Twin Motion for Real Estate Developments – Hey there, Mike Acquisto, real estate broker and co-owner of Acquisto Real Estate twin motion for real estate developments. What what is that all about? Well, so what it is, is it’s a virtual reality kind of world that blends what’s going on in real life with pictures, with videos, with things that are going to be created.

So we’re going to discuss that right now. The top couple of things we’re going to show is that it blends the hybrid of the real world and the virtual world to show us in a better way what’s going on. Then the next thing it allows us to do is to tell a story so that we can easily understand exactly what’s going to take place. We’re going to look at that in just a moment.

And then you can go into presentation mode and you can really see what’s going to go on here. So we’re going to go ahead and take just a second and split the screen and show off what we’re talking about. Thank you, producer Omkar. And let’s take a look.

We’re going to chat in the link directly to this website so you can see this. We’ll have all those links down below in the description. So if you scroll on down and you go to the description, you’re going to see each of those different items. You can click right on there while you go by just like hammer on that like button. We do appreciate that chat in some different things that you want us to talk about and we’ll get to them in the near future. But now we’ll go back to Twin Motion. So these are different case studies that go along with it.

And maybe if we take a look here and we’ll have Omkar scroll down, he’s going to have the opportunity to click on some videos and kind of go through this and see what’s going on. So there’s some amazing stuff that’s able to be going on here. And I’m going to go ahead and be more than 50 years and mute the volume. But we can go ahead and play the video itself and let people see what’s going on in the background here. And as this is going on, you’ll start to see how this brings all the stuff together of the real world and virtual.

So some of these things are real and some are getting created like these different pictures that are shown here are actually a lot of them are 3D designs that are actually implemented and they’re taking and showing what it looks like in the real world and the model and how these things come together and what it can really look like. So it’s giving you more of an idea of what it looks like, how it functions, what wind patterns are like, what traffic patterns are like, and allows you to kind of see what’s going on at a particular property.

So to me, it’s really super cool. You’re able to see like he’s doing here at different times of day what it looks like with light, what it looks like outdoors, what it looks like in the summer. In the winter, it’s sunset at sunrise that you’re able to see all these different effects on the building.

So what if you’re undergoing a change yourself at your property and you’re going through and you’re putting in a new pool and you’re spending a bunch of money and you’re making these changes? Right. If you want it to look great and you want to take all these different variables in and see what’s it going to be, you know, there’s a lot of times that we finish these expensive remodels and we look at it and say, wow, they put a lot of time in, bought the execution, not so much. So sometimes that it takes it helps out a little bit if we utilize something like this.

So this is something that’s used primarily in large scale developments. But as anything goes, you know, there is a time when everything started like that where it started at the top of the most expensive things to be done. But then it all trickles down. Right. So Ronald Reagan showed us that trickle down economics does work. And we see here that trickle down design work will also happen.

I don’t know if that’s true or not, but regardless, I did say it. So we’re committed to it and we’ll stick with it and move on. So this video here, if this doesn’t get you excited from a design perspective, if it doesn’t allow you to see something that’s just a little bit new, different and unique, then, you know, I’m not sure. But this helps people visualize what’s going on.

It’s like I said, blending the hybrid, a business of real and virtual in, allows you to see what’s going on and what could potentially go on. It helps you tell the story and it gives you a great presentation that goes on to say, what is this going to look like when I’m done?

It allows you to go ahead and make that investment that you’ve kind of thought about. If you’re going to be making the addition, if you’re going to buy that extra acreage next to you, if you’re going to do one of those things, this is one of those important softwares to kind of know is there if you need any more information on it, again, that links down to the description. I think we kind of covered it really well. And that’s going to segment perfectly into our next topic. So you’re going to want to stay tuned for that one as well.

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 4.15.21

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