Roland Parrish- Student Athlete of the Week

Student Athlete of the Week. Pretty cool. You know, it’s nice when we have good stories that we can report on. This one’s not necessarily real estate related.

It’s more real estate family related news. So we have Student Athlete of the Week. Let’s go ahead and show that off. And do we have a child prodigy at hand?

Right. This is like insider information here because congratulations to Martha and C.J.. They have their sweet son, Liam, who was featured. There’s a Roland Parrish student Athlete of the Week. Roland Parish is a Dallas wealthy businessman who invests in in kids and sports and education and gave out the Student Athlete of the Week award. And it was to Liam and I want you guys I want to put that link in here.

We can’t read it all right now, but I want you guys to go through and and read it because it tells a little bit about Martha and her family. And, you know, a lot of people aren’t just telling you all these things. And, you know, I’m this, I’m that and and, you know, tooting their own horn.

A lot of people don’t do that. But this definitely deserves praise. And it’s a way to get to know Martha and her family better and understand where they came from. And I really loved it. I thought, it’s so cute.

So there’s the complete article for you. Congratulations.

And the reason I say insider info is because I think we need to watch Liam. It could be. It could be a high school. He go on to be a high school superstar and then beyond that. So it’ll be fun.

Yeah. And accomplishments on and off the field or wherever the accomplishments could be. The ones that I like the best are when you become a great person.

And that’s like second to none. So I you know, Martha and her husband are both great people. And I’m sure, you know, they’re all they’re everybody around them.

There’s things that you just can’t. Can’t no good. People, I guess. And if you get to know Martha and her husband, her whole family, you’ll know that they’re genuine and true as it can be.

So great job, you guys. We’re happy and thankful to have you as part of our real estate family, and we’re excited to watch Liam in his sporting adventures.

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