Starlink Internet by Elon Musk

Who’s thankful for fast Internet, especially in rural areas? I super will be, I am, yeah. All right. Well, there we go.

So the other day, Elon Musk shot some more satellites up in the sky and he’s putting kind of like this global Internet all around us like satellite, and it’s going all over the place. And so I couldn’t even believe this. I didn’t realize it. But Elon Musk, we are searching world’s richest people. And Elon, I didn’t realize he had shot up that high. So he just recently overtook Bill Gates. And I believe he’s currently in the third position. I’m not sure exactly how. Yeah, I’m not sure exactly where he stands, but he’s one of my people that’s on my business, Mt. Rushmore of individuals, because he’s so forward thinking and a lot of things.

And so, I mean, with Tesla and then with the boring company and then with his satellite company and SpaceX and now SpaceX is launching this. And then when he does with the solar roofs and with the batteries and like just it’s been amazing. And then he was the PayPal guy. So there’s just so many things that kind of go along with what he’s doing. But back to this Internet and off of Elon is what’s happening here is he took this Internet and he sent it all around. And there’s these global satellites.

And what it’s designed to do is to bring in I don’t want to speak outside my depth here on this one about low level satellite Internet to the rest of to to like kind of the entire world, especially to rural areas where you can’t get it normally. And we’ve experienced that problem ourselves here. Yes. So our property that we’re in right now, we have amazing Internet and we just have like everyone’s kind of connected and it just works out very, very well for us to feel that’s the norm. Yeah.

So you don’t have it. And then now we purchased this property right up the street and it’s just a touch rural and all of a sudden we don’t have high speed Internet that’s available. And it’s just a totally different situation. And it’s one of those limiting factors that you almost say, should I buy a property here? Should I do that?

Because while you work from home, even if you don’t work from home, that’s like a necessity in our world. So this is in the beta testing. Mike Sheppard, real estate agent with the Acquisto Real Estate, shot up to Mike. And thank you for sending over this to us and discussing this with me in person where the rock and rock and a ranch the other day and Mike Shepherd stops up with his son, Stan Flat Stanley is well known since kindergarten. And if anyone said, man Stanley anywhere across the world, Stan should remind you of maybe him. He was like a skinny kid growing up.

And anyway, so I’m always kind of thought of that. And so Mike recommences Internet to us. And I think that that’s something that you guys can check out. There is a beta program and you can register for that. So we did put our address in for the beta testing. And so maybe a thumbs up for Elon if you’re you’re thankful for that. And from Mike Sheppard, send that over to us. But go ahead and we’re going to chat in the link to you. And this will give you some more information.

You can study up on it as much as you want, but it’s hard to tell people about it. Right. Great, great situation for your clients that are struggling to get Internet in certain spots. So this could be anywhere across the world right now. And so, you know, go ahead and take a look at that and hopefully that helps you out. I put our address in and off we went. Yeah. So right. There you go. Are you excited for. Oh, my goodness.

High speed Internet. Yeah. We go there. The details are amazing. I’m not going to go into all the specs, but thank you. I’m thankful today.

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