Will Travel for Real Estate basics- I’m Mike I’m Shana and we’re real estate brokers and we will travel for real estate. That’s a crazy statement, isn’t it? Yeah.

We you know, we put our mind to this a few years ago. Tell me more.

When we we took my dad to Hawaii before he passed away and I was like, man, this would be kind of cool. If we can incorporate real estate, you know, when we travel, how can we travel and work? Yeah. And combine it all right. Yeah. And so we went and did a visited a few open houses and, you know, got to meet a few people and we did just kind of started it.

So, you know, going kind of something to think about is if you put your mind to something, think about what you want to do. And this is a good time of year to do that in January when you’re kind of, you know, talking about what you what you want to do for the year and you’re making your plans. But if you put your mind to something, you can do it.
If you can dream it, you can do it. You can.

So, you know, we had that in our mind and we went there and did that and then and just talking with other people saying, you know, we would love to do this. And it just led to us now being in Montana.

Travel for Real Estate basics

So there are some requirements. So, ladies and gentlemen, I’m to go over what we kind of set up as our general framework and give you some thoughts about how that went along and hit some high points for you. So if you want to travel for real estate and you’re a normal agent and you’re like, hey, let’s do this and you’re going to start buying and you probably have some money set aside because it’s expensive.

We had a little money set aside and it wasn’t enough.  

So five million dollars is the number that I believe. No, not how much money you have to have set aside as an agent. Good thing. But that’s about the price point that you make to where it makes sense, where you as an agent are going to be traveling to. So because you might not be licensed there, you might be called brokering a deal, you might be sharing it starting right.

Or went in, you know, just you build these relationships with your clients. So you go there and you’re the professional, you’ve earned their trust and you can start meeting other real estate professionals and get them into the right hands. So that’s one option. And then just do it as a you know, as a referral type DNA.

No, you can put your toe in the water and there’s ways to figure it out. So let’s let’s just hit the high points here, OK? So it’s going to take a lot of effort, OK?

It’s going to take a lot of learning and it’s going to take a lot longer than normal for you.

Those are all true facts. It will be expensive. The first deal may not profitable. Yeah. Yeah, right. So the first deal you might not make a ton of money on because you’re Cobbora co brokering it, you’re getting licensed, you’re traveling more. There’s some items to that now, right. During a pandemic, you can take state tests from home. Well, your home state at least we are travel also get tested. Yes. You have to be competent to be able to have a transfer to do that. So it is going to take a lot of time, energy and effort to do research for your learning. I would say it’s exciting.

It is very exciting and I think it is very educational, educational think it’s that it makes you a better agent.

It does make you a much better agent, more well-rounded. You learn quite a bit more. And it’s definitely challenging. Right. So there’s there’s some items to it, but it is potentially amazing for you. So if it is good for us, it is good for you. Yeah. And if you would like to travel and you have some deals coming up soon, maybe give us a little bit of lead time whether you want to come to an island like this one or an island that we just spoke about, that you could be selling yourself. Hmm. Don’t sell yourself short, you know.

That’s right. We’ve had we have Martha and Melissa, who both had and mentioned that they have people all around that we’re looking to do things and they, you know, how can they do it or are they in the island back here?

I think they’re swimming. They’re swimming right now. That’s where they are. There’s no car. That’s for Nielson’s. People are paddleboard. Maybe they’re paddleboarding on the paddleboard. Hey, are you over there? All right. Well, they should come ashore and then we can talk about real estate. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Very good. That’s exciting.

I’m glad that everybody is is all excited about traveling for real estate, but please realize that you probably don’t want to travel for small transactions. Now, let’s talk down first. You don’t want to you don’t like overcommit yourself and then you’re you’re losing focus on what you have right here.

That’s important. Correct. Is your base awesome?

Yeah, that’s good email, Sean, if you have any questions. That’s right. It’s about. Crazy market conditions going on right now. Alert, alert, alert, alert. So we are real estate brokers who are out of the beach. Yeah, no, no more beach.

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 1.29.21

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