Wealth is Getting Concentrated in Tech

The world’s wealthiest are getting even more wealthy. So we’re going to discuss that, we’re going to go over the list of the Forbes richest people currently.

We’re going to show trends between where they were in the past and where they are now. I kind of like how this page showed the graph of the gains and showed you how powerful these people are becoming and with their power, they have the ability to really influence the real estate market.

If one of these big companies comes to your market, the prices of the homes will dramatically change and they’ll go up dramatically.

So now when that happens, some people are like, Yes, come to my area, I want prosperity and I want this increase and I want that.

And other people are saying, Whoa, stay away from my city because I don’t want prices to go up. The service workers can afford it or we don’t want to be displaced.

There’s a whole conversation about this. So I guess the first thing we should do is go ahead and show the list.

Yes. And this is kind of just looking at this is going to share the screen.

Yeah, he’s going to share the screen for us now.

It just goes to show that anybody could be a billionaire. You guys, I am always first. I would like to know if you know who all the people are on this page.

Mm hmm. And I point out Kim Kardashian, really? Like, do we even know how Kim Kardashian became a billionaire? A billionaire.

I don’t even know how. I don’t know how or why she became a millionaire to start with. Yeah. But anyways, that’s super interesting.

So no, looking at this list? Yeah. No, I don’t know many of these people. I think, well, Bezos is in the middle. I got Musk. I think that’s the Mexico guy slim down there, Carlos Slim.

And then beyond that, I don’t know any of the females. Yeah. And is that a Koch brother in the background? I’m not sure. I don’t know.

And I think the guy in the upper right, a designer out of Paris or France, but I’m not sure. Yeah. So anyways, yeah, well, let’s take a look at the list.

There’s help. Maybe one of you could be the next billionaire could be. Maybe on this page. Ok, so what we’re looking at here first is I want to stop on this graph here and this is Jeff Bezos and his net worth. So he’s one hundred and seventy seven billion dollars and he’s number one straight across these lists.

But I’m going to take the mouse and I’m going to show you a couple of things to where he has changed recently, right? So as we direct around, I don’t know, where’s my mouse? All right, so there we are, mouse, so he was seventy two in 17.

Then one 12. Then one, thirty one, I think there was a divorce in here, if I’m not mistaken. And he gave away, well, I don’t know if whatever the words would be.

Then his wealth was separated. Mm hmm. And so then he went down to here, but then skyrocketed up. So imagine going from one thirteen to one seventy seven.

And what this is showing you is that there’s just been this huge explosion. And how important tech has become and how powerful they are as we start looking at this list.

The whole idea here is an Elon Musk. And then with Elon also, that is a heck of a graph. Mm hmm. Right. I mean, like, no one’s going to be ashamed of having 20 billion, but isn’t one fifty one way better than 20.

So that’s a when you feel like you’ve achieved like, yeah, you know, all right. And then a hundred and fifty Bill Gates next coming in and this guy is dedicated to just giving his money away and he can’t give it away fast. He’s not.

Yeah. So anyways, eighty six billion way back then and now up to one twenty four. So he’s on this trend of just upwards as he’s continuing to give Mark Zuckerberg and his wealth here, exploding from fifty four up to ninety seven.

It’s bizarre that it went down and then maybe he was having some trouble. I’m not sure Facebook was kind of under attack

For a while. Not sure, right? Warren Buffett. And his explosion here, he’s done well recently as well. Larry Ellison, Larry Page So these are Oracle guys and Google guys.

And anyways, so what you’ll start to see is that there’s a lot of wealth at the top specifically related to technology,.

It’s amazing there’s that many billionaires.

The Koch family fortune recently was kind of split up a little bit because one of the brothers passed away and now his wife and their family hasn’t. Mychal Bell’s a former. You like the idea?

Well, look, she went from. Well, yeah, well, I guess because she took over.

I bet, I bet that is her brother. Yeah, I bet the fortune was the same thirty eight point two. They’ve always had like this equal thing. Thirty eight to up to forty six and thirty eight. Yeah.

So what you’re going to see is this money is exactly equal. To go up, yeah, we’re saying equal with each other, that’s good to know. The Gates family is on here with their money as well.

They’ve had it divided up for a long time, so you’ll see the not the gates, but the Wal-Mart family. Is is on the list, the Waltons, I’m here with all the different Waltons.

But the reason I’m showing you this information, ladies and gentlemen, is because when these people decide that they’re going to make a change and they’re going to move people, it really makes a huge, huge difference. Right. So no, it’s definitely not.

And it’s a big deal, so now you can talk about these things, but you can see the big shift that is recently taken place and how wealth is being concentrated in technology.

So you heard most of the FANG stocks there right at the top and the owners of them and the power they’re starting to have.

So and we’ve heard the struggles from Austin to Bozeman, right, that they struggle with, you know, getting help and affordability is a is really a huge issue.

So there’s a lot to go along with that topic.

It sounds great and it’s all exciting. But then you have to think about the people who initially lived there and what’s going on and how that changes and do people have the rights to always live in the same place?

Right, do we want to go after? Yeah. Is it all about capitalism? There’s reasons for both. And we’re just trying to report to keep everybody on top of what’s going on.

And then you can kind of decide, but you’ll be a little bit more informed to have some of these discussions and then you can frame it back to real estate and people will speak about speak with you. Yeah, for sure. Ok. All right. Good enough. Good topic.

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