Synthetic Grass

Synthetic lawn turf, if you love it or hate it, I don’t know. It does have its place. We’re going to talk about some of these things here. Do you have some hard to grow areas, your lawn, right between your home, that maybe you’re like this is kind of becoming pretty muddy? Is it pet friendly? We can discuss that. What about drainage? Doesn’t help your foundation? Does it help with insects? Oh, that’s an interesting question right now. And sample photos we’re going to look at. So I’m going to look at some.

So let’s go ahead and split a real lawn at the lake. It would be practical or cost effective? I’m not quite sure.

So let’s see. Well, look how beautiful, though. All right. So let’s first discussed it as we have some of these pictures of that. Omkar, open up. Some of these pictures will kind of scroll through them and discuss. So, Shawna, what do you think? First, let’s start with hard to grow areas between homes where you often have kind of like this muddy mess and you’re not sure what to do because you don’t get enough sun on your lawn between there.

And there’s only a little bit of space and there’s a fence and a house in the sun. And however that all works like you don’t get enough. So then all of a sudden you’re like home. I kind of have a mud pit and that becomes a foundation issue later on. Correct. So in that area in particular, are you in favor of, like, the Rock Garden or.

I’m not in favor of the rock.

Do you like this? Yes, I like I vote for synthetic synthetic grass or turf. You know, I wasn’t a fan of it a few years ago because I, I have this vision of it being like indoor outdoor carpet and that plastic, you know, not really.

So I should say professionally installed.

So we actually had someone come out and quote us because we have the same issues on the side of our homes. And they came out and pointed out that it was it is pretty expensive. But if you think about how long you’re going to be in the home and what you spend on lawn care. Or if you do it yourself, what’s your time worth? I don’t know, I think it’s a great idea. I actually like it. We live in an area that we typically have drought conditions and watering restrictions.

And foundation related issues. I think it’s great. I’m all for it.

Ok, so they come in and they put in a proper base. They put in proper drainage as well. As long as you have gutters, you should be good with avoiding a foundation gang related issue. You still would probably want to have a drip line around your home to water to keep your foundation intact, but it should eliminate quite a few issues with erosion. So you should be a little bit better off there. I would probably get a pet friendly one. You can do it on the side of your home with no problem. You can do it in the backyard of your home. No problem. Check local ordinances for if you could do it in your front yard. Probably no.

But but you can get the drains that go into the ground that we’ve seen people do. And you just wash off the grass and, you know, they are pet friendly. They do have pet friendly. Yeah. Types. Yeah. I’d say actually I’m a huge fan.

I love it. Chatting Now if you are a pro and you’re in favor of this or you’re against it.

Sean, I’m so you’re for it. Yeah, OK, very good. I think it looks much better than a rock garden, not at Hole that we used to drive by in Plano all the time. And it was like all native grass and rocks and it just nice. I don’t know. They do that in Arizona. I know more obvious reasons, but I just I like the green and,

You know, and this is supposed to help out with insects as well.

So that’s good. Sign me up.

Yeah, we had a big insect problem this year because it was super wet. So it seems like we have a lot of insects outside. They last a long time. The cost is somewhat reasonable, between eight to 12 dollars per square foot installed for professionally installed ones. And you have choices of colors, thickness, depth. Oh, my field of choice, pet friendly, all types of things. You could put a lot of choices for grass, put a putting green on the side.

You can do all types of different items, but look forward to spending some decent money on it. It’s probably not financially going to be worth it, but visually probably, yes. So does a home. Does the next buyer value something like that? Right. I don’t know.

I wonder if it would work for dogs, but I’m not sure. But these are the type of improvements that all of a sudden you start to look at. And if home prices around here have went up by several hundred thousand dollars for an average home, all of a sudden, shouldn’t the average home have something like this?

Yes. And if we have to keep raising the standards.

I think that would that would be a huge bonus. Yeah. Less maintenance on your home.

Yeah, I think about what a home that was. Three hundred thousand. That’s now five hundred thousand. That’s materially not much different than it was a while ago. Should those homes start to have some more features and functions? Is this one that should be included? Are there builders out there doing this now?

I haven’t heard of any. I don’t know.

Maybe if you as an agent have heard or have any experiences with a chat and we would like to hear these rules. Yeah, Stacey’s letting us know that you have to check your HOA rules before you start doing something like this. I would probably agree for sure. So thank you for putting that in there. Yeah. Just let us know how you guys feel.

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