Fam Fest 2020 – Day 3

All right, everybody, it is great to see you guys, thanks for joining us. We have a special guest for you guys that we want to introduce you to. His name is Nazmul, and his email address is an easy nazmul@axquistorealestate.com.

And you add a Questa real estate dotcom. And he is the man behind the scenes. He has been doing some tremendous stuff. When you talk about like, hey, we’ve got a tech guy, that’s not actually what we have. We have like the master.

Yeah. And it’s super impressive and we’re very, very excited about it. We’ll chat that in there if anyone needs to get in touch with him directly. He loves when people pull them off task. So go ahead and email them with multiple ideas so often. And I’m sorry I try to keep it on schedule.

Nazmul has joined us quite a while ago and he’s been working diligently full time with us now for for a while. No, I think with his full name. And maybe that gets redirected. I don’t know if Naz goes to him. If so, I’d have to create a group so we don’t create a problem. But anyways, Nazmul and I meet every single Tuesday and Thursday in the morning, but it was every morning for months, really.

You guys were meeting every single morning at seven, seven thirty.

Yeah, we started at seven and then we rolled it back to seven thirty once. We kind of got our groove. But yeah, it’s impressive. He works, he works us time, which is very it’s a very impressive dedication and you want to feel lost in space, sit through so are hard to lose all morning meeting starts first thing bright and early right now at seven thirty. We used to be seven a.m. We rolled it back as we kind of got our groove. Each of our meetings is recorded, documented, all the same types of things as TNT. We now have the transcript for each one that and is helping us out with and we cover different topics. And what we’re basically doing is diLusso, so as a firm was founded to get as high quality talent that could directly help us as Acquisto Real Estate. I talked a little bit about the agents to the agents the other day on this meeting about showing off what? That it was easier to get high quality talent to work for a digital marketing firm than it was to get them to work for Acquisto Real Estate because they don’t want to work for real estate firm. So we wanted to get the best talent we possibly could to work with us.

So diLusso Marketing was formed. Now we do have a desire to grow that long term and make that something that’s even better. So it’s it’s a definitive investment. There’s been a lot of time, energy and effort put in. But the primary client, while we’re trying to perfect everything, is actually Acquisto Real Estate and everything we need. So we’re building out all the different items for our website and for all the technologies to make like all these integrations. And I consistently get pushed in the direction of doing everything correctly and like doing it all the way in and all of those items. So not as is I can see him feverishly opening up like tab after tab to be able to show things off and see what these items are. Right. So I’ll let him continue to open up a couple of tabs and then we’ll show the things off. He uses some amazing stuff called like AMP Technologies and Omkar, why don’t we go ahead and share his screen? And what we’ll do is take a look at some of the things that he’s opening up and we can start to have a conversation, OK?

So it’s not loading up. No problem, I got it. Not a problem in the least. So we’ll go to him talking head plus screen and sonar’s right now.

We’re sharing your screen of what you’re kind of looking at.

And you and I should just start to kind of talk and we can look at some of these items here and and have a good discussion. So let’s start with kind of your background, if you could, sir.

Yeah, OK. Actually, I just added my biography on our website, this family.

So so my video is actually I have completed my B.S. in computer science and engineering in 2005.

I have completed my B.S. in science, computer science and engineering. Very good.

I thought you said PhD and I was like, whoa, we need to stop on that for a second.

Ok, interleukin five. Actually after I started I was very passionate about programming so I didn’t look for any other job in our country. As soon as I completed my bachelor’s degree, I started working on a company as a programmer. Then I saw three companies till 2000 in 2007 and most of this company was based on the outsourcing company and mostly from banks from US Canada. So then actually when in 2007 I started working directly with few banks from us, mainly there was one client from Canada. So it all goes through marketplaces, actually. So I started I as an entrepreneur since 2008 and then wait for. So since then, till now, I work as a team, so I mean team graduates. I actually, you know, mainly with the clients and as I’m program, I hope I was also doing programming and I was engaging my team members on projects, to be honest. Didn’t know I had so many clients. And one of the major is actually when I started at the beginning, maybe within two or three months, I was able to work. Since then I’m working. I was working with them recently, almost like the last two years. Your Moort is a Web application to social, but still, you know, we talk each other connecting with the app.

So let me grab let me grab just one sec, Naz, and I’m going to switch this back. And Shana has got a couple of things to say.

