Temporary Apartments.

Temporary apartments. And we’re going to talk about this, so if you are trying to buy a property and with that, you might be consider yourself possibly homeless for a little while if you can’t find a place, right? So you’re going to sell your house first and try to move in, but you find yourself in an issue.

Maybe you want to find yourself behind a gated luxury apartment. There a little smaller units. They do allow pets. They do have short term leases as low as six months and you won’t be homeless. Wow. So that’s pretty decent. Yes, let’s go ahead and pull these up. Here, are they?

Yeah, they’re in McKinney. So they’re on Skyline Drive in McKinney, one bedroom starting at fourteen. Fifty to eighteen hundred dollars apiece. What? Yup. There you go.

I think our apartment, we had an apartment and it was like 675.

Yeah, but no times have changed and they’re a little bit nicer. They’re not necessarily huge by any stretch of the imagination, but prices two bedrooms 20 to twenty two point ninety nine and three bedrooms twenty five hundred.

So there is a price to short term leasing pet friendly. Oh, well, that’s a huge thing. That’s a huge thing. That’s why Jane sent it over to us, so we could all see that we do have the URL and we’ll chat that in to you. So you guys can see it. But Jean felt it worthy enough. So your buyers don’t.

If they end up listing their home and they need a place to go, that they would have a short term solution that they can go from somewhere to this. And if you look at them, they’re each. If we go back to the exterior of it, just a couple of slides back, what you’ll see is that they do have a garage on it and the garage is in the middle and there’s a unit on the left and the unit on the right. So they’re kind of like home.

It does look like a home, but is this one of the build to rent communities? I wonder. It seems like it could be interesting, possibly amenities 10 plus units available. Ok. You know, if you think about your liabilities of being a seller and then turning into a tenant with the with the lease backs, there’s a lot of there’s a lot of risk associated with that, actually that you’re on the hook for.

It seems like an easy process, but once you dig into it, there’s a lot of things that could go wrong that could be super costly, so it might be worth just get out. I mean, that’s a lot of work to move right to move twice. But you know, it’s definitely something to think about.

So so these range different options for you, right? To help you get more listings so you can say, like no, have the confidence to go ahead and list your home because here’s an opportunity that you could do to have and because you know you don’t want people to settle. So they’re stuck in this place because a lot of people are saying, I would love to sell my home right now. However, I would hate to buy right now because of the uncertainty.

Or then you’re having to do one of these things where you buy and then you have two places. And that’s not really fun to have two payments and to have two places now.

So why not? And you know, these give you the garage space for the storage. So these make, you know, to me, they make more sense than just a typical apartment that you may not have that extra room in storage.

So, yeah, it feels like for short term, you would be fine with a with one of these if you were a traditional homeowner. Sure, it gives you an option in six months time. I believe Jean may have, because she was. She was the one that sent it over, and she thought it was a good solution for us. Jean. Thank you. Keep sending stuff over, guys.

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