The lost art of personal notes, Shana, take it away,  

But it is, yes, in a world of chaos and, you know, high tech everything. I think the the handwritten note has been kind of lost. Ok, so last week I received this sweet little note from Rachel.

Ok. And it was so sweet and I I started thinking about it. How often do we really get these

Shout out to Rachel?

Right, yes. It was so sweet, Rachel, and you know, you guys who know me. Yes, it made me tear up, but I was just doing a little research on on this and found that on average, people receive a handwritten note once every seven months.

Wow. So that’s not very often. And I don’t think you want to overdo it with the same person, like if Rachel was sending me these every day, maybe it would lose its effect a little bit. But I think about the way that this made me feel, and this is a lost art.

People are so busy they don’t do this anymore. They don’t take the time to handwrite. You know, a note to someone, so a couple of things I thought we could talk about is how these are actual, powerful tools to your business growth and some tips to write a thoughtful note.

You think it’s kind of common sense, but maybe it’s not so on growing your business. You have to think this is a way that you connect with your past clients or anyone that maybe you’ve done business with in the past, which really makes them feel good.

And I think when people remember the things in life that made them feel good and they’re going to always have you top of mind.

So a couple of things as I would, you know, this has got to be the most inexpensive way to market really. The cost of a stamp, a note, a pen. I mean, it’s super easy, right? But what you get from it, I think, is really a lot.

So you could go and get you some note cards with your logo on them. Have design pickle, create this for you and then send it out and have it printed like stamps. Get you some cool stamps and get yourself.

Let me show you this. So Rachel sent Rachel has this cute stamp that she put on the letter, so I knew I knew who it was from. And maybe you do put something funny on there, like fragile, you know, just, I don’t know, just say, OK, but you can see where this will really grow your business.

It can help you connect with your community, not just clients, but anybody that you’ve done business with. Take the time if you guys are sitting in the carpool line. Waiting on your kids to come out because you won’t let them walk home, you have to pick them up guilty.

You can just sit there and handwrite some notes. Don’t do it at a stoplight or while you’re driving down the road, but there are opportunities there.

You can always find a couple of minutes, and I think that it makes you feel better as a person or you can go out there and do a better job as well.

So I think that let’s bring this back a handwritten note. I challenge you all to to jump on this handwritten bandwagon and and start doing this and see how it how it makes you feel, how it makes others feel and see if anything comes of it.

I don’t know. You have a pen pal.

I haven’t heard from my pen pal, but yes.

How often do you exchange handwritten letters with your pen pal? It’s been a while.

Are you talking about you? Uh, who are you talking about?

No, Sherry, right?

Oh, yes, yes, my dear friend, Sherry, groom and I, we haven’t done it in a while, but we used to do that to each other and it was just simple little things. But you know, it makes you feel so good as the giver and the recipient. Right. So, you know, it was great. So a couple of things on I was thinking about when reading Rachel’s note is how to write a thoughtful note.

So we’ve had a lot of weddings that we’ve been going to recently, and you get these thank you notes and you can tell that they had a pile this high that they had to get out. And they’re just like, Thank you for the obvious. We know what we sent them, right?

But they just say thank you for the towels. We’re glad you are our friends. Period. Ok, that’s very sweet. That’s a handwritten note. It made me feel good, right? But I was thinking how we could take it to the next level. So Rachel wrote some very specific things in here. She didn’t write too much, but she wrote enough where it was very impactful.

So, you know, a couple of things get your cute stationery, right? Avoid stating the obvious Oh, I really like those towels. Being newlyweds, we’re going to put them to good use when we shower all the time, I don’t know. I know that’s inappropriate.

But you see what I’m saying may take it one step further and put something like impactful or meaningful. Kind of avoid just stating the obvious and maybe do something like an aha moment.

Think of something that a memory that you guys have together, something that that reminded you of that client and just do something a little different.

Right? As far as that goes, so I think that, you know, just think about it, be meaningful. All these things, it can grow your business and you know, it’s good for the soul.

You’re welcome. Very nice.

Yeah. I would also say, when you are writing these things to clients, you know, put some things in there like a memory, but also kind of insert some, you know, industry knowledge in there too, like, gosh, I was just in your neighborhood and I can’t believe there’s no homes for sale or you’re lucky you got this home because there’s, you know, now the prices are even higher, just something to throw that in there as well.

So you can incorporate, you know, some industry knowledge as well and show you care and stay top of mind.

All right. So do you have any advice from me, a person with horrible penmanship that looks like if I was writing a letter that it would be a ransom letter to somebody with my penmanship?

I think that’s you, and that’s another thing. I think you should be true to who you are. Think about how you talk to others and don’t change it when you’re writing it, you know it should be the same thing where they can kind of hear you saying these words that you’ve written out, and I can totally do that with Rachel.

Ok? It was really nice. I could just kind of hear her voice speaking to me from this. So this was so awesome and sweet, nice and I loved it.

Thank you. Right. So, yeah, even if your penmanship is awful, maybe you say, Hey, I’m having my wife write this for me because I wanted you to be able to read it. Have your kids do it? I don’t know. That’s what I’ll do, I’ll have my kids handwrite it for me. That sounds perfect. Yeah.

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