Yeah, I have one question now, does it feel like you’ve been working with us since two thousand seven?  

Actually, I mean, you know, ask you know, all the glass was like, know, this is so but yeah, it’s like a family. So.

So I’m hoping to grow myself with deal with you.

And, you know, it’s it’s like a dream come true after working for two years. Wow.

Well, that’s super high praise on your computer screen. Real quick, could you maybe pull up early or. Some people might not know him, but he’s one of the few people within a semi different industry that I like to call like a super good friend. And he came across just right through work.

And we instantly kind of connected. And he’s like, hey, I’m going to give you something that’s amazing and I’m going to give you the gift of Narz. And really, again, it really, really was in Leo.

And now we text each other back and forth and we communicate and whatever that is. Let me show off the screen here. But I consider Leo and he considers me his brother now. And yeah, like that we’re like we’re super tight. We wanted to bring him with us to do the Grand Canyon hike. And he said, but don’t get cut from this.

No, you won’t get caught. I mean. But what it’s really nice, right? We get along. I have a real admiration for Leo, his brain and for Nozizwe as well. And it’s truly amazing about sharing and being transparent in sharing all of your knowledge and experience so that the knowledge that we have now on the Zoho side and on the integration side is truly impressive and we’ll continue to work in that direction. So there’s a lot of investments that’s been made from our side at the brokerage level to kind of enable these things.

And so now why don’t we show off the screen a little bit more? It’s nice to look at liora, but like only for so long. So, yeah. Well, always got the point there. Well, we’re all. Well, can we zoom back just a little bit. He’s got the same point going on a date tchi that is incredible that he’s Point and Gilmore maybe your twins.

That is amazing. Nice job. There it is. There is the point. It’s amazing. He’s doing the same work, he’s doing the same thing that.

Yeah. No he probably he might have learned that one from me. I don’t, I don’t think so.

Yeah. No that’s my move now. And he’s got the same picture with the Zoho guy that that’s on my Mount Rushmore of business individuals. He’s got that same picture just a little bit lower down on the screen. And so that’s super impressive. There he is. Here’s the man that’s the owner of Soho on the left and Luaus, one of their premium partners and highly reviewed. So there’s that. Let’s go ahead and now get back. Nice. And you can share your screen and show off some of the things that we have been working on. And maybe you show off the diLusso page and kind of what we have there and like the branding. So people see that and they’re familiar with it. And we’ll explain to everybody the the word Delu, so if you go ahead and click on the diLusso stuff and bring up that page, I see you doing doing that. All right here. So those are kind of the coloring that we have behind diLusso. So and then we have a diLusso is an Italian word. Right. And It is Italian for luxurious or elegant or special. So that’s that’s kind of the word there. So we’re dressed we are hoping to continue to do some things that are luxurious and elegant within the real estate market as well, directly through. So that’s kind of a branding that we’re trying to give off. And it’s behind a username and password. So you can’t get access to anything unless you are a member and you get approved to become a new client. So we’re restricting the access right now at this point.


But those meetings go on each morning and on that morning meeting we have, I imagine, gets the privilege to jump on those first thing in the morning. With us, we have Omkar and Naz on those meetings, Captain Dave Thompson, myself and Ana. So we have quite a bit going on and they’re all documented and everything else. So that’s kind of what goes on there. Now, we might want to show off the new website and some of the things that you’re looking at putting together for Acquisto Real Estate.com, and kind of walk us through some of the technologies and what you’re doing and then we’ll talk about like the API and integration things. So just kind of show us what you’re building upon, sir.

Ok. Actually, I have started working with you using this website that is Lucas Ranch, that Dallas. So then I started working on realestatenewstv.com. So I, I just transferred the PBS website to the new one.

And this is due in order to get more privileged, more control on our end so that we can do anything we like, like know after working in this business, what they have done.

That is specifically for real estate.

I have seen the MLS idea and other stuff like our said what was the last place I was under the like you saw people coming to the website then searching their properties. But, you know, in previous said we are not on owning any of the data because everything was going to the third party and then it was coming to us. So I planned to have our data in everything in one place. So I requested my and them to discuss how we can find the actual data. So then we found that it was providing API. So give me just one second here, guys.

I want to hit on some of these points for us and we take it from tech and talk to, like, translate it. So, Doctor.

Yeah. So the translation here is there’s kind of like a real feed that you can get from MLS and NAS has done an amazing job.

