I am going to share my top five favorite organizational items that I have in my household that I think everybody should have in theirs. So let me make myself smaller and show you guys those things.

Top 5 Organizational Items

5. Ok, so number five are I design kitchen beans, a four piece set. You can actually buy lots of different sets on this. Costco has them and I find them super helpful.

I do not have them in my refrigerator. I actually use these for pantry storage. I use them in my linen closet to store different things like soaps and body wash and things that I can see in our medicine cabinet where I can organize our medications and see them and make sure we have all the children’s stuff that we need. Everything. I love these. And they but they work in the refrigerator, too. They are fantastic. I think they’re very well worth having them.

And they just to me, they help being able to look and see everything that you need to be able to organize again. Costco has these I found them also on Amazon and they have all different sets and portions, but I can’t say enough good things. So that is my number five pick.

4. My number four pick is the I line is divided lazy Susans. Now there are all sorts of different lazy Susans out there that you can use. These are great. Now I know they sharing prep stuff stored in them. They’re great for the pantry guys.

You stick like your kids granola bars, I mean all this stuff in them and you can have different stuff and it twirls around and it is amazing and nice and a face saver. And we have a super small pantry. So it’s always nice to find good things that can help keep it a little easier and a little more organized.

3. My number three pick oh oh storage containers. You can buy these absolutely. Anywhere. Bed, Bath and Beyond, Container Store, Amazon. I mean, everybody’s got them and you can buy them in around cannisters or square canisters or whatever shapes and sizes you want.

They have everything. And my oldest child likes to cook and bake. She bakes actually more than anything. And these are a life saver with the storage of flowers and sugars and all the little things that she likes to decorate with I and then we can only see what we have. We always know how much of an item we have. And if we need to go to the store and get more or anything, it’s it’s just it’s great. And then it keeps it sealed and it’s got a nice little pop thing.

And I know a lot of people like glass over plastic. Right now with my children, I feel that the plastic is just better. We’ve actually dropped a couple here and there and I was ever so thankful they weren’t glass. So I really highly, highly, highly recommend these for everything.

And cereal. Oh, my gosh. So my youngest is a cereal fanatic and she likes to have two or three different types of cereal open. And that’s why they say good. I mean, they don’t go bad, they stay good. It’s so much easier. And she can for herself without making a huge mess. So it’s it’s fantastic.

2. Ok, my number two pick is the Container Store Elfa, a mesh white eighty inch over the door rack. Now I have a super small pantry. Our house is pantry is tiny and the first thing we bought when we moved in was one of these.

And it actually has been so helpful. You can have different shelves. We bought, I believe, just the kit because it was we could see what was in it. But this Elfa rack right here, the the strip that goes down your door, it’s so easy to hang their products on.

I mean, they make it pretty mindless and you can get a lot of stuff in these. We use them. We use ours tremendously for a lot of different things. But I mean, they don’t do a very good job showing how much storage you can get. But we get a lot of stuff in ours and it makes it so much nicer for just being able to have it there. It gives us a little more room in the pantry.

1. OK, so my number one pick the most you guys have heard me talk about recently is my gift gift storage solution rack. Guys, this was life changing for me this year.

So for those who don’t know, my husband is a foot and a half taller than I am. I’m five three on a good day and Larry is six six, so actually not  a foot and a half, but he’s he’s a little taller than me. So when he would put up our wrapping paper, it was in a container and he would put it on a top shelf in our closet.

And any time I had to get it out, I would have to get the ladder out and I would have to crawl up the ladder and I have to get it down.

And then I never knew what we had. Like this year at Christmas, we had no clue what kind of wrapping stuff we had or didn’t have.

And so here we were wrapping gifts and we had like we had no gift bags. We didn’t even know we did so.

And we wrapped Last minute this year just because everybody’s home all the time and it made it a little more challenging. So and guys, the thing I purchased it, it is life changing. I installed one on the back of our hall closet door. Again, our hall closet doesn’t get used other than coats.

And I think our vacuum’s in there and a couple other things. But this I put it on my door. I put all of our stuff in it. I can see exactly what we have and don’t have. This was game changing for me and probably my most favorite organizational purchase I have ever made.

But it’s I, I can’t say enough. I was speechless because I love this thing so much. So anything you purchase from the Container Store, I will say it’s an investment, but I find that a lot of their products are well worth it because they are easy to put together and they work really well together.

But if you guys ever need to talk about organization, I love it and I’m happy to talk about it any time. I hope everybody has a fabulous day.

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