New Homes: Tapestry Frisco

-apestry Frisco -All right, so we have a home tour coming up today. We do like right away, like as in like very, very.

So I’m quiet on these. This is a subdivision that’s close to where we live and we’ve ridden our bikes, ridden our own road, our bikes over there several times, and it’s now completed. This is a new concept home called Total Environment. A community is called Tapestry of Frisco.

So it’s on independence between later and Main. OK, and these are, like I said, a new concept home. We’re going to be able to tour them today if you can’t come today, because I kind of called her in. This kind of happened last minute last week.

It’s OK. You’re going to be able to do this another time. OK, but I think it’s going to be really interesting.

These homes are all built of natural environmental friendly products, and it’s very unique to our area. They’re very expensive. The way is very expensive. So we’re going to see what they’re all about and see if you have a client that might be interested.

You said all the walls move. Yeah.

Yeah. Inside, like they have this shell and then the walls can all move. None of them are load-Bearing. So I don’t know how it’s going to be interesting to see  what it’s all about.

Super interesting. And these should be eco friendly ones, right?

Yeah, they’re eco friendly. They have grass on the rooftops and they say the more you know, the older the home gets, the better it is.

Ok. I mean, you’ve aged really well. I think you get better each year. And it’s been really impressive.

You do this concept in India. Oh, other countries. But here I don’t believe this is anything that we have within the US. I could be wrong, but that’s what I believe. You know, I don’t know anything about was like a like a fire station, but.

Oh that’s good. So I don’t know how.

Well maybe that’s that’s why I felt we’ve got to go check this out, see what’s going on here.

So 11:00 a.m. you can meet with Shana.

The address to meet there is going to be the address is one four seven four three Little Bluestem Lane. That’s cute. All right. We’ll chat that address in and we’ll meet at the model and wear your masks. And you tried to tell you guys about this on Friday, but we kind of had some issues on Friday. Omkar wasn’t here. Let’s blame this guy right here. Really good producers, whatever. Oh, well, all right.

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