TNT Agent Thursday’s – TNT Thursday, so you as an agent can be a guest on TNT Thursday, so we’re going to start doing that in the very near future. And we would like you as an agent with Acquisto Real Estate to be able to join us. So it’s kind of talk about what you need to do to be able to do that. My name’s Mike Acquisto and I am one of the to host. Normally sitting next to me is the lovely and beautiful Shana Acquisto. She is not here today, so I’m kind of making my way through this on my own.

So if you as an agent would like to be on TNT Thursday, we’ll need to do is give you exactly how this is going to work, like, you know, when to attend and where to be. The goal is to get you some new skills, right. So you can kind of learn something new, experience something and push yourself to be just a touch better. This will also be a live event, just like TNT is the standard one.

So this will be a live event that you as an agent get some experience with. And what we want you to be able to do is to share, share your knowledge, share your experience. How do you qualify for this? So let’s kind of discuss it. This is something where you as an agent will have attended something, have done something achieved, something achieved, a recognition in honor, something large. Right. And then you get to come in on Thursday directly following TNT.

We’re going to take our current string that we have running and then as soon as that ends, will slide the chair over, will transition, and then we’ll add a guest on you’ll be interviewed by either Sharna or myself and we’ll kind of talk through what your topic is. We’ll break it down in the exact same way. And fashion is TNT is on a daily basis. We’ll probably cover three topics or three specific items within it.

So an example of this would be if you attend some type of outside training and you learn something, we would love for you to bring that back directly to us and teach it to everybody. Right. So what we’re going to do is extend this Thursday episode a little bit and the agents can all join us here. We’ll tell them exactly what we’re going to be covering. And then you will be live here with Shana and or myself. Right.

And then we’ll talk through what it happens to be. So with that new training that you might have just achieved, maybe you got a new certification or a class that you attended. Maybe you learn something super nerdy that I would want to talk through with you. Maybe you learned about, like Eskrow best practices for real estate and you’d like, wow, maybe you learned about predictive data analytics and how that can best help you as an agent. I’d be really impressed with that one.

And we’ll probably extend your episode and have you back multiple times. Or you can learn something else, like maybe pricing for seniors or like how to work with first time buyers or you can come up with any one of these different things that you go out and learn. When you do that. We want to make sure that we share this out with everybody. This would be a great opportunity for you to plan, for you to practice, for you to work on your craft.

We always want you to get better as an agent. And this is just another opportunity that we’re going to have here to Acquisto Real Estate. The cost to doing this is going to be zero except your time and your knowledge. So please come prepared and then we’ll walk right through it. We’ll sit down here. We’ll have to be comfortable, as comfortable as you can be in front of a camera, that is. And then we’ll have a session. Right. And then we’ll all be off and running.

So this is a way that we are going to recognize our agents for their hard work, for their dedication to their craft getting better every single day. This will help build your repertoire in your catalog of videos. You’ll get some pictures from it, just like we do during the post show. And you’ll get to see kind of behind the scenes, it’ll be nearly identical to a standard TNT session, except it’s just going to be you and us and we’ll be having a TNT session with you as the agent.

OK, if that sounds good to you, more details will be coming out. But it is a way for us to encourage you to continue to be great and to learn and to attend events as you do that will have you on. We’ll get this all schedule. Look for more details to come in the very near future. But please just get very excited about it.

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Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 5.3.21

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