Storage condos, so this is kind of like a medium place to be within here if you’re a commercial or semi storefront building or maybe you have some warehouse facility type related things and you kind of need an office, it’s  like this weird hybrid area. And sometimes are for rent and sometimes you can purchase them. But what we’re going to do is go ahead and chat in the link and share the screen with you. And we’re going to take a look at them and kind of describe them up to you.

You know, I do think it’s good to have, you know, be familiar with these types of things because you can’t just focus on residential.

I mean, you can, but when your clients are moving and all the moves, they have needs for things like this. Right. So, yeah, I think it’s good to be aware. So I am excited.

Omkar, I have something on my screen here, I want to ensure that that’s what you’re looking for. Perfect. And so then we can go ahead and click here and I’ll direct us through and drive and show us kind of like what a storage condo is in its simplest basis. Right. So I don’t know, maybe we can expand this and make it look a little bit better for us here, Omkar. And as we do that, what I want to do is kind of show you off what this ends up looking like right now.

Oh, we’re going to open a new tab of the good of that. And then we’ll probably make it a little bit bigger for you. I do believe.

And expand this for us, maybe even where we go, perfect, so in its simplest format, this is kind of like a storage condo. So what it is is not super fancy, but it’s a tall space with a big garage door. And a perfect example of this. As I went over and it was meeting with a good friend of ours and past client, David Cash, and he owns Palis floors. And he was like, you know, I don’t really need this storefront anymore. I built my business has is kind of grown and I don’t need all of this space.

And but I do need to have the space to have a person like work with us. And I need to have our things and maybe I’m going to have some meetings, but it doesn’t need to kind of be like it is. Right. Right. So I was like, there’s a more affordable way to do that. You can buy these or you can lease them. And there’s several of them around town.

There’s one over on Stacey, kind of by the what is that place called the shopping center, like the outlet malls. Oh, yeah, there’s some of them over there. Yeah, I’m missing the name of exactly what it is Chedid. Now, if you can give me the name of that outlet mall over Stacey, I just, I don’t, I don’t know, Allen Premium Outlet Malls.

Ok, so there’s one on that on the road right behind it. And that’s an example of these. There’s also some over in Frisco on the other side of town, on the far side where it’s kind of unincorporated. I don’t even know that other

name of that city. And it’s like a weird low level. But there’s no way over on the other side of this go, yeah, with a cross, with a different name. It’s like something crossing’s Lowri crossing. Maybe it’s Lowri crossing. I don’t know who shows up on the map is something different. But anyways, Cedeno, if you can help me with that name as well. Help my needs. A lot of help today, but what we have is this link.

And as we’re taking a look at this, what we have is this nice property here that you can kind of look at. I can go in and you can update these quite a bit more and you can have different variants or versions of them. So let’s look at a more advanced version table in our window of look, this happens to be. So this is one where somebody greatly increased what this happens to be.

Right. And they put a lot of effort for Daniel. Yeah, OK. Well, it’s just money, right? So once you own it, you can customize it as much as you want. So that’s a highly customized version that we happen to be looking at. Thanks, Omkar. So he’s blowing this up for us.

So imagine if this is your office upstairs. It’s the same basic concept and they just painted the walls and sheetrock it and then they put a couch in. They put all types of things they have like another floor above it. Right. And that’s a version of a nice kind of office condo. But down below, there’d still be warehouse space or storage or you could do whatever you want.

Sometimes you can put a restroom in, um, you can do all types of different things here to to kind of show your space. Yeah. To make it look make it look a little bit different. And let’s look at a couple other ones. So like a lot of people are putting cars in them and storing things there. So you have all different variants of it.

Mm hmm. I like I do like it. And boy, are we seeing this trend right now. Right now. I mean, for businesses and people changing how they have the office.

Yeah, it definitely is. Right. So there’s a bunch of different versions. Sorry I gave you a hard time about this. I really like I like this topic. This is a good topic. OK, I thought we were going to talk about something else. No.

All right. Well, this is the actual topic. Right? And so a lot of people are trying to get out of commercial office or commercial space from a shopping center. And there’s a ton of ways these people put it in and put a basketball fan inside.

Got to get away.

So what this is real estate, right? And it’s a different version. And oh, this luxury one there. Yeah. Hang on one second. That imperfect gives us a clear example of kind of what they look like outside. So it’s a storage unit, but it’s done in a different way and it combines stuff.

Now you can clutter it up and put junk in it and make it like whatever you want it to be or you can conducted in such a way for business or for whatever those are. So to me, I personally think it’s interesting. I think it’s a good opportunity to own something or lease something that is a more efficient cost to him than what you might otherwise be doing. It’s combining a storage unit and kind of a business or office condo. Right.

In a small commercial setting, do you have an approximate cost? Like a price range of these, it depends.  
Ok, and that’s not a plug for an adult underwear. What? This is it. You got that? OK, good. Now it depends. And so.
We try to be funny sometimes, but we’re not. That one was not funny. That wasn’t funny now. I fine, anyway, go ahead.

The price is different, depending if you want to lease or if you want to purchase and if you purchase them, I the space also makes a difference.

I want to brand and ask if you can finance those you might like, you might be able to just as well. Right. And I don’t know that it’s a residential unit, but it is something that you could definitely work through. I believe the pricing on him was like two fifty, maybe three hundred, depending on the size. And you could combine multiple units and have different sizes.

In general, there are roughly some garage spaces and then they’re tall enough that you can put in upstairs or a mezzanine in them and you can customize from some of them have been built out with stuff animals or some are called vanilla boxes where there’s nothing in there.

But they often are plumbed for a bathroom in a sink and with open space and with a mezzanine area that you can use.

So those are the common bathroom. Just common bathroom. No, it’s plumbed for a bathroom in your OK. Yes. So there will be room for a bath. You know, we just did one of these in Bozeman. You did. So you didn’t see it. But now I’m like, did you see that Europe’s problems. But anyways, let’s just keep rolling through here. All right. Well, that was a great topic. Are we a great topic? Yeah, I think, you know Acquisto. Yeah. Let’s close it.

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