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All right, buyers, agents, key word here is make it easy to accept no. Yeah, I know, right. Some of the top most successful buyers, agents, I mean, they really put a bow on everything. And I’ll give you an example, A, we’ve already talked about fool proof client. Right. And if they’re making cash offers on a property, just have that bank statement ready.

So when you send it to a listing agent, you’re like, hey, we’re buttoned up, ready to close. Here’s the bank statement. They got the money or they’re fully approved. They’re already went through underwriting. Let’s do this, OK? You’ve got a lender on your team, on your referral team. That’s rock and roll and just shoot him a text message of the property address. We’re going to appraisal waivers.

You got a good client and a good property. There’s a 50 50 chance you’re going to get a waiver. I know that I called many listing agents in the last six months and said, hey, clients will be approved. We’ve been through underwriting their incomes covid proof. I’ve already verified that they’re not having fluctuating. And on top of that, we got an appraisal waiver on your property.

So if you accept my client’s offer, we don’t have to do an appraisal. Well, that just removes substantial risk from the listing agent and their client, so that increases the strength of the offer without making your client pay more for the home. All right. So that’s that’s a great, great opportunity. Appraisal waivers are happening more frequently for really good clients.

I highly recommend you if you engage with your lender and your insurance guy or gal more frequently now than you ever have before. Shoot them a tax. Hey, this is the property we’re thinking about looking. It’s a great, great tool to help you increase the likelihood of being accepted because it’s competitive right now.

And I didn’t even know that it existed just from where I’m sitting as an insurance agent and a previous home buyer. Maybe let your clients know that’s the thing. That’s I mean, that’s huge.

Yeah. Yeah. So appraisal waivers depend really on two things. Strength of the client and then comparables for the property. Right. So if my client’s the best client, the whole world and I buy a property that’s one hundred acres at the middle of nowhere, probably not going to get a waiver versus if I buy a property and a one hundred unit subdivision where there are sales every two or three months, that’s continuously you know, there’s a lot of comparables.

My clients, a good client, seven plus FICO, five plus percent down conventional. I’m probably going to get a waiver. So no promises, but it’s worth the 10 seconds of text. Text the lender. I love the appraisal waivers. Clients love them. It saves it saves your clients. Six hundred dollars and a lot of stress. Right, because the end of day and appraisals and opinion, it’s an opinion of value. So not required. I would recommend an inspection much more than recommended appraisal.

That’s a phone call that I want to get from my real estate agent. Hey, like your super awesome. Not going to require an appraisal or underwrite.

So huge fan of that. Do that. Last but not least, one of the things that sets Acquisto Real Estate apart from other brokerages in the area is the quality of your service. And also you guys have a lot of listings that are in-house. Kim,Hannah, Susan, Shauna, really leverage that strength as the market becomes more and more competitive.

And you have listings that, you know are coming down the pipeline. Share those with your team, share them with your team, because we had multiple clients in November and December who before the houses on the market or just came on the market from another agent in the brokerage, that’s the only reason they knew about it.

So when I talk to clients, I say, you’re very fortunate to be working with Susan. I know it’s a hot market and Susan’s wonderful, but Susan also has access to a lot of listings before they come on the market because her brokerage is so influential and they have a lot of volume. So that’s a huge strength you guys have. I work with a lot of other big teams that have that strength as well. But this is a great opportunity for you guys to communicate that value to your clients.

Missing any anything that I’m missing on buyer’s agents, I know you talk about influentially, think about all the parties and events and things that we do or that that the Christo’s put together, and that just kind of helps the outreach and think about how many people we see there that are in that, quote unquote ecosystem that you all have access. I think it’s a lot bigger than a lot of people or that even you guys give it credit for.

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