So we have the real feed, not like some kind of like fake feed, not a feed that’s going through anybody else, not some plug in, not any one of those things. We’re actually getting all the data. And when I say all, it’s like literally all of it. Yeah. So and we didn’t just do it. So have I. Yeah. No. So yeah. No, like we have all the data coming in right now and it downloads all the time and it’s so that’ll be really good. But now what we also have is not just the data here. So we’ve integrated at the level where we’re getting data from other places as well. So as we join other MLS is and we pass exams and we do those integrations, that data will come down as well. So we’ve started on the download of the Montana stuff. So we’re members there.

And what we’re doing is putting all the data together in collecting as much, Dan, as you have as you can and actually owning it and downloading it is really key because now we can serve it up to others and do it in the way that we want to present it. And as much data is, we collect as many feeds as we put together, gives us more information and more opportunities to continue to be better and continue to be seen. So we want to continue to work on this feed. So I’m going to go ahead now and switch back. So we’ll put up your screen again and maybe we can talk about some of the things that we’ve requested. So what we’ve kind of requested of them a lot. But from a agent standpoint is we asked you to create this site to be made just like Zillow, and we wanted our website to function in an extremely similar way to Zillow, because what Zillow has done is people go there first. Right. And they looked at it and it became like an industry standard. So we wanted to look at how they capture it, what they do, how they present it and what’s going on. Right. So kind of a look in the field that we’re targeting towards the ease of use. And the things that Zillow kind of has are what we’re looking to complete and to to be able to represent. So you’re showing some of the stuff off and I should let you kind of speak now, OK?

So he’s pulling up Zillo here, I think he’s going to show some type of comparison on what he’s doing here. So with all of the data that we’re trying to pull down, we will get more and more fields that we can end up presenting out to people. We talk about all the different things that we’re trying to actually find as well. And so that would be like the way that when you type your actual address in that there’s now a page created for that, for all the properties out there, whether they’re currently on the market or whether they’re not, because there’s a lot of people out there who will type like directions to I want to go to this place, to somebody’s house, and we want to actually create a page for us. Right. So those things will all kind of take place. And we want it to  be able to do that for us. So NASA’s pulling up some additional information and he’s trying to show the comparison between so if you’re trying to pull up Wendy Lane, maybe you would look. So that’s going to be in Lucas’, Texas, not in Plano. So I think we put it in the wrong kind of area and so would be Wendy Lane in Lucas.

So that’s the that’s the city there that you have. You pulled that one up. Right, it was coming up and.

All right, so that’s not theirs, the other one right there. Perfect.

Tonight, you got to it, he just knows it is bad ass Lucas Ranch.com. Now, the purpose behind that website was built with it in mind, and it was to display the property and the agent and allow other people to see not just the property, but the agent and to give notoriety to it to bring in more business. And since then, it definitely has. And we want everybody to have that same experience. So not Samuel, when he built that site in mind, the badass Lucas Ranch, it is very easy to copy and put additional information in that site was designed with kind of a Dotts in mind to be able to display visually something that is tough to describe. Often the larger the home, the more difficult it is to spatially arrange it. So the the dots up at the top were really all about spatially arranging the property so that you could, as a user, click through it and see and understand where you were and compartmentalize everything.

And to me, that was kind of a big leap in in kind of what we were doing. So this these pages are loading up here and these were all built on AMP Technologies and they’re all mobile compatible. And we were extremely happy with that. But now each time that we need to create another one, it only takes us several hours to be able to do that on the back end. So all the hard work was put in up front.

And all we need is you guys to get more listings for multi million dollars and we can easily complete that without much of a challenge in the least. OK, so maybe not as we can go back.

And if you pulled up that Zillow thing and you want to take a look and show some of the things that we’re trying to, to kind of look at their.

Actually, our website is right now, I’m not saying that legacy law, but our plan is to make it look all the controls to look like. So we’ve done that before instead of.

We can if people come and do this, then this, it will be all too populated.  

Well, that’s how things go, right? As soon as you put it on display, then you have challenges with it.

So what happens here is where we’re integrating with with Google Directions and Google Maps. So as you type things in all the addresses will start to show up for us. So we did that difficult API integration. And so now every time that you want to click on something, we’re going to be using the Google Maps platform. And that shows off quite a few things and it does a lot of enhancements with how everything goes and the ease of use.

So it’ll start to have the addresses in here when everything’s all fully done. But that’s just a new thing under current development.

