Texas Pools Winter Weather. Ladies and gentlemen, there’s a lot going on here. Let’s take a look at some of the pools here in the area, specifically our pool. So this was this morning after the record low temperature will show off over here. What we kind of have and the whole pool was like frozen over on the top.

And so I went out with a baseball bat with a wooden baseball bat, and I started to work on breaking it up. And normally I thought I could have went out with a broom and just like, hit it and it would have broke because it’s like not a thing that was. Yes, but it was totally and it was crazy this morning. So if you look, what you will see is over here. These are all individual times that I swung the baseball bat to, like, open up all of the ice. So it wasn’t a problem. This is like thick ice. If you look over here, you’ll have some of these white spots anyway.

So you skate on it, I wonder?  
No, not yet. But it was it’s not.
So I think we could it had.  

No, it’s not it’s not good. And no, you shouldn’t go on there. You don’t want your pets on there. We’ve seen problems with that. So we don’t want any of those challenges for sure.

I’m on a side note with pets. We had one of our friends, actually, their their dog fell in their pool yesterday and they

happened to be there and was able to get the dog out. The dogs, she said pretty traumatized. So be careful with your pets if you let them out. You know, it’s very slippery around the edges of the pool. And you guys who have pets, I know you know this, but just be careful. They can slip and fall inside and, you know, could be. A very unfortunate situation.

All right, so back to your pool in the winter weather and how that affects real estate. OK, so what we have are you have to keep your water running and most of the pools will have a freeze protect on them while they all they all should. So what the freeze protect is going to do is keep the water circulating. And as the water circulates, it shouldn’t freeze. But as these temperatures drop, it’s definitely a problem.

So what I did is I went out and cleaned off all of the snow from the pool equipment to make sure that’s that’s all. And then I put a blanket over top of it because the ground is actually warmer and then there’s a motor running. So that keeps the stuff warmer and it kind of like insulates it and keeps a wind off of it. And then the temperature underneath and the motor running kind of gives it a little heat to keep that all kind of like insulated there. So it’s a little bit better.

I actually did that during the middle of the night when I woke up and I heard, ah, I heard the pump working way too hard and I started hearing noises that I hadn’t heard before. So I kind of felt like without doing it, without doing those steps yesterday and getting all that taken care of, that we would have had a problem last night and the pipes would have froze. So if the pipes freeze, then they break and then when they break, you obviously have a problem and then the plumbing is underground and it backs up.

And you could really, really quickly, if you don’t have power, have a huge problem with your pool, like huge. And so when you have a problem like that, I don’t know how long it’s going to take for plumbers to get around. And I definitely foresee a big problem with the freezing temperatures, with plumbing, with not being able to get enough contractors out to fix the stuff with insurance claims, with like all types of things, freezing. So now that they’re frozen. Right.

And we have water damage all over the place, we’re already short on contractors with building homes and being behind. So I do see home prices. Going up again. Because it’s going to be too hard to get people out anywhere and people can be like, oh, my house is a mess and here’s a problem and I can’t even live in it. And there’s going to be all types of problems. People are going to be looking for leases.

So if you have leases, I bet that’s going to become a real thing right now with people that have problems with water not working correctly, where are they going to go? Yeah, right. So it’s definitely going to be a thing. So if you have a lease coming up, just kind of make a mental note.

Yeah. If you have a listing that’s vacant or, you know, somebody that has a vacant home, I mean, hopefully they’ve been checking on it and in made accommodations. But, you know, we talked to one of our clients this morning and they pretty much are winterizing the property, which means they turn the water off and they know that. Yeah, because it’s it’s just, you know, it’s bad if your pipes freeze. We heard a number yesterday that the average you know, if you have a pipe freeze inside your home, the average cost to repair it was seventy five hundred dollars.

Now, that’s an average. Now here when we don’t have those problems or you’re, you know, all the heat goes off in your house, you don’t to have it for an extended period of time. You know, Captain David over here and their power still off right at their place. I think it’s on it’s on, off, on and off. But, yeah, imagine if you had your pool and the pool wasn’t running, it totally would freeze up. Yeah. Without and that’s what any questions you have your pool coupled with something inside your home that freezes and then, you know, once it freezes, it’s going to be a problem. –

Yes. It would pretty much make the homes inhabitable for a very extended period of time. And if you can’t get contractor it right. So anyways, walking through those problems, we do have stuff going on and it is important as an agent to be able to be there to help people out and to let them know

And check in on your own, your clients, you know, and see how they are body.

If you had somebody buy a home with a pool recently, then I would probably reach out to them. Those would be good contacts to reach out to today to see if they need any help and what’s going on and give some suggestions to keep that stuff a little bit warmer because we do have a couple more cold nights coming out tonight.

You’re supposed to do this again. We’re supposed to get some more accumulation of something freeze freezing rain, sleet or snow.

So one of the easiest things you could do is to just brush all of that off and let the sun kind of do its thing is the sun passes by to warm up the pipes if you haven’t had a problem and then throw a blanket over it after that to insulate it for tonight, especially if we do have more accumulation, we Happen to have an all moving blanket which are pretty padded and insulated. So if you happen to have those, those those are great. I think Linda said yesterday she had one of those two that she put over her pool equipment.

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