Toyota 2030

Toyota, 2030. And what’s going on there with their EV cars and what their move is? How does that affect us here in real estate? And what does this mean for us locally so that the world headquarters for Toyota is actually in Plano? Yes, super close to us, right?

So we need to be following what they’re doing. They’re one of the world’s leading manufacturers of automobiles, and they have some new targets that they came out with. So Shana, we’re going to split the screen and share this information and discuss how it affects us within real estate.

Ok. So Toyota sets a global sales target for three point five million electric vehicles by 2030, and I believe that it’s approximately 40 percent, if I’m not mistaken. Of all of their total vehicle sales, they want to be EV by that time frame. That’s a long that’s a lot of cars in a short amount of time.

Right. All vehicles will end up.

Well, there, so we’ll talk about all this, yeah, very quickly. So they are investing $7 billion in U.S. dollars right into this to make sure that this happens, there’s a lot of work that needs to go into it, and that’s a big direction when you start moving a tide and turning a ship of that size.

We were just talking about Samsung coming to Dallas or to Austin, and they’re investing 17 billion into this huge chip plant. Well, this is Toyota investing $70 billion to retool and move towards that. It’s a huge, huge ocean liner as they start to make this turn. And from a real estate perspective.

Is our power grid ready to handle this? Is this actually a good move? Can we do this? How is this going to work? If all of a sudden all our cars are electric and we’re getting our power, our our gas in a different way if we don’t go to the pump and fill it up?

Then what do we do if people live a little bit further away? What’s is their infrastructure to actually support people being able to take these cars on a longer, longer road trip? Can you go past downtown?

Yes, with this, Susan and I had this conversation yesterday. They have a Tesla and yeah, they have an app and it shows where the stations are. But they they drove, I think, to Galveston in their Tesla and they were able to map out. I mean, that was my question. Always they were able to map out where the stations were, but there’s quite a few now and it’s free.

Well, no. So that that depends depends on when you bought into the the thing and what chargers you can use. And there’s different chargers. So Tesla has a proprietary charger.

And so I don’t know which one Toyota is on, but there’s different chargers that need to go in all over the place and imagine how many gas stations you have right now where you can fill up. Ok, but think about all the gas stations and all the pumps you know of. Uh huh. Ok. They’re like often on two corners of each other

A lot of times, and then they each have like 10 pumps, right?

Or more?

Yeah. All right. And now think to yourself, where is the nearest charging station to me for your particular brand? Imagine that there now needs to be two different types of charging. Right? Yeah. Isn’t it crazy? Yeah. How far they would have to come before you could drive in and fill up and be good to go?

A lot of it’s a big deal, a lot of strain, a lot of stress because it’s also going to bring employees and people. And yeah, I mean,

As we continue to grow, I think we might become a real problem for us. 

But there’s a lot of big changes going on to our world right now, and some of them have big impacts on real estate and people are going to do things differently. Sure. So I see things changing dramatically as far as as far as power grids go and what’s going on with the internet.

There’s a they’re all interconnected guys. They really are. Yeah. All right. So now you’re just a little bit more familiar and our ideas to bring you just a few topics every single day that matter to you and your real estate career that when somebody says something, you have a great way to combat whatever that is and have a good discussion.

Because if you’re included and informed on current events that do have to do with real estate, then you can have great conversations. If you don’t know about it, then you totally miss that opportunity when these things come.

I agree it’s all about the connection and with your potential buyer or seller there, you have to have this information. It may not directly intersect with real estate at the time, but. This particular topic does, and as long as you can discuss that and just have a conversation and use it to connect with someone, you know.

Yeah, we’re always trying to give you ancillary things that pull people in to talk about real estate. Super hard to say. Do you want to buy or sell a home today? But easier to say, Hey, did you hear what a Tesla? Yup.

Or did you? You have a Toyota. Did you know what’s happening? Did you know that Honda is making a commitment to be completely off of gas combustion engines? I think it’s by 20 50, so they plan on making zero cars with gasoline by 2050. That’s not that long really to be one hundred percent gone.

How old are you guys being? 2050? Just think about that for a minute. Yeah, and think how many people will be out there and what changes need to go in to make this all happen? Let’s get out of here, Shana.

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