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Well, that was producer Omkar who did that is well, crunch sound. Yeah. So that was pretty good. And so that was about to hit the bell and hitting the like and doing each of those different things. And that’s super super important. Right. So we need to go ahead and be able to do that each time. And those things are important for us. We actually are experiencing a technical difficulty now. Omkar went away. I’m not sure what I went on the screen so I can just talk to him on the phone and I’ll talk through these issues here. But what is important on TNT and how you can help is it’s important that you hit the bell. So there’s a bell down there.

If you hit the bell, that helps if you commit.

That helps if every time you’re on you like it, that definitely helps each of these different interactions imply that people are excited about it. And then what happens is this channel gets pushed to more and more and more people and it starts to get more traction. So the more you interact, the more the average person comments. So the more comments per viewer, the better. Right. So go ahead and type in things. We will interact with you so that we can we can do those things if you share it even better. So we’re totally fine with inviting other agents on to the channel from other places. If you see an agent at a different firm would benefit from it, that’s totally fine. Go ahead and hit the share button directly from here and help us grow the channel and have them subscribe. And they can do that. So if you have not yet, go ahead and share or go ahead and type of comment in. So if you can see the screen now and you can understand what’s going on and you know what you’re supposed to do, then just type of comment. And for me, this is a test. Yeah, well, it’s like kind of one of those things. Have you actually followed the feed yet?

Ok, that’s good. So Shana follows.

I’m normally logged in to all of the YouTube Vimeo and. All right, very good. All right. So go ahead and comment.

If you guys kind of see what’s going on here, type that right into the YouTube chat. That is definitely beneficial. And hit the bell.

Give us a like drop a comment or share some comment. How do you drop it? No, you don’t do it like that. You just type it in. Right. And then there’s something there that’s going on. So because I don’t like that like. Drop me a line, you don’t like to drop things. All right, well, don’t that to shows.

Yeah. So comments are always very, very good and they are super helpful. Right. So we have some comments here. Howdy! We can see you both.

Hey, that’s nice. Howdy. It’s got to be Susan. No, it’s not Susan. It’s not. There’s another howdy.

Yeah, there’s a hey, if you’re an egg right now anyways. So thank you guys for that. Natural gas, not propane with a generator, says Stacey. So things I tormenting her. We appreciate that. Thumbs down. So that’s not a good thing. So if you’re actually don’t like what Mike is saying, because you’ll always pretty much agree with what Sean is doing, try not to thumbs down me by using that action. But if rather you go ahead and just type it in the comment, that would actually be sign a text.

Yeah, something like a direct no, but like not when I’m on the air. That doesn’t necessarily help want it to be interactive. The more interactive, the better. The more things you do, the better. So during the scene, switchers will do that will try to remind you each time when you see that every single episode that will help us and it helps us grow the show. So just go ahead and share this with anybody who can. We want to get more followers each time we want Google and YouTube to reward us for the content we’re putting out there. And we want to continue to grow this so we can get more clients. And so that’s kind of the whole idea there. So thank you guys very much for that. And we are now at the time.

So what we might need to do is have Sean go ahead and hit the button and we will get out of here. That topic is now closed.

All right, and to our summary, we just lost Sean. Sean is out. She’s moving on and she has a zoom call here that starts right at 9:00. Oh, are you back? Are you really gone? Oh, she tricked you. She’s actually back. Get here, Mike. On his own call. They can. Yeah. All right. It was great. Did they enjoy themselves? I’m not sure. Are you not sure? Probably. All right. Well, Shawna, anything else you want to add today? Are you ready to just move on? I’m ready to move on. Ready to move on. All right. Make it a great day. Can’t stop. Won’t stop Wednesday. You know exactly what to do on this video, and you can help us out. Thank you guys very much. Look forward to seeing you guys soon and let us know which one you like more. Maybe this is an opportunity to chat. And do you like old cars, hair more, or are you all about the new facial hair?

So, oh, man, I know I should be at, like, the election. Yeah, I know it could be. Well, Chat in let us know what you like better. Ladies and gentlemen, that’s going to conclude it for today.

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