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Hey there, TNT Guest Fridays are back. We’ve been teasing you all with some guests. Yes. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to come back live with them. We feel that we’re close enough past all of this stuff here and we’re able to have them back. So you can be here with us sitting right there. Right. And getting interviewed by Shana right there or maybe by never know. Right.

So she is Shana Acquisto. And I’m Mike Acquisto, where luxury real estate brokers together. And we were on Acquisto Real Estate. And what we want to do is offer for you to come on and be a guest with us to discuss real estate topics, typically three different ones, all in a nice, clean, concise format so that we can go over them together. We would have you show up early. We will have topics that we go over kind of in advance and put them together. So these three separate topics, we’ll have like mini sub topics under them and put them back together. We’ll be starting this in June. How’s that sound to you?

That sounds amazing. Very good. I love it. I think it gives, you know, just gives a little different perspective. And, you know, someone brings something else new to the table.

It’s great. We’ll be doing these pictures, photos, all types of things and will be doing a lot of video work right here. Right. And it’ll be a good experience. So if you’d like to be on and it sounds right to, you can go ahead and email me. Yeah, me personally. I’d like that. . Don’t forget to see I don’t want people to buy those. Don’t forget it. And then you can email me like, hey, I’d like to be a guest. Yeah. So who should be a guest.

Well, for example, we had Dr. Blake Bennett. I’m recently talking about all things agriculture and exemptions and things like that, which is really good. We’ve had guests such as, you know, I mean, think outside the

Box a little bit. We’ve had former athletes on how they had to travel. They had to go to the top of their profession. And we talked about that. We had on early Latham. He got a patent and now got to the top of his field and what it took to get there. So, like, motivational, inspirational, the beekeeper, totally a different thing because that’s what ag exemptions and things he has to do there.

You know what I found when you can speak about something that’s totally kind of not related to real estate that you think of at the time, it ties in some way, shape or form to real estate and people. It’s something that they’re not hearing all the time that sticks. Right. So people talk all the time about and ask us about the bees. Remember when you all had the bees and the bee, you know, you had a guest on and, you know, bees chased them down the street? Yes, we remember that. And that was interesting.

So if you’re a lender, another agent, if you’re in a different market and you’re traveling to this area, then we’ll have you. All right. Yeah. If you happen to be in insurance, if you’re in title, if you’re a home builder, if you’re a pool builder, if you’re a roofer, if you’re a country like whatever it happens to be, if you have a a race car driver,

That would be really interesting. You know, especially if they’re good or bad, like maybe they need a career change and then they’re looking to become a real estate agent. Right. So whatever it happens to be, we’re ready to have you on. Here we are. We just want to kind of talk. And so that’s what you should what you should expect is just a good experience, a get interaction back and forth. Will produces all alive. You will be able to stream it out on your platforms.

So what we would encourage is that you have your information ready, your credentials, have your username and password, make sure you have test them and then we’ll simply remain here and we’ll go live simultaneously there as well as right here, OK? Yep. And where to show off? You should show up here to our home office. That will help us out. We’ll give you the address. One five six three one Richwood Drive. Frisco, Texas. San Pedro three five four. Write that down

Letter that you know, an email, nice email that’ll go out to the guests, like with instructions on what to do. So it’s super simple. Very good. And then we have a topic list like we have these topics you have in Denton, like subtopics on which to go over. So that works out for us. We take a couple of pictures when we’re done. So we get like thumbnails and all of those things and where’s it get posted? So we go live on Twitter, Twitch and YouTube. Right. And we talk about real estate related caring. Sharing is caring.

Very good. So that’s the basics behind it. And that will end our segment right now. But you will have something that you can hold on to for a long time. You can share it and have it unique and different experience.

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Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 5.10.21

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