Traveling Real Estate Broker

Today’s real estate Word of the Day is traveling real estate broker. So we’re going to define it. Then we’re going to use it in a sentence and then we’ll speak about it for just a moment. Go ahead Shana, travelling real estate broker, a little estate broker is licensed in multiple states and travels to with their high end clients to other locations to transact real estate. They must be competent in the diverse components of multiple markets to accomplish this with the trust of their clients.

Very good. Thank you for the definition. And then we’re going to go ahead and use that word in a sentence. Shana,  Acquisto is a high end traveling real estate broker with her premium plans. And then to go ahead and discuss that. Shana, it has been a great experience for you. Oh, my goodness. Yes, it’s been very eye opening. I’ve met a lot of different agents understanding a lot of different personalities, how the market is completely different.

But, you know, our client lives here now and he meets a lot of different people that are from developers to real estate brokers, lots of people. Right. It’s a small town and he still is loyal to us and wants us here all the time. So, you know, these relationships matter. And when you develop a trust with someone, I think the sky’s the limit. Right. And if someone trusts you, then, you know, that doesn’t go away.

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 5.27.21

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