Yeah, and in the future, we will be shown the way it’s working on Zillow and we replace this map with the Google map and you can see the site where you said you the playing the title.

So when we click on this data, then it will also appear on the right place. He’s going to be right now. He’s going to the then on the base. We your description and also we have opportunity to add more features from our programming, but also we have virtual door, other video watch sports. And recently, what we’re trying to do is something tools to show under the bridge.

So those are kind of those things.

Let me take just two seconds and talk for a moment again and take a look here. So faunas. So we went back and we’re not showing the screen currently. So just Sean and I are speaking and we’re trying to explain to everybody to get across these improvements and enhancements we’re making. We’re trying to build them from the ground up and do them all correctly. And it takes time and effort. He’s working on this full time and we have to meet all the time. And it takes an intense amount of effort and energy and capital to actually go ahead and do these things. And so Shawn has been really good to to be behind this whole program to make sure that we’re able to provide that. Now the things that’s going to get you as an agent, because we go back to like, how does this benefit me as an agent? Is the log in that you’ll shortly have Naz maybe on your screen if you could pull up kind of the log in for the portal and see what that agent experience would look like on the search feature and what they’ll have there. And that would help us out and you could show that off. So I’m going to switch over here and show that as he’s doing this. So on a quest, a real estate dotcom, the agent you has log in a username and password with the login credentials. And once you’re able to log in there, he has added all of the agents as users.

And we will authorize that for you guys relatively soon. But you guys have each been created. And so now down here in the log in page, once you log in, are you showing off the users? You showing all the users? OK, so each user kind of has those pages as if you show or you log in. So that’s the log in. And this would be for to register. So this is an individual who’s registering as a client. These things are all linked directly to Zoho now. So we’ll have username and passwords for all of our clients to correctly search on our site. But you as the agent will have a log in and that log in will go to a portal. So maybe you can show off the portal Naz from behind the scenes with the one on the left that has the the good looking. There we go. So this page is exciting to me. So this is where we start to have portal access for you as the agent. And this is where you can go in and see the properties that people have searched and what they’ve done and what they’re what they’re looking at now with having all of the data. That’s a super key point. We’ll be able to do searches that are the same as Ntreis, so we won’t have a separate search.

And Natreis in a separate search for our clients, it’ll all be done directly on the portal and we’ll have access to everything for us as agents. Now, what we can choose to do is restrict and not display everything to the client. So when you do that, that creates opportunities for them to call. You are reasons to engage there so we could restrict certain things that agents would that the client would have access to or people and they set up searches or log ins would access to. But from within, here is where you’ll go ahead and look at these things. Now, NAS is showing off the leads and how they kind of come in and the integrations and what’s going on for our listings and how all of that works behind the scenes. And there’s just so much that’s amazing that’s going on here that this is where you’ll control everything, what we’ve had for such a long time. And I kind of apologize for it, but I but but it’s also part of the growing process is everything was kind of ugly and we needed to kind of change that.

So what’s happening now is there’s a lot of changes that are going on that will now start to look and feel better for you as the agent. And it takes a lot of time to build a behind the scenes stuff so that graphically it can look good. And we need to collect a lot of collateral stuff. We need a lot of videos. We need have pictures. We needed all these things to take place. So it looked better. And now you’re going to have one of these portals that has access to all the information and it’ll link directly to Zoho CRM. You’ll start to control stuff here. The access and how which. Long term, you’ll access the CRM will be right through here, the feels, the data, all the uploads and everything will be done right through this one place. And you as an agent might not have to access CRM hardly at all going forward. Once we have this completed, you’ll just be in one nice, simple place through your log in to to our Web page as an agent. And that’s kind of your new portal or dashboard that you’ll get access to. And that’s where everything kind of will be held. So all those integrations, whether they’re with CRM messaging, client search, all those things will kind of be held right here. So, Nas, it’s a huge deal. No, no, it’s a it’s a big, big project and it’s scalable to like wherever we want to go a long time. And it helps the agents out to be able to have property search better to show and display.

Go ahead, it’s your turn. One thing I just want to mention that one going to mention that as of all the data on our base right now, we have in our at this for almost 12000 properties.

And you can see the difference actually when we have all of the properties on our places that it is going to be noticed in all the search engines. And you can I can show you that right now because we have lots of data.

You can see the. She’s 2600.  

