Tesla Battery Fire

Oh, Tesla had a fire at their mega plant in Australia. We’re going to talk about that right now and see what that means. I have an article we’re going to show off that article just to let you know that it is valid. It actually did happen and we’ll discuss that.

But as we’re going through these things in life, sometimes you come up with new technologies and they seem to be amazing and you’re like, yeah, this can be way better. That’s going to help us out with this or that. And we’re going to eliminate this problem.

But then over a period of time, you realize I thought maybe there’s a downside to that as well. So I’m a big fan of new technologies in some of these things weren’t all thought about. So as we scroll down here, what we’re going to see that key highlights here is in Australia, they had a large fire that went on at their mega plane. It took them three or four days to get this fire under control.

So imagine that you have said problem, but the bigger problem that they had is they could get inside and take care of it because the the units were put too close to each other. So they have a way that they feel they can contain this in the future, but it will involve a complete redesign and more use of land than they were traditionally using.

So the fire trucks weren’t actually able to get inside and maneuver effectively and put the hose on where the fire needed to go. So that’s a problem. Ladies and gentlemen, as we go through these things, sometimes they seem awesome, sometimes they’re great, sometimes they’re grand. But every time we make an advancement, no matter what it is, we need to have enough time to test it. Right.

And then as we see how it actually works, then we can make a determination if actually in fact, it’s better. Because if you’re totally relying on this, then that would be a real problem. If fires do become a problem and you have to lay out get the use more property, it becomes more expensive. It’s difficult to put out a you know, harms the environment when it burns.

There’s all these same things that are challenges, but maybe in different amounts. Right. So as we kind of think through this, how does this go back to real estate? Well, we had a huge problem here this last winter with our power grid in. This seems like one of those viable solution to like, oh, let’s just go ahead and do that.

So as we look at each one of these solutions that we have for power, there are different challenges, whether it’s wind in the turbines freezing, whether it’s with natural gas in the well freezing.

Right. When we’re taking it out, you know, so we go back to like old standbys, maybe something like coal. Coal is crazy because it gets a super bad rap. But what it is, is it’s available and you can store it in advance. So is that really the worst thing? Maybe it’s not great for the environment, but also fires or those types of problems are also not good for the environment as well.

So there’s a trade off in each one of these different things. Ladies and gentlemen, as we kind of talk through the power grid problem, as winter comes upon us again, will be reviewing this and discussing it with our clients, understanding what’s going on and being more aware of alternative powers.

They’re pros and cons are potentially helpful to you. So we’ll go ahead and check this link in to you so you can have that. You can read you can do your own research and spend a couple of minutes kind of studying up on this topic because the Texas power grid is sure going to be a topic in the near future. All the different ways that you can protect yourself, what you might do.

There’s probably going to be a lot of your clients that are thinking about power generators, backup power generators for their home. As winter approaches, they’re going to become in short supply. Did you do it already? Are you considering doing it now? Let’s think about that one right there. Right. Should we do this type of thing for our property in advance preemptively? I don’t know, go ahead and think through that one.

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