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So it’s going to be story time with Mike, but we’re going to talk about my massage therapist and how this has to do with real estate. So let’s take a look at that. What we’re going to do is talk about the massage therapist. And she was discussing to me that she was going to leave her job and go somewhere else. And she was telling me all about it and like kind of planning and doing some things.

And as she was doing that, I was kind of thinking to myself, well, what changes in this scenario? Right. Isn’t it just the same as the last place? Just different names. What changed fundamentally with what you’re trying to do moving from this place to this place is sustainable. What you’re going to be doing over there? Are you getting a promise that’s empty or hollow starting over? Is that fun? Well, let’s discuss each of those and more.

All right. So as we kind of talk about this, you know, she she’s saying like, hey, I have this problem at work and I have this problem at work and I don’t get along with this person. And this boss isn’t, you know, as good as I thought or what was going on. And she has these different challenges. Right. Like a typical gripe that you might have in a position. Right. So you’re you’re working every single day and eventually there’s some friction, whatever that happens to be. And you feel a gripe and you’re like you always think that the grass is greener on the other side. So what I did is I just kind of asked some questions and had her think about it for just a little bit.

And I ask questions like, so. Aren’t you always going to have a boss, are always going to have coworkers? Yeah, isn’t there cannot always be a break room and some drama and it’s probably going to be more women than men in those kind of things. Right. And aren’t there going to be challenges with, like scheduling and what you want to do? And like the times don’t change for the industry. No matter what you do, you’re still going to work more on nights and the weekends. Right. When people happen to be available in, nothing fundamentally changes if you leave your position.

All it does is you just change the name on the wall or you might change your uniform or you might change something like that. But nothing fundamentally changed. You have to be the one that finally makes the change, is what I suggest. Right.

So as we’re kind of talking through that, it’s kind of all the same. Is it sustainable? So you’re getting a promise somewhere. So this place promises you to do what? Right. Like give you better working hours. So all of a sudden they have people that are going to get massages at different hours than everyone else in the industry. Right. Does that happen? I don’t think so. Right.

So you have to think through some of these things and maybe not feel sorry for yourself, but be proactive rather than reactive, determine your own destiny, not let somebody else do that for you. Right. Take control. If you don’t like some of these things, then maybe you learn a modification of a new skill so that you can have maybe more income, learn how to do like some enhancements. I don’t really know the industry all that well, but, you know, I’m getting all this information sharing.

I never thought about it that way. I’m like, well, where’d you work before here? And why did you leave there? And where’d you work before that and why did you leave there? And it all came back to the same thing.

It’s all like interpersonal working with this person or that person or whatever it happens to be. Right. Writing like the clients is much or the hours weren’t good, or I had to drive or pick any one of these different issues and after we kind of had the conversation, it’s like nothing changes no matter what you do, unless you you you you change.

So what I’m doing is I’m drawing the parallel between this and our next topic. So as we kind of think about that, you know, sometimes it’s good to reflect on what you’re doing to grow yourself and how you’re trying to be better and how you’re motivating yourself, how every day when you wake up, you have a great attitude, how maybe you’re helping that co-worker that needs some assistance instead and having them have a positive experience with you instead of a negative one. Right.

It’s all about what you set up for yourself and how you look at it. Do you wake up in the morning and you walk in and take your first sip of coffee and have a good day? Do you kind of think like, oh, I can’t wait for today, I want to learn something new, I want to push myself. I want to do this right. That’s what I’m talking about. That’s what you should be doing.

Each morning that I wake up. I had the first sip coffee and I sit down. I’m just like, wow, today is going to be great. And it’s just about a positive attitude. You can sit down and you can feel like the world’s against you or you can feel like you’re having a difficult time. Or, you know, this could be better if. But the answer is the person that ultimately decides that is you. Right.

So it’s all about self betterment and don’t worry about others, worry about you, that’s going to dovetail into our next topic directly. So what I’m going to do is go ahead and hit the bell and move on. But remember, there are parallels in almost everything that you do. I was able to parallel a discussion I had with our massage therapist into real estate.

And almost everything you do is the same exact way, chat in if you’ve had an experience that you think is relatively similar, that you’ve looked at other things you like, how does this change? Right. Because often it doesn’t.

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