Ok, you are correct, and we’ll see what was before, like on August eight, we have only 800 jobs, right? Right now we have three thousand six hundred in the rankings. So every week when we have that story locally, we are going to get more biased in places like Google and search engines. So anyone who proposes using the address and other important, you’re like a fiscal real estate, real estate or something like that. When we get all of this right in first base, we start getting lots of already traffic on our website.

So give me just one second and let me highlight that. Can you go back to that screen that you were just on? Because I want to highlight that a little bit and go over that. So if we were to, like, maybe blow up that screen and let’s zoom down to that graph that you were just showing me here, that you have that one right there. So this is a type of graph that you love to see as a business owner. And this is how we want all of our traffic to end up being. If you look at it, since twenty nineteen, just went along, went along, went along, and we had minor blips here and there whenever it was a little bit more, but it was never hugely different. And then we bring on cars to start to work with us and then all of a sudden it goes from a line that’s, I don’t know, three hundred to a line that’s like three thousand five hundred. Right. And we’re just we’re just getting into it. So that’s just kind of the tip of the iceberg.

And those are all different places in which we’ll rank for words. So when people start to search for these things, it’ll have a huge, huge impact. And search engine optimization is a longer term play, but it really pays off when the time comes. And so that graph on its own is super, super impressive. And it like it almost brings tears to my eyes to kind of see that. And it’s the same types of things that I think’s going to happen with with what we’re doing on YouTube. And that much traffic means more business for everybody and more exposure for everybody as an agent and better tools and a lot more. So it all kind of goes together. And that’s that’s the big idea there.

It’s crazy. All right, so let me ask a couple other questions. I’m going to go back here and I’m going to just switch back to just Sean and I for one second. And I wanted to look at what other items he wanted to to see here. As we talked about the interoffice portal, we talked about some of the API feeds. Now there’s like a list of like the best API feeds you could kind of have. Right. So we we can talk for just a minute about some of those, maybe you and I. And why don’t you tell me some of the API feeds that we want to get to download that real data and what some of those additional fields could be as an API is. Oh yeah. OK, Naz API stands for.

Ebay actually owns. This.

We’re having a little audio problem, when you’re able to sync up the aisle from one database to the other and it goes across and there’s there’s different words that you use, but it’s basically a computer interface where you automatically think you should be ashamed of really, OK.

That is very good, and that takes data from one computer to the other automatically.

It’s like when someone has an addiction, when they’re in the right some program that and give you access using the police so that can be accessible from other places using that. So using that interface basis, we can go other place to our place. That’s the main purpose.

Again, thankful that we can practice real estate and know all this is happening behind the scenes.

Yeah, no, it’s really good. So not as some of the APIs that we’re trying to set up are. Let’s kind of talk through them right now.

Ok, the other thing we’re trying to get, the whole revolution that we’ve got from the one so yeah, Modica big name is called Freedom and also the humiliation of syllables used to get information. And and also we can grab the other.

The other one, Yanov and so on.

Yeah, they do a good job. Yeah, check that out.

I’m going to share the screen real quick and show some of those things that we were able to see. So in technology, what ends up happening is somebody else can invent it and all you have to do is kind of imitated or follow it or look at what they did. So if you find anything that’s amazing, send me the link and we’ll find out where it came and how it worked. So behind the scenes, Nars was looking up some of these items for copying. We don’t know. We’re not copying. You have to understand where it came from. You have to research it. Right. And dissect it and see reverse engineer it. So this is on dotcom and what they have our current valuation models, and you can look at them in four different ways. So they’re showing off what core logic’s value looks like, what any one of these different ones looks like, and they put charts and graphs and all those things so we can grab the model that we feel is the most accurate and utilize that model and integrate it. And we have to pay to enjoin.

But then you get this data and with the data, you can now display it correctly on your website. And when you get an AVM or an automated value model, what model model built, then you can now send people automatic home valuations on their property linked to our website and give them a username and password to log in. And you’re not sending somebody to a different site anymore. You’re keeping them within our ecosystem and creating some of these things. So it’s been a long time since we’ve wanted some of these and now we’re able to implement them. So does show me how you would inspect this so people can just be like, oh, that’s super techie and I don’t want to ever do that. But now they’ll realize if they get it, how you inspect it. So if I said, like, let’s look at CoreLogic and see how they do it, can you show me, like, maybe how you would trace back a plug in and see what they do or follow some of these links backwards and look at the code and see what’s going on?

