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Texas School Guide- Hello, Mike and Shana Aquisto here, real estate brokers and co-owners for Aquisto Real Estate and Texas School Guide schools are a huge driving force and in, you know, people making a decision on where to where to buy a home.

Yes. I want to know all about the schools.

Correct. And so we’ve done a good job here. And we’ll share the screen and chat in that link for you to show off the Texas School Guide. What it does is it goes over the types of schools is kind of one of the main points. So it it’s going to do is do a good job to categorizing them and have you take a look here.

So what you’ll see is there are there’s district zoned schools, there’s magnet or program schools, there’s charter schools, religious or public schools. So they’re kind of categorized into some different categories and is an agent. Sometimes you just need to understand the different types. So there’s a little bit of reading there that you could take a look at. This would be considered a slightly different state than great schools.

Yeah, there’s there’s many sites out there actually that you can search for schools and school writings. We like this one. It’s Texas specific. And you can still search, you know, by school and you can review test scores and all of that.

It just seems like, you know, for us in looking through it, it was a little bit, you know, more detailed, I guess, and easier to read.

So, yeah, I guess maybe they had pictures in the picture. Maybe we didn’t want to picture, but I don’t really know. But it it was it was reasonably good. So what it does is it gives you a second source to kind of look at the data and to be able to take a look at it. Yep. Right.

And so so if that helps you out, that would be good. And that should help you understand the quality of the that with a rating system that displays something. So it’s consistent.

Yeah. And something I noticed on the site is it kind of tells you how to read them and it kind of helps you to understand what you should even be looking for. So it’s good. Very good. And you can pass this along to your clients, you know, and maybe it’s something you want to research and understand. If you’re looking in a particular area and your client wants a particular school district, why do they want that school?

And and look around the area and maybe they, you know, have old information in the information has been updated and maybe you can provide some more insight, you know, for them, help them out.

Very good. So, again, the website is Texas School Guide dot org. All right. So I hope that helps you guys out as an agent.

Just have another piece in your toolbox to be able to to look at maybe is an action item. You go ahead and take and type in your address or your kids in the school they attend and look at it or maybe some of the different ones and see how you feel about it. We always feel that it helps in real estate to not tell somebody what they should do, but rather to say what I did during that same thing and offer resources so they can make their own decision.

Yeah, and it helps if you’ve looked at it before, I feel like I’d just go to like Texas schools, you know, Texas School Guide and look there. Regardless if you have a student, you should know what your current school is that you’re going to show you can talk about it with your neighbors. This is one of those things having information. Right. So that ties into yesterday’s topic.

We talked about this with your neighborhood market expert, and that would be perfect. You know you know everything about the schools, obviously.

Yeah. And then it’s no relative. So it would be important to know, like, is my school and A, B, C whenever that eight or nine. Yeah. Whatever that scale is. But how does that compare to the one that’s right next to it. Is it better or even worse. Is it like you know, and see what those things are.

This is about being an expert and kind of knowing what you’re talking about, specifically your local neighborhood expert as a realtor. Yeah. So we’re always striving to bring more and more information together and help you tie these topics together. Right. So that links back to yesterday. And like this is a foundation of learning.

What OK, whatever, fine, I’m a dork, love it, I love you, dork. Ok, ready? Yeah, I that yes. Everybody down with this and we’ll check the.

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