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Everybody’s been working from home for way too long now. There’s a lot that goes on with that in a lot of challenges. There’s benefits, but there’s also struggles and sometimes you don’t talk about those struggles often enough.

So we’re going to go ahead and share and look at it from a different point of view to see what the struggles can be of working from home. So there’s a lot of stress as far as that goes.

Specifically on younger people. Right. So it depends, I guess, what you define younger people as. But you know, let’s say that there are twenty five and under there’s a ton of stress of working from home schooling from home. Those things are difficult.

And I kind of missed some of those items. I didn’t identify them properly. So let’s kind of discuss it from their standpoint because I recently was talking to some younger generational workforce members instead, say Millennials, if you say that they like it better, I think I don’t know.

I’m trying to be more politically correct along those lines, but they’re struggling with mental health issues, and it’s mostly due to the lack of human interaction. They see a lot of things on Facebook, Instagram, they see it on all these different social media platforms here, but they might not be doing that on a daily basis.

They might be having less human interaction because of what’s going on. And the real struggle is imagine waking up every day and being in your bedroom and then all of a sudden, if you’re younger, you don’t have a lot of space. If you don’t own a home and you’re the extra participant in the home, or maybe the dependent in that situation, you don’t report to a home office.

You often might not even go to the kitchen table, their dining room table or the back patio or the porch or something like that.

You might be geographically restricted without having a car or any one of those items. So all of a sudden, before you know it, it becomes time to work or go to school or whatever that is. And you go back to your bedroom and you’re now no more than a couple of feet from where you slept that night.

And then you work. Now you’re working, whatever that happens to be, whether work is school or whether work happens to be you, you know, like actually doing some online work or, you know, computer work, whatever that is working with your brain there. But then as soon as you’re done with your workday.

Imagine if now you’re done with your workday and then you start playing, whether it’s video games or you watch some TV or you get out and now you’re relaxing, but you’re relaxing. And maybe the same chair that you worked in, which is five feet from your bed or you get back in the bed and sit on top of the bed, which is exactly where you slept last night or is five feet from where you worked during the day or studied or whatever that is.

And now, all of a sudden, your whole world narrows in on you. And imagine doing that day after day after day after day, and then there becomes some real struggles with people that are working from home, but working from your bedroom.

Right? And that’s something that maybe my generation hadn’t picked up on is how difficult it is to stay and work and sleep and have your socialization or your relaxation all in that same. I don’t know what is an average bedroom like 13 by 13 square feet? Right.

So it’s like one hundred and seventy square feet of space. And that’s like your whole world and it just closes in on you and it becomes kind of suffocating when you don’t have enough exposure to others. So the reason we bring this up as a real estate topic is so that maybe you’re a little bit more aware of it.

And when you’re, you know, meeting with your clients, you understand the difficulty that this age group is having, whether they happen to be a person that might be deciding to stay home in school and not go away to college, but spend two years at community college.

And now you see some of those things going on and they’re spending more time in their bedroom and there’s just less social interaction within that context of what’s going on or worlds just becoming different. So just kind of understand that concept in general and the struggles that some people at that age might be going through and just be aware of it.

And those are good topics to be able to discuss with your clients when you talk specifically about what type of bedroom or what you might need because every bedroom is not just a bedroom in the homes, if you plan on having more people at home, right that are office ing from home or doing these things or have those benefits.

It seems like there’s all these great things. That go along with that. But there’s also negatives, and that’s what I’m trying to bring up. So imagine, you know, that virtual interaction does just become a problem.

Even think about this one right sitting in your chair all day and how bad that is for you, whether you start to develop lower back pain, whether you start slouching, whether you start, you know, getting different things and you need like tension worked out in your shoulders, you know, doesn’t everyone once in a while get like a cramp in a weird space and you’re like, Wow, that’s from typing or like my neck hurts from looking at the screen different.

You see these different things that kind of creep up, maybe even on you. But imagine the ergonomics of, you know, a younger person, you sitting at your desk might have the best chair that you bought for yourself. And then all of a sudden you look at the chair that you’re providing to this other person that’s working from home, and they probably don’t have the most ergonomic chair.

There’s some different things that are going on there, right? So just kind of consider what’s going on for that secondary space, what it looks like, how it relates to real estate sales and some different items that maybe could be there.

So what helps benefit this? Maybe you have a porch or a patio, maybe different areas that you could remove yourself from, that maybe a den becomes a real thing. Right? Maybe some of these spaces are changing. Maybe that formal dining room.

You now want to find some type of use for and have it as a back patio, but enclosed. I think you’re going to start seeing a lot of these different changes reflected as you see what’s going on with mental health, what you see with all of the benefits that are going along with working from home.

Some of the negatives are starting to be realized as well. So I’m reporting that to you. Just kind of think about it today on this Wednesday, and maybe you have some additional stuff to share with your clients. Thank you.

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