Tesla Roof – Mike Acquisto, I’m a real estate broker, and we’re going to talk about the Tesla Roofs version 3. I have no idea why say the word rough people make fun of me for it, but it is what I do.

I have no idea might be where I grew up or how those things are, but it is what it is. So let’s talk about the warranty and then talk about the ease of installation. Let’s talk about the look and feel. And we’re talking about all of that right now. Let’s go ahead and split screen and see what we come up with. And we’ll share an article that I was perusing through. And first glance, you just take a look at it and you’re like, hmm, doesn’t look bad now.

Not to mention that the home that it happens to be facing on is pretty cool. But what they’re showing off is a roof in particular, and I think it looks pretty nice. So if we go ahead and just take a look and you can chat in now, how you feel about it on first glance, isn’t appealing rough? Does it look good? Does it work right? So let’s go ahead and continue to scroll down and discuss this.

So this is a solar roof that can power your home and provide you with an opportunity to have possible electric savings. I don’t know that it physically makes sense just yet, but it’s getting closer. So this is an article that came out middle of last year. So it’s dated just a little bit.

But it is the Tesla version three rough. They previously had versions one and two before three. So if you can imagine that, that’s how it kind of how it works. This article, we’re going to take a link and chat it in for you so you can see that pictures of them. And it’s amazing. California is now has a requirement that you have to use some solar in every single property. There’s a portion of it that has to be generated on site for your home. So I don’t know that might be coming here in the relatively near future.

So it’s one of those things. But as we continue to scroll down through here, what they’re going to do is they’re boasting that they have a better and more beautiful product. So allegedly it looks better. I haven’t seen it in person, so I can’t attest to that. But what they have is they increase the size of the tiles for faster installation.

So what they have our big, big tiles and they’re all segmented together so that when they go in, they’re not put in each tile and they’re going one with much larger ones. And that ends up helping them out. So there’s less, less space. It’s not generating the this the solar power for you and there’s more power per density. So there’s more of them and it reduces the amount of parts that are required.

So what they’re actually doing is they’re going to go in and take a full measurement of your roof and they’re going to design it off site and then they’re going to send it to the to the manufacturer, to the installer to put in. And everything’s going to come as like a kit specifically designed for your home. And it’s going to be custom made off site for you by Tesla. So when it shows up, it fits like a glove, or at least that’s the idea of how it’s supposed to fit. And it’s supposed to be better, easier to install less places to screw up less connections, and it should be considerably better. So and it also reduces the amount of steps when we’re doing this.

So it should be able to install faster. They change some of the materials they use to a better material and they changed some of the coatings on it so that it should last a little bit longer. So that’s pretty cool. And then the tiles are larger. So they have a better roof there. They’re simply better than they were. Isn’t everything you have the next generation, they kind of look cool. So I like that. And the new tiles are larger. They are forty five inches long by 15 inches wide. Right. So that’s a long one. And what else do we have here? They have a new installer network.

So as those are coming in here, you can kind of see how it’s all installed with those different renderings kind of zooming and flying in there and how they install it. But they have a larger installer network that’s hired, trained, and that’s pretty cool because they had a problem with how long it took to get on there. Again, another home, their features and nice red Tesla out in front of the property. But it shows you what it could kind of look on of one story, long, sprawling property right above the garage. It has it as well. The look looks pretty clean. I’m not sure if it’s your look, but to me it looks pretty decent. Right. And let’s see.

So it’s going to be easier and faster to install. That was the old installation where they had all these things on the roof that they each had to plug into. That was problematic in nature. And so if we continue to scroll, we’re going to see some more items here that they go through. Keep going. There we go. So this is what the roof would look like when it is actually getting installed, so they pre program in, line it all out and they can get this on in less than eight hours. So that’s pretty cool. That is a real accomplishment. Like I said, it’s designed offsite and these are what the scenes would look like.

So this is kind of the bridge that goes across the top with the with the actual shingles right underneath it. And it’s pre made offsite. So you have everything all lined up for you and it sneaks in there and it fits like a glove like I’ve been talking about. But they change their warranty. This is one thing that obviously I think they kind of happen to have done. They had to do this is because the new version three only has a twenty five year warranty on the roof itself. Previously it was an unlimited lifetime warranty and that was a little bit crazy. Now, as we look through the specs here, one of the things that I’m looking at is the Halo rating.

So these are class three hele rated. I was under the under the understanding that they were actually class for shingles and would have a higher rating for hail. But they’re not their class three shingles, which might be a problem for us here in this local area with hail damage.

So check in. Please understand what class three shingles are first class for and understand what happens for hail. I’m not too concerned about the wind rating. I think we’re fine for the wind rating. But as far as the the hail rating, I’m a little bit nervous about that. That gives me pause. I did previously think that it was a class for shingle and maybe it’s like a better class three shingle than something else.

But our class three shingles around here tend to have problems as they get older. They don’t have problems in the beginning, but they get damaged as they become older and more brittle and the sun’s kind of set into them. And then they froze and expanded and contracted and contracted and froze over the years. And then they’re brittle. And then you get the big hail and it comes down and some and in some, I’m not sure if these were good debt because they’re becoming more brittle over time.

I don’t think they would, in fact, kind of like that asphalt shingle would, but I’m not sure that’s some more stuff about Tesla. I hope you enjoyed the discussion with what this is. There are all types of things that have not changed with Tesla, such as how you can store your own power on site, how you can go ahead and use it for a longer period of time, and how you can enjoy all the benefits here.

There are still tax deductions that you can write this off and appreciate it. And I still don’t believe that it financially makes sense to put this real fine. If you’re looking at it from a dollars and cents standpoint in the savings of putting in this roof over a different roof and then the energy savings that you would have bought, the bigger the house and the more energy efficient it is, the more space it has, the possibility that it does come closer.

And you have to assume that there’s some like rate of increase in energy costs. So I don’t think it’s quite there yet. I might be interested in this in maybe a version for version five for myself to consider, but I’m going to want to not be the first early adapter on this. But some people, you know, are early adapters and they get on early. So this is version three. It’s not like it’s version one anymore. Maybe it’s the right thing. If you have some California clients moving here and they’re looking to put this on their property, then we can try it out. Let’s see how it goes.

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