All right, Mike and Shana Acquisto here, real estate brokers and co-owners with Acquisto real estate and Tesla is entering the Indian car market and we’re real estate brokers and we’re going to discuss it. And there’s a bunch of different items here and the parallels.

So I want to kind of discuss each of those for you. Right. And it’s really weird that on a real estate talk show, I would talk about a topic like that. But what I first want to do is go ahead and set some kind of groundwork and some parameters in which we’re we’re facing this. There’s a ton to be learned here. OK, so we’re going to look at Elon Musk and he’s just like a visionary.

Tesla Coming to India

He’s one of the richest people in the world. Right. He’s been doing tremendous with each of his businesses currently. And he’s had a bunch of different businesses and he’s learned a lot of different things. So just like you as an agent, maybe you’ve had a bunch of different jobs and you’ve learned things along the way. And he continues to build on those experiences so it becomes better and better in the future, right? Yeah.

And so do you really want an actress with a memory fan? So five years ago, I told you you remember this guy. And we’re still using our homes. Yes, you really revealing politically speaking you are when I knew him from PayPal.

So I believe I’m pretty sure he was one of the founders of PayPal. He’s on my Mount Rushmore business individuals. And so I study and follow him possibly more than other people.

Yeah, but I think just as of the last not that many years is when the majority of people really understood who he was and heard him the first time recognized him.

Yeah. Very good job of I mean, it’s amazing.

Yeah. No, he laid a good foundation and he learned a lot of items. And so that’s, that’s so that’s item one, right. The person then you look at the business and so the business itself is highly, highly innovative. So from a real estate perspective, we’re going to kind of like draw the comparison. Right. So you kind of think of a super innovative real estate company.

And then you think back to Tesla’s schipperke that now we’re on Tesla and we look at them and we’re like, so they’re way more innovative than like a Ford or a GM. They, like, totally change the whole product. Totally. OK, so maybe Ford or GM are like maybe century 21, right? Like traditional and classic. Think like a sports blazer putting it on and gold and like all of that. Right. And established. And that would be like Ford and GM. Then you’re trying to place Tesla in this market. Right, in the same type of thing.

And then you move it forward. You’re like, well, in real estate, are they like, you know, some company that does a lot of advancements, like a compass and they like to think they’re forward thinking Remax change the whole the way brokerage’s. We’re kind of done with the compensation plans.

And then you you look there, right? Like, well, Tesla is actually doing some very different things because they not only change the compensation plan, but they change the delivery method. They change how the car is functioning and how you get like it’s so innovative, everything and everything that goes into that. Right. It’s a car. But they probably should brand it is something different because of what really goes into it.

It’s really weird. It’s such a quantum leap that if it was a tool, it would have a different name. Right, so there’s like a screwdriver and there’s a Phillips head and there’s a flathead, but they’re different and they’re very different. He pretty much made a whole different tool, but we still call it the same thing, which maybe is wrong. OK, so if we look, they’re highly, highly innovative and on the Tesla perspective and then we flash back to real estate.

So what is it? So it’s way further advancement in our mind then than Compass and Redfin and Zillow entering the market and I buyers and all those things. If you’re putting that in the stratosphere, it’s like way beyond that. It’s way outside that realm compared to those. So that’s how far ahead he’s leading from.

So that’s why it’s a big deal. Yeah. And then we look at going to a different market. So imagine Ford or GM going to another market and opening up something for the first time in as quickly as he’s done it. So they moved over a period of how long? Right. So like the car was invented. And how long did it take for Ford and GM to end up in India and then see how fast he got there at that record breaking speed? And then think about it during, like a pandemic and like we’re opening this. That’s super impressive. Right?

And then you think about all the logistics that go into it, and then you look at that and you’re like, well, as a realtor, like, I had to put a sign in the ground and I have language, things to contend with because there’s a different language, a different culture. Right. As agents, we have certain things that we have to deal with. And then you look at what Tesla does because you’re going across it across the water.

Right. And so there’s totally different delivery methods. There’s different products or different people, different cultures. And it’s a huge and a daunting task.

Yeah, it is. And I would think people’s perception would be like, well, he has money. He can do whatever he wants, but you’re still going into an uncomfortable and unfamiliar territory. Right. And taking a loan and pushing yourself and pushing your boundaries. And no matter how much money you have or where you are, there’s always a way to to push yourself more. And I think that’s what he’s doing. I mean, there is going to be a big language barrier and, you know, all these different cultural differences and then there’s going to be regulatory differences.

So imagine so we just opened up a new state in Montana and there’s a bunch of different regulatory requirements that we had to go into Montana where there is a state. Right. So there’s a lot of learning, a lot of customs, a lot of things, regulations, licensing, insurance, not India, but it’s like another country for sure. So it’s so it’s different. Right. And now imagine doing that same thing as the car company.

And so there’s a lot there. So now I’m going to take that now that we built it all up and we drew the parallels and put them all together. Now, let’s break back down and look at from a real estate perspective. So we just went over one item there with Elon Musk.

He does happen to be on my Mount Rushmore of business individuals. He does happen to be a top performing company. He does have all these other things and move to Texas. And maybe I can I know we can cover it from that. Maybe you can buy your property in the Lucas Ranch, the badass Lucas Maybe, I don’t know. Just call me, call her and figure it out.

So anyways, that’s what we’re doing here. But now what I want to do is show you I just draw that parallel right between all those things. And I just talked to one business. And what I want you to do is now realize that you can discover the same thing by studying other businesses and then equate it back to your business. So if you follow the logic. That I was trying to put down for us here, right as I discussed a totally different business and an innovative business and I related to real estate and drew all those parallels for you.

And what I’m encouraging is to take the time to study what others have done and see their successes and see their failures and see their challenges and see their perseverance in overcoming things and find it in other places. It could be another individual in real estate. It could be another firm. Sure, it could be a totally separate industry like we just discussed there.

Do I, like, drop the mike and walk off or just ring the bell more things just ring the bell. I’m going to you know what?

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