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Hello, let’s talk about support family, the concierge services, and what we’re going to be doing on today’s workshop right on car. Make sure you are good on where you’re currently live. They’re perfect. And let’s just support family concierge program and 10 o’clock today. So we’re going to be discussing that on a weekly workshop. You guys can be logging in there in

I’ll be hosting that will have everybody on their. Last week we talked about a bunch of different things. Consider Service-Related that you have as agents have asked for. You kind of said it was important to you. So we jumped right on it and we said, let’s go ahead and do this. So I hope you’re bringing some great ideas on things that would help you out on ways that you can get repeat referral business on ways you can stay in touch with and how we as support could help you in this way.

So we’re going to kind of going over things that we can systematise, things that we can do better all together in ways that we can use our power of many to go ahead and have a bigger impact to create more transactions for you.

The whole idea that we’re trying to create is more transactions for you as an agent where you make the most money possible. So we want to focus on your personal transactions and how we can continue to grow that. We’re always here from the support from the friendship division side to try to create additional transactions. But rather, the best possible business is to look for what’s best for you, and that is creating additional transactions that come from repeat referral business and work on getting more and more of that.

That is your personally generated business. That’s where you’re going to absolutely make the most and be the most sustainable and the most successful. So we’re going to put forth that effort to continue to accelerate what that happens to be for you as an agent. So come with some ideas today at 10:00. Reflect on what we previously had went over the last week on the agent workshops and how we can go ahead and execute on that for this week. So I’ll see you guys today at 10:00 for that. And we’re going to go ahead and close that topic out.

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Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 8.4.21

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