Success at First Agent Renewal – Hi, Shana Acquisto, broker at Acquisto Real Estate, and here with rising star Kim Miller Realtor with Acquisto Real Estate. So we are here today talking with Kim about her award and we want to get to your first renewal. OK, so you’ve you’ve battled two jobs and you’ve been able to balance and do all this and then you get to your first renewal. You guys, most people, when they get to their first renewal, had have not done, but maybe a handful, if that, of transactions. And I don’t know what your first year if you remember how many you’ve done.

Yes, I do. How many spaces? Twenty four. One year. Twenty four. OK, a lot of people when that renewal comes, it’s, it’s expensive. So you start questioning. Is this for me. I don’t know. And you do see a lot statistically you see a lot of fallout after year one. So, you know, you did a great job and you know, it wasn’t just lucky night. It was a lot of blood, sweat and tears, hard work balance. Family wants to to work site.

And you know what? What did you do to continue to build because you’re busy and you’re doing all of that. But if you’re not continuing to plant seeds and build your pipeline, you could just be sitting back and be like, oh, well, I closed everything. Now what? Yes. So how did you continue to build through that?

You know, just going back and I mean, planning. I always blew me away when someone would ask me how many were going back to building trust. A bigger question is how many houses have you sold or how many years have you been in real estate when you were competing to get a listing against someone that has twenty years of experience? You know, it’s hard, but being able to say, well, in

my short amount of time here, I’ve done X, so that was super helpful. But to continue building for each year, I’ve wanted to do more than I did the year before. And I remember sitting down with Mike after the first year and saying, well, this is what I want to do for next year. He’s like, well, let’s scale that back a little bit.

But it’s just, you know, continuing marketing, continuing your social media, looking for things outside of the box, you know, sending out flyers, doing your social media post, talking to friends, joining networking events, being intentional about meeting new people where you may have the opportunity. You may just walk away with friend, you may walk away with a friend and a client you just don’t know. So just not

Or work together, I mean, a lot of our clients, I mean a lot of our friends, we all work together. So I think it’s never stopping and looking for people that can teach you something. Yes. And you know it. I think you’ll agree with me. It’s amazing how many people don’t share what they do. Right.

So after you started, you learned that, hey, this person’s a realtor and we work out with this person, but we never knew Neverwhere in real estate. So it’s important to not be Scelzi, like we talked about before, but to just let people know who you are and what you do. And maybe instead of saying hi, if you have any referrals or know and know anybody that wants to buy a house, call me know, just share a story.

You know, I’m big on sharing stories. It works for me that, hey, when I was showing this home, you wouldn’t believe this this happened. Now, you don’t want to share personal information on your stories because then people think that you’re out gossiping, but you can share scenarios and how you overcame them and then you’re kind of earning trust. And people are going to remember that. I truly believe. Yes.

So, you know, what do you feel like for a first year agent or a new agent? What are the skills needed? Like what type of skills do you need in real estate? Because it’s not just boom, I have my license and now I’m instant, instant success. Right. There are some there are some skills needed.

Absolutely. So I think we talked about a few being able to listen, listen to what a client is saying, what they need, what outcomes they would like. Time-frame asking a lot of questions. So listening but asking the right questions. Good time management. I mean, thank goodness. Well, I’m not going to wake up late anyway, but it’s hard for me to comprehend how someone can start their day, like at ten, thirty or eleven, you know, I mean, like even at four, five or six hours. And so you get a lot done.

You that five or six hours, knowing your schedule, knowing your most productive time of the day. It may not be morning for everybody. It could be evening. But, you know, I think listing don’t give up. There are moments in real estate where you feel like, oh, my gosh, my ever going to sell another house because, you know, maybe the pipeline isn’t as full.

All the time we joke that, you know, Shana, everybody’s pleasant, it could be really fun.

Yes, yeah, yeah, yeah. There are moments where you’re going to feel up and down, but just being resilient, knowing that if you continue to do the things that make you successful, you’re going to feel success again. And you can’t comparing do not compare yourself to others that know that will. It is natural. But at the same time, you don’t know what other people are going through. You don’t know what a situation is like. You can only control what you can control and yourself. And so as long as you’re learning and pushing yourself, you set goals for you and you just keep going.

Yeah. And I think, you know, that is really true. Don’t look at others. You can look at others as inspiration. And, hey, I love what they do. I’m going to take it and put my spin on it. And, you know, that’s how we kind of started the past, the praise here, because it’s easy to get competitive and think that someone, oh, she’s getting special treatment or this guy is getting special treatment.

No, we want to be happy for everyone. And when you’re happy for everyone and you pass that praise, then it builds everybody up. And I think it just changes, you know, the whole dynamic as well. I would add a skill in there that I feel is really important and that’s consistency. So for as long as Mike and I have been doing real estate, we get up and we go to our office.

It’s our home office and we are at work in our office every morning in some rare case that we might be sick. We wouldn’t come into the office, right, but we are in here and we work, we get dressed for work and we are in here every day, every day. And I think that you have to have your goals, like you said, and be consistent and, you know, and you should be fine.

I think so, too. Don’t give up. Just keep going, keep working, being active. And if you need help, ask for help. Yes, asking is free. My dad used to always tell me until you get that hard. No, no, I’ve got a hard no this morning. Actually, I kept trying and trying to turn on something and finally somebody said no, no. And I was like, OK, well, I got the note that if it happens this long time, you still get it still happens.

So I just want to thank you for coming in today and sharing. And, you know, we are so proud of Kim for receiving this award and she wants to share it. You know, I think sharing your successes and bouncing ideas off one another is super valuable. And Kim is very willing to share and would love to share. So agents, if you all are coming to dinner tonight, then we could have a lot of sharing going on. So we hope to see you tonight, but thank you for coming in and sharing. Thanks for having me out of you.

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 4.20.21

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