This & That Receives National Recognition – Hello there. That’s Shana Acquisto, luxury real estate broker with Acquisto Real Estate.

This is Michael Acquisto, TNT host. And how many episodes? Yeah, five hundred and sixty episodes now. And let’s review this in that program you’re on right now receives national or worldwide recognition as a top twenty five real estate blog. That’s kind of cool, so let’s go over what that kind of means. We were actually voted into the Top 25 world wide submitted and accepted there, and there’s tons of real estate blogs, Internet voted the top boutique broker on the list.

So we were the the top one wasn’t a big national firm. And we were above a lot of big national blogs as well. So I think we must be doing a decent job coming up with a unique and unique things. So let’s go ahead and split the screen. Do you know and show us off Is a big deal, right?

Yeah. So feed spot while proud of us. Right. So it’s been a big deal. Feedspot features. This is number 25 on the list. And if we go ahead and scroll up, one position just above us is Keeping Current Matters. So they charge a big fee to be part of theirs and they’re a nationally recognized firm. A lot of people like to utilize their content and spread it all over the Internet. So you’ll see a lot of that content shared. We’re free and we’re there. So go ahead and scroll up. Just above us is some Japanese company.

Boomtown is number 22. So they’re just above. They were coming for them. We have Century 21 just above that. And let’s continue to go. We have home light. Sothebys International. Wow, wow. The Business Journal, Seattle Times. This guy here, Glenn Felson, that guy’s really good. I looked at his stuff and I was like, wow, he’s super impressive. I might actually give him a follow. You super good.

Cornell University real estate blog. Maybe that’s where we are right now. So proud. Shout out to Cornell University and Amy Gasparini, also alumni, Forbes,, right, CNBC Real Estate News, New York Times. They beat us and they are dark times. Yeah. What else you got? Real, Redfin, Inman. Wow. Who’s number one. Yeah. Number one is let’s see what do we got. Keller and Zillow. Oh well we got some work to do but we were still voted in the top twenty five so I was super excited about that.

Zillow is impressive.

It’s good company to be so they reviewed and I think they had a couple of hundred on the list and I was like wow that’s pretty good. So we’ve been doing this every day and I want to review it right away because as soon as, as soon as it was awarded, I didn’t want us to drop the rankings and then be able to be like, oh, we’re in the top like one hundred somewhere, but top twenty five, it’s a big deal.

No, it kind of is. And I believe we’re on like five hundred and sixty. Yeah. Episode five hundred and sixty that we’ve done. It’s all broke down into unique unique episodes and then we post it there. So I want to give a thank you to feed spot for featuring us there. We need Kim to come back with balloons and streamers and stuff, all types of stuff.

Yeah, no, it needs to be celebrated, but I would just want to announce it as soon as it happens. Yeah. Yeah, that’s pretty good. So thank you to feed spot. Much appreciated. And the owner of the firm was actually the one that sent the message over to me. So that was really, really nice. We’ll give a link back to them.

A special thank you to Anuj Agarwal , Founder of Feedspot

This & That Receives National Recognition for Top 25 Real Estate Blog Worldwide 4

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Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 4.22.21

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