I’m Mike Acquisto, real estate broker and co-owner of Acquisto Real Estate in Frisco, Texas. Eventually, I’m going to become a McKinney for right now I’m a Frisco resident and the best realtors do open houses.

We are I don’t know exactly where in the time frame, but we’re either just coming out of or starting to come out of or out of. I guess it depends on how you feel with covid, but open houses are becoming a thing again. And the best realtors do open houses, especially now.

The Best Realtors do Open Houses

And you’re thinking to yourself, that’s weird because houses are selling so fast. Why do I have to do these things? Because you should. So the top couple of reasons why your clients deserve it? That’s pretty much the answer right there.

Your job is to represent your client and to get them the highest and best price with the best possible terms that all designed for what your client wants. So that’s some of the things it’s convenient for the sellers to have a ton of people flood through their home all at one time when they’re not present that they already have and they  can schedule and work around it. Also, you can bring another realtor with you, right. Because there’s going to be a lot of people that are starting to attend and be present for those.

So you probably want to bring another person so no one can secure the property and you yourself can be safe. So that would be one of the best practices there. But you can also capture anyone’s information when they come in. You can form a bond and spend some time with them and create those relationships and see people in person.

So if that’s important to you to potentially grabbing new clients that are out looking at houses, then that’s a good way to go ahead and do that. So it’s possibly a great way for you to get some new buyer clients when they’re having a difficult time finding a home. And this is one of the few times when you potentially, as a listing agent, get to speak directly with a potential buyer for the property.

You get to control the narrative directly to that client or the buyer. So imagine that, right? You’re sitting there with them. You’re able to show the feature that you like. You’re able to explain exactly what you want. Once you get past that, in theory, you don’t have any direct communication with this buyer. So you want to make sure that during this time it’s one of those that you get to speak.

You tell them there’s no intermediary, there’s no other agent. Sometimes in that process, you don’t know what the other agents are doing, the buyer’s agent. You don’t know exactly how they’re communicate what they’re saying. They’re looking out for their client’s best interest. And sometimes it’s not, you know, this property that’s the right one for them and they may miss something. So this is a great time for you to go ahead and share those off for you, OK? And any type of information that you gained during this process is going to be super helpful for you.

So imagine that you’re there speaking with the buyer and you get some additional information in this discussion. In this rare time when it’s you and that potential buyer and you guys are speaking together, what you have is a unique opportunity to get some insight, whatever.

That is why they want to go, what their motivation is, you know. So you would go through their LP Mama, as Katie would say, and you would find out all of those different terms and find out what they want and what’s important to them. Over here in the bar, you’re going to see that Katy‘s going to chat and l.p mama and she’s going to tell you exactly what that acronym stands for. And she’ll be Johnny on the spot or Katie on the spot and put those together for you guys. Right, so that you gain great insights.

And that insight translates over to the negotiation. Imagine if you find out some key piece of data, whether they have a timeline, whether they already sold their home, whether they have this, whatever those things are, whether they have this amount of cash out-of-pocket or their parents could help in this situation or whatever it is, you’re going to gain some insight directly from that. And as a professional, you should be representing your client the best way to grab that information.

So that’s a really good reason to go ahead and do the open house, if nothing else. OK, now, I would be speaking directly to Sean, and I believe she’s on her today live from California with Hannah. And she’s had some great success recently with open houses. And that’s why I’m bringing this back up, because you as your client, you want to make sure that you’re starting to do them for that particular client.

So maybe Sean will chat in some number of how many people she’s had recently at the open houses. People that were all appear to be genuinely interested. A lot of people that came in without an agent representing them, a lot of people that she has to start to follow up with and very, you know, like people that are ready to do something but they just can’t find the right thing.

So Shana has had those intense numbers, and I don’t want to kind of steal her thunder, but there are a lot a lot of people have been going through there. Maybe we’ll get Shana to put in some notes there on how many people in particular how many different parties that came through, family units that would be potentially looking to purchase properties. It’s an amazing time and it’s unbelievable to during this open house that Sean was able to go ahead and actually build some bonds and for the people to comment that they had seen her and they’re like, oh, you’re that agent that does this right.

And it was interesting because she also has some luxury listings that are out there. And they were like, I saw you in this other house or you were the agent that was actually in the pictures or in the video. Right. And she had numerous people that were commenting to her. I’m you’re that person. And they were almost shocked, not that she was a celebrity, but in certain ways, it was kind of celebrity status when she was speaking directly with these clients or potential clients whom she happened to be.

So I always look out for your client, always do the best you possibly can for them in this potentially helps overcome some of the issues that you had that Stacy spoke on yesterday with overlapping times on the showings and how all that works to get your people. And if you do believe you can have multiple offers, I think the open house will help you out and you should be taking advantage of that to potentially be winning more listings in the future. Ladies and gentlemen, that’s going to conclude is for this on this topic.

Let’s and let’s see Chavez comment. Whoa. Shana says to open houses about a hundred people and 20 interested unrepresented buyers. The awkward silence there was so that you thought about that for just a moment. Does your client deserve that?

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 3.30.21

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