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Let’s talk about topic number one, gardening, survival basics. How much land do you need? To be able to survive on your own and plant your own food, but only eat vegetables. So I have an article here that links to it. We’re going to go ahead and reference this article, but we’re going to just kind of talk through this.

So if you have people that are hearing now that we have this impending food crisis and food prices are going to just spike and we have all this going on in other parts of the world, and then these like domino and supply effects and all of a sudden, like food is going to be a problem and you’re like, I’m going to take care of it on my own, and you are going to go ahead and plant a garden.

But like no beef because it’s going to need like a lot of land, but you’re only going to eat vegetables and like stuff like that that comes out of the earth. How much land do you need? All right. So here we go. So if you’re going to 100% survive on this, you’re going to have to have a super dense, great garden and you’re going to grow like just hello food and you’re really, really enjoy it.

So and you’re probably going to have to be really good at it and you’re going to have to not let any animals eat any of it. And it’s going to have to be like, you’re going to have to like store it. There’s a lot that’s going to have to go on, but you can do it. So in this perfect scenario, we scroll on down and there’s actually an amount of space that you need. So what is the necessary square footage estimated that you need to have 4000 square feet per person of like this super dense garden?

Oc. And so now we like. And then you have to be a gardening guru. And be really good at it. So 4000 square feet. So it’s like maybe the size of an average large house around here.

All right. And that’s per person, but not just the first floor, but the second floor. So just imagine that and then play it out. And imagine there’s four people. So you need 16,000 square feet. An acre is 4000, 42,000, five, 63, 60, something like that on a 42,000 square feet and change for 200 by 200.

So you’re going to need, I don’t know, an average family close to half an acre for just planning your food and having that work out. Now, I would love to see if somebody could actually do this on half an acre. I’m saying, no, you can’t live for a full year with your family on just half an acre. So if somebody wants to try it and tell me that I’m wrong and go ahead, that’d be great fun for you.

But I’m saying you can’t live off half an acre for a full family for a full year. I’m just like, nah, and only live off of that. But if somebody does it and proves me wrong, I’m willing to hear. But now we know. So there’s all different types of calculators. And you can look at this and you can have great gardens, you can have like bad gardens, and you can have them work all these different ways. But at the end of the day, you’re going to need some space.

So move your clients out a little bit further, give them a big garden, maybe get rid of the pool, apparently, because you don’t need that.

If you’re going to need to survive, you’re going to need a garden. There’s a real estate news for today. See you next time.

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