Story time with Mike and Shana- Ok, so we have some larger clients that we’ve been working with recently here, and they’re all really nice people. But what we decided to do is to kind of give them nicknames instead, kind of like the Secret Service. So instead of referring to them by their, like, legal name, we kind of have nicknames for them now. And the reason for that is so we can kind of speak freely about the people and they want somebody else to know who they are.

So did you guys know that each president, the Secret Service gives them a nickname? And so there is chat in now your favorite president and their favorite secret and in their related Secret Service name, if you happen to know them. But this is one of those things where they like speaking to their colleagues and they’re like the eagle has landed. We have a friend that’s in the Secret Service. So that’s pretty cool. Yeah.

So they each have their own their own way of doing that. And what we found is some of these people have real big names and you kind of are supposed to protect their identity and not let them out, so to speak. Right. So I believe that kind of code name will be helpful as we kind of walk through some of these things here. Maybe that’s a tip that helps you out as you start to work with premium buyers. Maybe your buyers feel impressed and honored that they have a secret name, that you’re protecting their identity. I don’t know. But that’s something that we kind of came across recently and just share that with you. Yeah.

Story Time with Mike and Shana

And, you know, as you guys know, we’re here in Montana, and I would love to have each and every one of you.

Is it because it definitely puts life in a different perspective?

I don’t know. When we come here, it’s just refreshing. And it’s it’s a very small town. But just I mean, even the bigger cities are it’s a different mentality. You know, it’s not everything for us. And keeping up with your neighbor, it’s it’s a different lifestyle here.

Yeah. This feels to me the other day, I kind of had a moment where I sat back and said, wow, this is really nice. It feels like what Fresco was like when it was ten thousand people and then it grew.

Were you kind of knew a lot of people, people were nice where they had the time to like breathe, to look around, to say hello, the wave to you in the neighborhood as they drove by when everyone was fresh and new and didn’t know everybody else, so to speak. Right. And they’re all getting comfortable with it when it seemed like people were real people. Now you fast-forward and just for one particular cross, over two hundred thousand people. And now it seems like it’s becoming a rat race, so to speak. And that’s what I really enjoyed about this year in particular.

Yeah, me too. I love it.

I think people come across as  so rude, OK, sometimes when they’re so busy and it’s just that their mind is so focused on something else, they’re forgetting everything else that’s around, you know, so it could be the nicest people ever. And, you know, you view them as rude because of in here.

It’s just I mean, I think we’re fortunate where we are here in Bozeman, there’s a 360 view of mountains. We’re in the boat right in the middle of all of these mountains that connect.

And I don’t know whether it’s the sun going down or the sun coming up in the morning. It’s super impressive whether the clouds are lower or the clouds are higher. It’s just seems to be a little bit more sunny here. The wind where we happen to be is  a lot less the cold is definitely here. But when you have sun and no wind, then it doesn’t feel all that, that the weather’s been really nice. It’s been lightly snowing each day and that’s also in a snowstorm.

But it was good. We have this little tiny little car rental car.

Yeah, I think the car’s this big. We had rode with our clients before, which was fine. But yesterday we were on our own. There used to be no speed limit in Montana. Yeah, allegedly. And they’d say you used to go down the road miles an hour on the road. And now they said like eighty five or 90 is totally cool and it’s only cool they won’t say anything to you.

We never see any police here. Well it’s a big place. Their state slogan is. The treasure state, I think that’s their nickname, it’s but their slogan, I think is the last best place. Oh yeah. I don’t know if that’s official or not. I’ve seen it a bunch of different places. But regardless, Sean is getting a call and I think we’re done.

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Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 1.27.21

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