TREC’s New HOA Website is launched!

That’s Shana Acquisto, she’s a luxury real estate broker in track as a new hire web site that just launched. We’re going to show that off, give you the link to it and split the screen and do it. So let’s chat that link in and get started on car, sir.

So as we know last year. Well, actually, it’s still this year. The legislative session made a change to the requirements for the highways to create more transparency, which I love. So when an H.R. way amends or creates a new website, they are required to now file their resale certificates with this website.

And so Track has created this website, and we’re going to pull it up right now. So you guys might want to save it, and this is how you can search for the management certificates.

So just know it is going to take some time for things for these to get uploaded in their truck does not regulate highways. Let’s just make that clear.

But what we’re going to do, what you’re going to be able to do here is search for the highway and then hopefully be able to get the certificates and information you need prior to making an offer. So I think this is going to be really good. So any highway that creates a new website or amends their information must file it with the county, which then gets uploaded here. They have to upload it here.

So if they make a change, they have until June of next year to get it filed and uploaded. So that’s what I mean by it could take a little bit of time to see it here. But over time, this is going to create a lot of transparency and help us out. This has been a huge issue for us.

You know, a lot of unknowns and they kind of sneak in some of these capital improvement fees and things that, you know, kind of, in my opinion, kind of getting around. It’s kind of sneaky because people don’t know to ask or to know about those things. So I think this is going to be good.

All right. So that is there and it is up and we will link it, if you could. Anna, put this in the agent portal so they can get to it directly and put it under there.

So if it’s not, if you search for the hire and it’s not there, don’t think, Oh, well, I don’t need to keep searching further. You do. So I would say just keep doing what you were doing this current year until probably over the next year. Twenty twenty two.

And then maybe we’ll start to see things be more updated and and that’ll be a better resource. But you can check there first. And if you don’t see it, then we have to, you know, dig a little deeper, OK?

And I saw there was only there was two hundred and eighty one, I think, currently in the state. Mm hmm. And so I think there’s going to be a lot more of those that need to go up until it’s a viable resource for us to truly utilize.

Right now, they’re trying to collect the information, right? So that’s where that stands. Ok, thank you, guys.

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Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 12.28.21

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