The festival of Lights: Diwali

So on Friday, producer O reaches out to me and she’s like, Hey, Mike, this is what’s going to be going on. And he explains it to me. And we always like doing these cultural exchanges where we go ahead and bring him on. And he tells us more about that. So what I want to do is, without further ado, let’s bring on producer O, Omkar, and we’ll have a good discussion about kind of what the following is. So thank you very much for joining us. I appreciate you always informing us of these types of things. And go ahead and tell us a little bit about it. Sir, I guess.

Hello, everyone. Thanks for having me on your mind. And it’s always fun to have attend this and this and that. It’s one thing that I have been behind this, but all year it’s more fun. So anyways, we’re all getting on to the topic that you have for today. What is it like? So as you could see on the screen, it’s the Festival of Lights. That is what I would put out for, I don’t think. Why is it called the Festival of Lights? So according to there is a long story behind that is in the stories and stories of that part of the world. What do you hope this is do for positive moments to help build in light of praying for them? It’s a it’s a thing that we like we like that the US is a small little a lamp or something like that. And we like them to be on, you know, the night in the lights like it’s supposed to be a good omen. So that is what we do. And we have a small video that I found on YouTube for like how the valley is celebrated or where it’s from. But on the bottom, this is a state like in India, but like in India, where the quality was then Gaines’s, as you might have thought, or from the river flows through. And it’s it’s supposed to do that, you know, at the very end, people go at this place to attend Moksha, which is like eternal life. So, yeah, let’s get onto that and let’s see what we do is on the.

A day to celebrate old. For it is hope that gives us a reason to unite. A reason to look beyond.

For it is home that reminds us that the good will win over the evil in the fight. And I just hope that helps us see that even in the deepest darkness, in the end, Triumph’s the light.

So in audio in this video, what I spoke about, Mike, was like what we saw, what you heard is how the valley is actually like. It was just a glimpse. So basically, it was like no lights and how like people like those videos and how is the ESPN? So how do you like I am sure that there are many Indians in the states and mostly what would be happening is they might be celebrating this festival. But from what I’m getting from you is like not a lot like you wouldn’t understand what is going on behind it, like what the significance of that festival is. So, like, do you have any question on why is it celebrated or something like that?

Yeah, I guess so. We from our perspective, there’s a very, very sizable population and you know, we see things on the outward symbols that  I would see. Right. Our things, our lights that people put up around their house, maybe like at the front entry or something like that. I don’t really know exactly what goes into it. So I see it and I’m like, oh, it’s just because that’s what it represents to me. Maybe similar how like a Christmas tree might represent that to somebody else. But then they don’t actually know what’s going on behind the scenes because I’m not like personally invited to those events and I don’t exactly see what’s going on, but a very big population. So and they definitely are very, very proud.

So is that something you said? What exactly did you personally do?

So it’s like it’s a youth festival that a lot of things that we do. So most of fun things that I think about is be prepared. It’s like my mom usually may make sweets and we consume a lot of them. That is very maybe most of the Indians. You might have noticed that you’re healthy, in fact. So it’s because of that same reason that we eat cool, that you know, that I like sweets and all that stuff. And in this, you know, five to eight days, we consume a lot of food. So that is why this and this, if you have any next year with the harvest.

So like Thanksgiving has some routine loss, which is coming up. And I don’t think it’s this Thursday. I think it’s next Thursday. And if anyone actually knows and Thanksgiving is because I actually don’t right now and but our Thanksgiving has to do kind of like a harvest in the fall coming to an end and like seasons changing and being thankful and each of those different things. But it’s kind of like a harvest type time thing. Is there anything to do with the barley?

So it’s something psychologically what the significance of that was to bundle all evil that exists within us. That is why it like it symbolizes fire, like lighting up those buns out all the way the surrounding. So it doesn’t directly relate to the big produce or something like that. But it does have a philosophical significance.

You know, I think it actually may because so what it might have to do with, like harvest type things is sometimes to regenerate the soil, you’ll have farmers, ranchers who will go out in the fall and they will burn the field. And when they burn the field, it brings back new nutrients and it replenishes the ground. So there might be some type of thing kind of behind that. It’s weird how there’s always some basis in it. I know there’s like religion there, right. And all those things. But, you know, all these things come from somewhere and pretty interesting, you know, maybe go ahead and we’ll share just a little bit more and we’ll show off like this side camera view so people kind of see behind the scenes.

So Omkar has a lot of things that he sets up for us on a daily basis. And what we’ll do is go ahead and show off the behind the scenes. And you can guys can see just a little bit more of what was going to switch to camera two, which is right over here now. So we go away from the green screen. And then over here behind us, you’re going to see quite a bit of stuff going on. So you see the tradition. A monitor set up, we have an up top. I’m actually listening to music in here. I don’t think the microphone picks it up, but I’m listening to Post Billowing right now, and that’s kind of what’s going on. And then behind me, we have cars right down there.

I try not to look over at them, but the purpose of why he’s there on that screen is because we’re actually in a zoom meeting. So the way that the zoom meetings working is the zoom meeting is projecting him as a guest on the screen. And then so he’s back there. And then the software that we’re utilizing is capturing his image from the screen and then explaining that. How about you help me through this? Why am I even talking on the car when you should be speaking?

So basically, what is happening with this? This whole set up might look a bit confusing, but a lot of building, I must say. So the screen like you see all of it, you could see me on two is the screen, which is getting recorded as well as your look projected and getting all the software that’s using and it’s getting projected onto this thing. So basically what we do is just know this video from where are from screen below a number three to the software. And we think that I know that is pretty much it. We have some Woolley’s on them and the green screen, which makes it look somewhat appealing and that is how it is. But all those behind this. So, yeah, I know the airport, they have made a sizable amount of progress and. Yes. What do you think about that?

Yeah, no, I don’t think it makes it a lot easier for me.

So there’s all types of things like so we control the lighting because I realize like the lights are different at different times. So we turn the lights off and we go to different scenes and he can control that from there to see what’s going on. And we switch back and forth so we can know what’s happening.

He controls it. Why from where he happens to be sitting, which is really ridiculous, it blows your mind that he’s moving the computer and doing this all on my machine from where he happens to sit. And we’re able to have this cross-cultural exchange right now and discuss all these things. And like, I don’t know, he’s really pretty cool.

Hey, chat in your YouTube channel, so give a plug for that because everybody should really get to know you just a little bit more. I don’t even know where to look, so give a plug on that.

Yeah, I’ll put that in the description. Yeah, so he is I believe I am Omkar D, right? Yeah. And he has this channel type Travel Channel thing, any kind of leads with this thing. I got like in this wormhole of watching all of his videos. He’s actually really pretty good and impressive with it and he has a catchphrase. So I have like the point that I kind of lead with. Right. And people are always like, why are you pointing? And Omkar leads with, hey, it’s your boy Omkar. And then he gives the time and he’s like, it’s eight for people. Like it’s nine or nine on Monday. And he’ll tell you like something that’s going on. So he’s got a really cool way of doing things. It’ll get you to know him just a little bit more. So give him a give him a check there. And I am Omkar D, right. And hey, no problem at all. And I think we should kind of end it there will continue to do stuff like this. Give us maybe a thumbs up if you’re a big fan of learning more about different cultures so it can help you in the real estate business. Give me maybe like what the heck. That’s a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes and thanks for showing that off. But screwing up the video on Cursus me and we had a great video going and you had to screw that up and put the two topics together.

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