fine hair. And I don’t have a whole lot of hair that I think. But the amount of hair that comes out of the drain is disgusting. And I think, how do I even have to have any left? It’s crazy.

So I’ve used the same one over and over again. I just take the hair off it when we’re done and put it away. And it’s a really nice tool. It just for a couple of dollars. It’s a super simple solution to a recurring problem that you have all the time. You don’t need to call a plumber. You don’t need to do any one of those things. You just need to know how to do it yourself. And you can utilize this. Yeah. And let your wife take care of it herself. She’s totally fine. No, it’s not a problem in the least that will be very happy to take care of it. But just knowing a couple of things is what we’re trying to do each day.

If we give you just a couple of new skills that is slightly outside your comfort zone, then you learn that if you called a plumber, right, for just something that simple cost you two hundred dollars, two hundred dollars, probably by the time you have a service call and then doing everything, I would say that’s what they would charge you. Yeah. So we chatted in that link to you and so you can grab it for yourself if you would like. Now you kind of know how that works and the same concept works in different applications.

The most logical one to get clogged up is going to be the shower, probably that’s use the most in the primary bathroom. OK, so thank you guys for that topic. I hope you enjoyed it. Chat in. Right now we have other plumbing topics that you would want covered as part of our plumbing series is we’re working through them. This is one part of a larger series that we’ve been rolling through, and I hope that you’ve enjoyed it as an agent and gain some knowledge for you.

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