Yeah, like some of these different things, if we tried to, like, look at one of them, if I said tell me how this page was built, like how you go on the backside and look at the programming and see what’s going on with it and what integration’s they’re making, how you inspect the code.

Actually, it’s big because it’s very easy. We can see the gold from here than from the source code. I can get some information about the voting structure and also.

I can get you when I can see some source code from any website and I can get some information from there and is and you can see the going, there is something they have got information from using this dot com.

And these were actually I tried to get information from other places and so I can get lost.

And if I can remember for the marketing reinspect website digital marketing then and we got most of the information on the beat.

And also another thing that if I get any website, then I can get more information. I just we are using Rush.

So there might will to me anyway.

Or do you want inspect.

Yeah, I want to compare the speed of our website to Keller Williams website.

Ok, right now, lower level six KW dotcom, I want to see what they’re doing, and I want to compare what you finished maybe with one of the badass sites or something else. So I’m just doing a random like let’s see how what’s kind of going on here. And that’s a huge company. And I think this will kind of show off some of these different items and give you a live look and we’ll be able to see. So what Nas is doing is he took Keller Williams Web site and he’s going out and he’s logging that in and he’s putting it into some things to get analyzed. And what it’s going to do is test the Web site and see how fast it loads and it’s going to give a performance on what those items happen to be. And so now he’s going to do is do the same in reverse and he’ll show off some other ones. And then we’re going to see some responses and see what it is and be able to analyze these in a side by side manner and see what kind of is going on. Now, a company like Keller Williams, they made this commitment and they made a commitment nationwide that they were going to invest, I believe, a billion dollars in their technology, and they made this big pledge. So if anyone wants to go back and ping that article and bring that bad boy back up and maybe show off some things here and take a look and see what we got. So what we have now are the reports. So this is the report for Keller Williams, run independently live for you guys on what they are doing. And one would think that that would be kind of like a gold standard here. So tell me some of these items that we’re looking at here, Narz, and what this report runs and shows.

If you are the greatest sea and this is the awful mess the world looks and performance is 67 percent and what its structure in all this, all these have nothing because the only disserves box. So this is something that just condemned dangers to second.

And the third is to hold it to millisecond.

And if we see actually I can only give the Lubich it it shows there’s a problem with the request. So maybe we can check our website.

Ok, are you using that same tool that you just did, that one a little while ago?

This is our Web site right now.

Well, looks like I might enjoy this is trying to stop you for being just one second so all these extra ladies are always right.  

Ok, so it’s the swing vote.

Now, the difference is the difference on the page is this page here that we’re loading and comparing to those if you pull those two pages up. So if you pull up the Kellar page directly and just go to Qumu dot dotcom and pull up that one and look and see how much data is pulling from that page and compare the two. So on this page now, what you’ll see is this is what’s on the Keller Williams website and this is as it’s loading now, nozizwe overseas. So he has

a, you know, a roundabout way in which he has to access these items. But this is Kellers site loading directly for him. And when he gets this when Keller gets live here, what we’ll see is he’s going to have it’s a small page and it just basically has a search bar that kind of goes on there.

And what we have is a complete Web site that’s kind of put together with all these different items, including the search up at the top. So we have that same data that’s loading with the search, but we also have all of these other items that are in there. So the killer site has a couple of items, but not many things on it. There’s not a ton of pictures and graphics and there’s not a ton of links and everything else. We happen to have a ton on ours. So if Keller is making an investment of a billion dollars and we’re able to our form right away, our investment was not a billion with a B, seems like sometimes it’s it’s been less, but we’ve been able to outperform them. So it seems like I’ve lost Narz on this connection here and he keeps showing off some amazing things. But what I am going to do is go back to just Sean and I and let you know that we’re impressed, we’re proud, and it’s impressive what we’re able to show off and what we’ve been able to accomplish here.

This is just the beginning, I think.

Yes. And what items are going to come from this? What I’ve seen here is that a lot of the agents were also like tuning out. And the reason they were tuning out is because this is like a topic that they’re not totally into. Right. And we can talk about these different things. And I know people might be getting tired as the day goes on, but the reality is this is very, very important stuff and. If it’s not in your wheelhouse, it kind of needs to be, but we’re trying to take care of it for you and that’s what we want you to understand, is that it’s it’s under control.

Ok, and how much is going on? And when you can do something like beat Keller Williams on the site and the speed and the testing of what’s going on, then that back to me is kind of incredible.

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