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Top interior design trends for 2022. Brought to you by this guy, so I’m bringing you some different trends. So I was out on the internet searching, you know, it’s like, let’s talk about this, so I’m typing it in top interior design trends.

Twenty twenty two and Vogue shows up. So the first one we have is going to be from Vogue and then Taylor Morrison. We know some people there.

Yeah, so I also have some trends from them, so we’ll discuss those. I had the links and we’ll chat those in so you guys can see it. But we’ll first start with some of the following.

I got to tell Mike something really quick.

Tell me, but it’s OK. I have no idea what you just said. Ok, I’ll tell you, I didn’t hear you.  

It has to do with this. Ok? She just told me something in my ear to take me completely off track, and I actually don’t. I didn’t even hear what she said. Ok. All right, so let’s go to first item. Ok, you guys know what I said? Go to the first item here and vogue natural items are kind of one of the top things, right?

Nature, open floor plans, browns and mixed styles. So we’re going to go ahead and those out. No, those are in what they are all in, according to Vogue. I know I was totally heavy faux texture on the walls.

Is that in while you’re going to also see, well, keep going down. No, but take a look at the picture, right? So in the picture, we have natural items, right? So we have some browns in here. The floor, you know, looks like there’s a carpet in there and it’s got textures and woven type things.

It seems like the trend is going back to maybe some timeless items, which I really like. You know, we we saw the greys and the whites and these specific colors that I think people will get

Shades of brown are in, right? So I’m gonna go ahead and highlight that shades of brown, our style. I know you just wait long enough and the things come right back. Keep going down. Chocolate brown is back. Ooh, yeah, there you go. And then look at some of these items here. Keep scrolling on down.

We give you a feeling.   Yeah, I maniac burnt. Burnt. Yeah, amber these. This is a darker Pantone that this is I thought this was this home was from, I don’t know, the nineties.

But then if you look, they’re putting different color things in it. So the blue vase gives it a pop of color. So maybe just throw something blue on your wall and off you go. Maybe you brighten it up with a white photo of maybe these rocks. Do they have icing or something that they probably do have a rock collection, nature inspired service and objects? We’re so hip. Keep on going down Omkar.

There’s some more stuff within here, and Sean was talking about textures, right? Yeah, so keep going. You asked about like faux finishes while sculpture and carved furniture and curved furniture. If we keep going down, we’re seeing like these are natural items and Feynman’s leather sofas.

Well, look, Italian plaster. Oh, is back. Yes. Can you believe that

We don’t have that, thankfully, but this is according I think there are some up at the lake.

So have you plug in on the ceiling there?

Oh no, that is really easy, really in style. Well, that’s what Vogue has to say. Let’s get a opinion number two. So they were saying natural items, open floor plans, browns, mixed styles altogether. Item number two is we bring the is going to be Taylor Morrison. Let’s see if we agree more with what they are doing, what they say. So they’re clean and

They mention a word, a phrase right in here. Modern, organic. They kind of hit on all of a sudden at Oh, who’d have thunk it? I’m more into the rustic, modern organic than just straight, modern organic. I just need a little bit of industrial, like the word industrial and modern, Industrial and organic.

They go, No, you just have to make it a little bit more masculine.

Now, stop right here. Here’s a color that I’m hearing. We’ve heard it in Montana. I’ve heard it here, and it’s this forest green. Is that a forest green or is that blue? I’m sorry. Its eyes are,

You know, everyone calls it something different. It’s emerald fog.

Ok, so there is that dark green blue green that I’m saying, and I’m just

Kind of has gray Green that we definitely saw in the nineties mixed with maroon. Ok, so I just I don’t know how I feel about that, but you know, I wasn’t a big gray person either. Well, if we take a look at that antolin real quick, what we’re going to see is that that tan color has been a color for a while.

I think our walls are that. Exactly. And then it looks like you could match it, but the trim has to go to a little bit more gray. E! It looks right. It’s got a tint of blue in that in that white trim. And then you have the blue and the green gray. Blue collar down there, I want to know who comes up with this stuff because they’re probably like, Oh, my home didn’t sell because I still have these colors, I don’t want to paint, so I’m going to push out.

This is the new trend. Like, who comes up with the trends, right? And how do they come about and who puts them together?

All right. So oh yeah, look at some of this stuff that’s maybe a little far out there. Hmm. Let’s go back one slide. We had some

Really good you like the parents had those in their basement.

All right. One more slide back. I saw something there specifically. So I’m really into the the appliances with the alternating color of hand handle. Yeah, I’ve seen a lot of really good stuff there with that, you know, often it’s maybe a rose gold on the handle.

So I like more of the antique gold myself, which I think that’s what that is.

The backsplash going back to Big Tile. So that’s a one by one tile. What we’re seeing on it is it looks like it’s multiple tile within it, right? So it feels like the one specific piece of tile is actually made up of all those smaller things. But based on what I’m seeing, it’s a one by one tile. Very nice and simple.

What other trends do you like, Mike?

Tell us regarding, what trends do you like of these trends? What are your favorites?

I don’t know. I’ve just been talking about it for 15 minutes, which is way too long.

Talk about what your favorites are about mine.

Yeah. What do you? I don’t know specifically. No. I specifically said that I like more of an industrial, modern organic than just a straight organic. I’m sorry about colors. What colors do I like?

Do you like to greens? Do you like the Blues? What do you like? Oh, I don’t. I don’t personally care. I have no opinion whatsoever. Like me personally. Yes, whatever. It doesn’t matter, I’m just talking what the people want. It’s not. This is not about me.

Logan wants to know the popcorn ceilings are coming back.

Yes, they are Logan.  Look through there. I didn’t see popcorn, but you know, could come back.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, thank you guys for talking design trends with us. I don’t specifically have one that I like. Ok. I really don’t. Just like whatever we just I get what you’re saying, Given it to the people.

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