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TREPAC supported candidates, if you’re interested to find out who the realtors are supporting, then we’re going to show you, so we’re going to go to the website Texas realtor support. This is not who we support, this is who they support and it will show you all the details on it. So we’re going to pull up that website right now.

We should all be voting. We’re in the primary elections now. Early voting ends today and then the regular election or voting is Tuesday.

So over here on this the website Texas realtor support. Yep, this is the page where it’ll show you who is supported by that by the Texas realtors. All of us, as realtors should be voting and doing our due diligence on behalf of property owners, right? We’re all property owners. We should be understanding who these candidates are, who they stand for. Ok, I’m not political by nature.

I don’t really like to get in the weeds of all of it. But I do know that our our PAC, the Texas Real Estate Political Action Committee Tree PAC, they take on this role for us. So what they do is they interview candidates. They understand who’s really for or against values that we stand for as realtors that protect property owner rights.

And they go through all that and then they let us know who you know are supporting candidates are so that you guys can go to the polls and vote for whoever you want. But this is a way that you can understand that some people that have been vetted and who they support.

So these are the supported candidates here locally for this zip code. If you are voting Republican and if you’re voting Democrat, I don’t know. Maybe we have an error when we look this up, but it doesn’t return any results here,

So well, it does. Oh, that’s weird.

So maybe we would have to go do a different search. All candidates you’re putting in as a populist? Well, I know. But is there no Democrats running in this zip code that are supported? So I don’t know enough about it. I haven’t done the research.

They also have that hot list that shows all the hot races that they think have a runoff election.

Ok. And then we have all candidates, so they are all here and we can do some research on them independently. And then your personal guide, if you do your own due diligence, you guys, and you know, that doesn’t mean that’s who you have to vote for.

But this makes it kind of just understanding that they you know that our our PAC is going through and interviewing candidates and really diving in to understand who these people are.

So and we have a libertarian in the house who’s making her voice heard on her political stances. So we value that she says that she can’t vote in the primaries because it disqualifies her from participating in the libertarian convention, where the true proponents. That’s interesting. There you go. Thank you for chatting in there, Rachel Lester.

And that’s why Rachel Wester, you should be involved.

Yes. That’s awesome. Ok. There you go. There you go. If you want to print that out and bring it with you, I don’t actually know the rules. Does anyone know? Can you bring that in with you if you print it out?

I don’t think you can bring anything in.

I don’t know. It’s weird. Like, I want to know who to vote for. Like, I had to memorize this list.

Like, I don’t know, does anybody know if you can bring that in? You get in there and it’s there’s a lot and you might forget.

Yeah, get in now if you know if you can technically bring something in with you. So you go there.

One thing to check, you guys, is there’s there was some redistricting this year, so our district actually changed a little bit. The borders of our area changed. So you know who you think you might be voting for may not be in your district, so make sure you double check that.

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