Texas realtors, there’s an HOA reform bill, yes, that’s going on right now, and you may be able to take action, this is your time to make a stand on something. We can talk about that. That is Shana Acquisto. She’s a luxury real estate broker and her husband, Mike. We’re going to talk about what bills are currently being proposed and how you can get involved.

Shana, this is just realtors has a realtor party and we are all familiar with TREPAC. And TREPAC is our pack that is actually out there fighting for us on our behalf for property rights.

So PAC is a political action committee, the word PAC, political action committee. Realtors use a lot of acronyms.
Yes, they do. And, you know, get down and help you out there. We always talk about we don’t want to get so involved in politics and all of that. And that’s OK. We have our PAC that does that for us, OK? So right now, there are two bills that I want to bring to your attention. So the two the bill right now. Nope, that’s not the right one.

That’s a call to action. OK, I want to go over that. We can go over the call to action if you want.

Ok, so during this legislative session, there are two realtor supported bills, House Bill 367 and Senate bill fifteen eighty eight. And these are highway reform bills.

Yeah, they have to be reformed hard.

So I want to talk to you about what these are. These proposals will do the following limit. How much in your way or in a management company can charge for resale certificate. Damn straight. There is currently no limit

And not happy with that. No, that. Let’s set it.

Next, they will provide members with an appeal process to resolve disputes. Thankfully, there is no appeal process. Sounds fun. It’s kind of scary that we’ve had waves forever and these things don’t exist. Yeah. Next require management certificates to include a phone number, email address and website. There’s currently none required. Ok, it’s kind of logical.

Yes, this is my favorite of all of them, creating a publicly accessible statewide database of information. That would solve so many problems for us, and I love that one right now, no database exists.

You know, I would like there to be an API on that so we could pull that right in. It maybe should be something that goes right in is an MLS field. Yeah, right. And we pull all that info in and we can click on it and look and search information should be shared. There’s a lot of problems with this and I think that this is a great first step to solving said challenges.

Yes. So you think, great, I’m so happy that I invest my minimum of 35 dollars into our into three pack, which is our pack, and just let them go fight on our behalf. OK, that’s great. But you know what? There’s another step that I encourage you all to get involved.

This is the second link we have.

On it and it is very, very simple for you guys to do in their realtor call for actions. So what this does is you guys can go in. And I think if you click the sign up for the realtor party so you can go in and sign up and you can text the word realtors to this three oh six four four, and you will get you do not get bombarded with text, I promise you.

You just get for it . Any time that there is a call to action that you need to be aware of, you get this text and it’s really awesome because the text will have everything put together where all you have to do is click. And it sends a message to our legislative folks. And, you know, you’re involved with showing that sign up right now. What do you think about that? I’m going to get the whole Internet on Amazon. Yeah.

Ok, so that way it shows that you guys are involved and the more people that they have, it’s like a petition, then, you know, the higher chance of this getting passed, you know, is,

Hey, that’s great. So I just gave all my information out there and so anyone can call me if you need me. You probably have all my information. I’m signed up, so I’ll be getting alerts right now. And they just hit me up right away.

Yeah, and it’s crazy. It keeps you in the know. And you guys should all be signed up for this call to action. There’s a lot of important things that go on that we don’t have any clue about. And these are all issues that involve home ownership, which is what we’re involved in every single day.

So if you can add value to your clients and let them know that you’re supportive of these things and be a part of your realtor party, it’s a bipartisan group if they really want to promote home ownership. And, you know, that’s something that we add value and, you know, you should be proud and be involved.

Yeah, OK. Well, I yeah, I went ahead and saved them in my phone, so I get them and I’ll know what it is when it comes in and I’m all ready for them. I got noticed and I’m totally good. So that’s all I signed

Up to go sign up. We have a link in the chat and you can sign up like Mike did just online or you can do it as a text.

Very nice. All right. Well, so now I got that information so I can be active. I think I’m going to support reforming those two, I would say. And you guys should let all your clients know that you support that, be aware of what it is and let them know about it. They may not even have a clue. I like that realtor party logo. It looks very American and house and everything else. I think we need to support that and put that on our website somewhere.

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